Crazy Detective Chapter 849

Chapter 849 Unconvincing Truth


Zeng Ke was surprise by Zhao Yu’s statement, so he asked him, “What? Who is fooling us? Team Leader, what do you mean? Isn’t Zhang Jingru the speaker in the recording?”

Wu Xiumin frowned, as she was confused as well. “Yeah. After all, Zhang Jingru rented that safe. If it’s not her in the recording, who else could it be? How about I ask Han Kuan to listen to this recording to confirm it… Or, I can find someone else who knows Zhang Jingru? Maybe Zhang Jingfeng?”

“No…” Zhao Yu clenched his fists, then said with great doubt, “I feel that this is fishy! In fact, without this recorded confession, I might think that Zhang Jingru committed suicide! But… Now… With this, I don’t think that is the case at all!”

“Why? Do you think that it’s a lie?” Zeng Ke asked.

“I don’t know… But something doesn’t add up!” Zhao Yu frowned as he wondered aloud, “Zhang Jingru’s confession didn’t convince me! It just seems too coincidental!”

After hearing this, Wu Xiumin said, “This confession did come a little too abruptly. But, leader, we have seen the crime scene before. Didn’t you suspect that Zhang Jingru used her own suicide to frame Han Kuan? Her confession even explains how she did it. So, why do you think differently now?”

Zhao Yu shook his head, then said, “My conclusion before was based on the premise that Han Kuan was innocent! But… What if that’s not the case? If Han Kuan lied… Um…”

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought of the hexagram that he had opened today, which was a Gen Kan hexagram. The Gen hexagram indicated that he would make progress in the case.

As he was about to crack both of the cases now, there was no problem with that. But, he had to wonder… What does the Kan stand for, specifically? Could it be the dead Zhang Jingru?

If Zhang Jingru had really committed suicide and was the true mastermind behind Han Kuan’s case, it would explain the Kan portion of the hexagram. Then, if this was true, Zhao Yu could really close the two cases today!

So, he had to ask himself… Why am I so worried about it? Why do I have such an uneasy feeling?

Zhao Yu had to admit to himself that it was possible that Zhang Jingru became a fanatical crime fiction fan because she had been reading Han Kuan’s crime fictions for such a long time. As he thought of this angle, Zhao Yu wondered… Would she really sacrifice her life in order to attempt to commit a perfect murder?

If that was the truth, Han Kuan must have magic powers over his readers! After all, his unpublished 11 Kills had caused Xie Tongguo to kill 4 people! Then, his wife tried to commit a flawless crime because of his fiction as well!

As Zhao Yu recounting these facts, he was forced to ask himself… Is Han Kuan really just a writer? Or… Is there something dark and shady going on here?

Based on his own understanding of Han Kuan’s case, Zhao Yu knew that Zhang Jingru was not at all like Xie Tongguo! Many witnesses said that Zhang Jingru was a cheerful and lively person, who had no psychological problems. So, it made no sense for her to do such an absurd thing!

Zeng Ke scratched his head and sighed before he said, “I’m really confused. Do you mean to say that you think Han Kuan killed Zhang Jingru? But… Why? That seems to fly in the face of common sense, right?”

At this moment, Zhao Yu was also confused. Xie Tongguo’s arrest, the confession via the voice recording, and numerous other clues had all made him suddenly lose his direction. Before this, he had felt quite confident.

However, Zhao Yu reminded himself that he had solved many big cases, and based on his investigative experience, he believed that he would find the truth hiding within the numerous clues.

So… Let’s figure out what the hell is going on! Zhao Yu made his way to an empty white board and quickly starting writing on it.

As he wrote, he said to the other two, “The reason why we are confused now because of this recording that suddenly appeared! So, we must check the origin of this recording!”

He then looked at Wu Xiumin and asked, “Wu, would you please play this recording to Han Kuan? Specifically, see how he reacts to it. In fact, it’d be best if you could secretly record his reaction.”

“Ok…” Wu Xiumin replied, her tone filled with doubt.

Zhao Yu then said to Zeng Ke, “Zeng Ke, you look for any videos or recordings of Zhang Jingru, then compare those with this recording. We must find out if this recording is really Zhang Jingru’s.”

Zeng Ke nodded, “Okay… Understood!”

As Zhao Yu continued to write on the whiteboard, he asked Zeng Ke, “And… Can you also check to see if Zhang Jingru’s recording was possibly synthesized?”

Zeng Ke nodded, then said, “That won’t be too difficult. But, I need the original recording to do it!”

Wu Xiumin said, “Oh, it’s already on the way! You will get it within no more than two hours!”

Zhao Yu then said, “Well, ask the forensics department to be ready for that. Zeng Ke will take care of the recording and the other physical evidence! We will let them carefully examine the bag and the golden cards, as well as collect all of the fingerprints and DNA!”

“Understood!” Wu Xiumin said.

Zhao Yu stopped to think for a moment, then said, “And… Wu, please tell Miao Ying that I can’t go with her! Also, please remind them that they must take a video recording of Xie Tongguo’s home when they search it! That way, I can watch the video later.”

As Wu Xiumin nodded, Zhao Yu said one last thing with a serious look, “Wu, I will have to bother you with one more very important thing! You need to call the Longjiang police station and ask them for access to the Evergreen Development Bank’s security camera recordings. I need all of the recordings that captured Zhang Jingru in them!”

“Of course!” Wu Xiumin immediately picked up the phone and started to complete her tasks.

After that, Zhao Yu turned around and started to write some more things on the white boards. Since he had just shared his suspicions regarding Huan Kuan, the atmosphere in the office had suddenly become tense and heavy.

Wu Xiumin and Zeng Ke could not believe that they had jumped from believing that they had cracked both cases to basically feeling like they were back to square one. The situation had completely changed in an instant!

Even Zhao Yu felt perplexed by this change of events. He really could not put his finger on what was causing him to have so many doubts, and although he had opened a Kan hexagram, he still felt that this case was not as simple as it first seemed!

Xie Tongguo, Han Kuan, Zhang Jingru, the book’s plot, and the recorded confession… As Zhao Yu thought about these clues, he felt like there was a deep, dark veil of mystery that was covering them all, not allowing him to see the truth behind it!