Crazy Detective Chapter 860

Chapter 860 A Devil He Seems To Have Met Before

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Unexpectedly, except Miao Ying, all of the other members arrived earlier than Zhao Yu. Zeng Ke had even prepared soybean milk and deep-fried dough sticks for everyone to enjoy for breakfast.

Since the serial murder case was over, the Special Investigation Group had handed over the follow-up duties regarding the case to the Golden City police. This morning, they would transfer Xie Tongguo to the detention center for yet another interrogation.

Han Kuan had been detained in the police station for 48 hours, so according to the standard procedure, he should be sent back to the regular detention center today. However, because there were still many questionable points in Han Kuan’s case, Zhao Yu, as the leader of Special Investigation Group, had asked for a 24-hour extension period.

Han Kuan’s attitude towards the police had completely changed after he found out about Zhao Yu’s suspicions about him. He no longer actively cooperated with the police, and he had even hired a lawyer!

As such, it seemed that either Han Kuan was keenly aware of the importance of Zhang Jingru’s confession… Or… He had already made plans ahead of time for such a situation. If his lawyer came, Han Kuan could be acquitted soon, rendering absolutely free the risk of any legal punishment.

It was already past 8 o’clock in the morning, and as he looked at his watch, Zhao Yu’s heart was racing. He had no idea what would happen in the office today.

According to the system, the side adventure would happen at exactly 8:15 in the morning. At 8:13, Miao Ying arrived. She was wearing a green cashmere overcoat, which looked lovely on her.

When Zhao Yu saw the door open, he thought that the side adventure was happening ahead of time. But, when he saw that it was only Miao Ying arriving, he let out a big sigh.

“Zhao Yu, I thought of something important yesterday!” Miao Ying said the moment she saw him. “We need to check Zhang Jingru and Han Kuan’s phone records again, including those from even a long time ago, particularly any long-distance calls that were made from other cities…”

As he listened to her, Zhao Yu realized that the time for the side adventure was fast approaching, so he handed his soybean milk and deep fried bread sticks to her as he said, “Have some. The pastries are still warm. They will go cold if you wait any longer.”

“I’m not hungry yet. But… Zhao Yu… Why are you staring at the door like that? Are you waiting for someone?” Miao Ying waved her hand in front of Zhao Yu’s eyes to try to snap him out of his daze.

“No…” Zhao Yu answered, while he continued to stare at the door without blinking. He then added casually, “I’m just thinking! You just go and enjoy your breakfast.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Miao Ying insisted on finding out what was distracting him, continuing to gently wave her hand in front of his face.

When Zhao Yu didn’t respond, she turned to Zeng Ke and said, “Zeng Ke, give me Zhan Jingru’s and Han Kuan’s phone records. I want to check them.”

“Okay…” Zeng Ke said, then immediately went to look for them.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu frowned as he looked down at his watch. He was afraid that his watch had stopped working, so he glanced at the clock on his computer screen just to be sure.

Upon seeing his anxious behavior, Miao Ying crossed her arms and asked him, “What is it now? Did you have a new ideas that you don’t want to tell us or something?”

Zhao Yu’s forehead was sweating profusely, as it was already 8:16, but nothing had happened in the office yet! Before this, Zhao Yu had used an Invisible Detector in case anything beyond his control should arise, such as the presence of a bomb on the scene. He had even used 200 system points in order to double the detection range of the detector.

However, the detector had detected nothing at all. Zhao Yu was very puzzled by this, and he wondered…

Is Miao Ying today’s side adventure? Will she find more clues? But… She is a female, so she couldn’t be related to the Li hexagram.

Zhao Yu didn’t respond to Miao Ying’s question, but just opened the door of the office and looked out into the corridor. There were two police officers standing guard at the door of the office, and when they saw Zhao Yu, they immediately greeted him.

Zhao Yu ignored them as he looked in both directions of the corridor. He saw that the corridor was empty, and there was no signs that any special event was about to occur.

When he went back into the office, Zhao Yu forced himself to focus his attention on the box of Zhang Jingru’s office papers. He saw that the box of Han Kuan’s manuscripts had been placed right next to Zhang Jingru’s box.

Seeing that, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but think of something. As he was lost in his thoughts, Miao Ying saw him and asked, “Zhao Yu, are you waiting for someone?”

Miao Ying then poured some more soybean milk into a cup and asked, “Please, if you think of anything new, can you be sure to tell us?”

Zhao Yu thought about the side adventure and suddenly recalled what had happened at the lighthouse at Yongjin Island. At that time, the side adventure’s location pointed to the lighthouse, but in the end, nothing had happened when he went there. However, Zhao Yu had gotten a clue from the film Lighthouse!

Yesterday’s side adventure was the same. The police had sent Zhang Jingru’s office papers to him, and although the time of the side adventure had already passed by then, he had still found the bank letter!

Since today’s side adventure was exactly the same location as yesterday’s, Zhao Yu thought that some important clues might be hidden in these two boxes. However, they had already searched the two boxes carefully, so he couldn’t imagine what they could have missed.

In response to Miao Ying’s question, Zhao Yu simply pointed to the two boxes and said, “I think that there are important clues in these boxes, which we may have overlooked! So, I want to look through all of these materials again!”

Zeng Ke then said, “Leader, I’ve read through all of Han Kuan’s manuscripts, and I haven’t found anything special. But… Um…”

“What?” Zhao Yu urged him to finish his sentence quickly, as he was losing his patience.

Zeng Ke shook his head, then said, “It just feels weird! I seem to have seen Han Kuan’s manuscripts, especially his sketches, somewhere before.”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yu was shocked. He immediately recalled Hao Lili’s crime scene. At that time, he had also had a similar feeling.

He had thought that it might be because the uncompleted building where Han Lili had died was similar to the ghost city in Qinshan. However, after just hearing that Zeng Ke had similar feelings, he had to rethink his original hypothesis.

After all, Zeng Ke had never been to Qinshan before. So, he could not know about the Corpses In the Bank Case or Qinshan’s ghost city! As he thought about these things, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but wonder…

Why does Zeng Ke feel the same way? Does this have anything to do with Han Kuan’s manuscripts?

Zhao Yu reached out and picked up 11 Kills. After he flipped through several pages, he noticed that Han Kuan had drawn every murder scene as an illustration!

As the sketches had been drawn with a black pen, they looked quite gloomy and sinister. With a single glance at the images, he could feel an indescribable sense of darkness filling his heart.

The first sketch was of an abandoned commercial building, while the second one was an uncompleted building, and the third one was an uninhabited residential building. The fourth one was an abandoned factory, the fifth one was an abandoned swimming pool, and the sixth one was an abandoned office building, which was about to be demolished.

Zhao Yu’s heart was beating fast as he scanned through the images. It was just as Zeng Ke had said, these sketches did look strangely familiar!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu recalled another unsolved case. He felt that the crime scenes in the illustrations seemed were very similar to those in that case.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu felt a chill run down his spine, and he couldn’t help but laugh at himself as he wondered… How is this possible?

He kept repeating this question in his mind as he thought… That case happened a thousand kilometers away… In Beiqian!