Crazy Detective Chapter 842

Chapter 842 Embarrassing Arrest


On a summer day 10 years ago, in the Golden City’s Kangle neighborhood.

“Tongguo, go get daddy’s ointment in the basement, the one with the trademark on it!” On the third floor, an old man’s voice was heard.

“Okay…” a middle school student muttered, then took a key and went to the basement.

When he came to the stairway entrance, he saw that the old couple, who lived opposite him, was selling their old stuff to an antiques collector. The old lady said that the scale was not working properly, so the weight was not right, but the antique collector disagreed with her.

As Xie Tongguo was not a social person, he ignored them and went straight to the basement. The basements of their two houses were next to each other, and at the moment, the basement opposite his was open. He could see that the light was on, but there was no one in it.

When he passed by the door, his attention was suddenly attracted by a cardboard box that was on the ground. There were a lot of old manuscripts in the box, some of which had sketches on them.

Although Xie Tongguo was not very good at studying in school, he did like to draw. So, when he saw the box, he was deeply attracted to it.

First, he turned his head and listened to the old couple, who were still arguing with the antiques collector upstairs. Satisfied that they were properly distracted, he went into the couple’s basement boldly out of curiosity. He immediately squatted down and began to look through the manuscripts.

The manuscripts looked very old and smelled like his favorite books. He was particularly fascinated by the many sketches and big words that he found on the manuscripts.

He wanted to find out the meanings of these words and images. But, he was shy, and the old couple living opposite him didn’t seemed very friendly. So, he didn’t dare ask them about the manuscripts, much less request that they lend them to him for further study.

What should I do? Just as he was wondering this, he suddenly heard that the old couple had stopped arguing. What was worse, it sounded like they were coming down to the basement to close the door!

In a hurry, he made a bold decision. He picked up the box of manuscripts and rushed out with them! He then opened his own basement door, while trembling all over, and brought the manuscripts inside.

After he closed the door, he leaned back against the door. He was so nervous, he could barely breathe!

After all, this was the first time that he had ever stolen anything! He had no idea why he was so enchanted by these manuscripts!

At the moment, he was nervous and anxious, his cold sweat soaked through his clothes! After a while, he finally heard the sound of the old couple closing the door to their own basement.

At first, he thought that the old couple would make some surprised sounds, such as gasping, then wondering something aloud, such as, “Where did the box disappear to?”

However, he had clearly overestimated their memories, and as they closed their basement door, they merely talked about how dishonest the antique collector was and didn’t notice that anything was amiss!

As soon as he heard their footsteps retreating once more, Xie Tongguo gasped heavily, while taking a closer look at the manuscripts.

The sketches on the manuscripts were drawn in black. Although they were not very delicate and looked rather gloomy, something about them resonated with his heart.

Fast forward to the present, on a cold winter night, as Zhao Yu was driving the police car quickly to a designated place for investigation.

“What a surprise!” Cui Lizhu said. “We thought it was the antiques collector, but it turned out to be the neighbor that stole Han Kuan’s manuscripts!”

“You can’t say that for sure!” Miao Ying said from the passenger seat. “The Golden City is so small, so it could just be a coincidence!”

Unhappy with Miao Ying’s stern face and tone, Cui Lizhu pouted with her lips and immediately stopped talking.

Seeing that the two weren’t getting along, Zhao Yu said hastily, “If Xie Tongguo is really the murderer, then he certainly doesn’t know yet that we suspect him! So, we will definitely be able to catch him tonight!”

After Zhao Yu finished speaking, neither Miao Ying nor Cui Lizhu responded, which made him feel rather embarrassed. The silence felt very awkward.

At the moment, only the three of them were in the car. This was because Wu Xiumin and Zeng Ke had stayed at the police station to continue their investigative work.

The Kangle neighborhood was in the center region of the Golden City, which was far from the police station. As it was just around midnight, everything was pretty quiet. Before long, Zhao Yu parked the car in front of unit 1 in Building 2.

As it was so late at night, there was no sign of any people outside, and most of the windows were dark. This was because the residents had long since turned off their lights and retired for the evening.

Zhao Yu looked up and saw that Xie Tongguo’s windows were dark as well. This made him wonder if anyone was even at home.

At first, Zhao Yu wanted to use his devices, but on second thought, he felt that since Xie Tongguo was just an ordinary criminal, he was not worth his using his valuable devices upon.

So, Zhao Yu made a gesture to Cui Lizhu as he said, “Cui, show us what you can do! Do you have all of your tools with you?”

“Of course!” Cui Lizhu patted her pocket as she said excitedly, “For the first time, doing this kind of things feels so good, like I am doing something right! Of course, I came fully prepared! To be honest with you, this feels fuc*ing awesome!”

“Do you have to use the f-word so much?” Miao Ying rolled her eyes at Xui LIzhu.

She then glared at Zhao Yu and said, “You! Give me the gun!”

Zhao Yu shook his head. “You must be kidding! You’re only catching a small-time criminal, yet you think you need a gun?”

“Well… It’s just in case something unexpected happens! Just give it to me!” Miao Ying quickly grabbed Zhao Yu’s pistol.

In the next moment, the three of them arrived at apartment 302, which was on the third floor, ready to arrest Xie Tongguo. At first, Zhao Yu thought that it would take Cui Lizhu quite a long time to jimmy the door open. However, he was greatly surprised when she just stuck a few tools into the lock hole and instantly opened the door!

“Wow! That was awesome!” Zhao Yu complimented her skills in a low voice, while thinking that Cui lizhu would save him from having to use his Invisible Unlock Device if she went on duty with him in the future.

After the door was opened, Miao Ying was the first to rush in with the gun, followed by Zhao Yu and Cui Lizhu. According to their plan, Miao Ying went left, Zhao Yu went right, and Cui Lizhu stayed by the entrance.


As Cui Lizhu turned on the lights in the living room, Miao Ying kicked open the bedroom door on the left and rushed inside it.

“Ah!” Miao Ying’s shrill scream pierced through the air.

At the same time, Zhao Yu opened another bedroom door, only to find that the room was empty. So, he immediately turned back and rushed in Miao Ying’s direction.

When he got there, he turned on the bedroom’s lights and was shocked by a sexy scene! In the bedroom, a man was lying in the middle of the bed, and there were two women lying beside him, one on each side. Although the three people were covered with a quilt, it was clear that they were all naked underneath it!

“Shi*” Zhao Yu exclaimed, while he shook his head. “This fellow…”

Before Zhao Yu had finished his sentence, he and Miao Ying had already deciphered that the man before them was not Xie Tongguo, but was instead a random, middle-aged fat man!

“Ah…” the two women exclaimed in unison, while they shrank down beneath the quilt in terror.

At the same time, the man demanded to know, “Who are you? My wife… Does she know?”