Crazy Detective Chapter 862

Chapter 862 The Devil Lurking Nearby

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At noon, Zhao Yu entered the restroom at the Golden City Police Station with his mobile phone after receiving a piece of news. He had come in early because he waiting for an important person to show up.

Fortunately, the restroom was not as dirty as he had expected. Zhao Yu felt a sense of relief about this. Although the Golden City Police Station was old, the restroom was at least clean. Otherwise, he would be miserable!

A few minutes later, Zhao Yu heard a noise outside the door. He hid in one of the small toilet stalls and quickly locked the door from inside.

As soon as he locked the door, the heard the sound of slow, very heavy footsteps outside. This alerted Zhao Yu to the fact that it must be a man who was coming into the restroom. The man entered the bathroom, then walked to a urinal and began to unfasten his belt.

Zhao Yu knew who the man was, as he had made a detailed plan in advance. As there were no toilets inside the cells where the prisoners stayed, if a prisoner needed to go to the toilet, a police officer would have to bring him here to this restroom.

As Han Kuan had been detained for two and a half days already, he was already very familiar with the location of this restroom. Hence, the police officer on duty, who was in charge of watching the prisoners as they went to the restroom, no longer felt like he had to go inside the restroom with Han Kuan. Instead, he just stood outside the door and waited for him there,

In order to make everything look and sound real, Zhao Yu made a show of noisily unfastening his own belt and then sat down on the toilet. Then, he raised his mobile phone with his right hand and waited for the prearranged call from his team member to come.

Outside Zhao Yu’s stall, as Han Kuan had just finished unfastening his own belt, Zhao Yu’s mobile phone finally rang. Zhao Yu had deliberately raised the volume of his ringtone, so the music was quite loud. Han Kuan was inevitably startled by it, which caused him to be so shocked that he almost peed on himself!

“Hello, Officer Chen… What’s going on?” Zhao Yu deliberately said Officer Chen’s name, when in fact, Zeng Ke was the one on the other side of the line.

Han Kuan was still busy peeing, but he couldn’t help but look back at the stall. He had clearly recognized Zhao Yu’s voice.

“I know, I know…” Zhao Yu said, using the exact dialogue that he had planned beforehand. “Officer Chen, don’t you know me? Whether it’s fame or money, I don’t care about either of them. What I want is the truth! Let me tell you, there are still many questionable things about the Han Kuan’s case, especially that confession! I won’t let Han Kuan get away with this so easily!”

Hearing that Zhao Yu had brought up his case, Han Kuan naturally paid close attention. He leaned in closer to the stall, listening attentively.

“Okay… Yes, I know it’s almost New Year’s Day! Everyone wants to get a satisfactory result and celebrate the holiday. But, we can’t just bury our consciences. After all, a person died! You know… I am an honest man now, so I can’t just look the other way!” Zhao Yu said sincerely.

He then added after a moment’s pause, “Yes, I know… This case is hard… Because… That confession is real! But, just give me a little more time. I can think of some ways to…”

After hearing Zhao Yu’s words about him and his case, Han Kuan slowly turned back and looked at the wall. Although he had no noticeable expression on his face, there was still a hint of pride in his eyes.

“Team Leader…” Over the phone, Zeng Ke quickly said to Zhao Yu, “Yes! Say that! Remember your killing point!”

After hearing Zeng Ke’s hint, Zhao Yu burst out laughing. He then said very loudly, “Don’t worry! That Beiqian Devil Case is nothing! I promise you that I will close the case. I’ve been investigating it for so long! Of course, I have found some clues! After taking care of Han Kuan’s case, I will meet you in Beiqian. I have clearly stated in my report that the victims were murdered!”

Because Zhao Yu spoke very loudly and his speech was very impassioned and emotional, he did not hear any sounds coming from outside his stall. Although he wanted to know Han Kuan’s reaction, he continued to keep up the charade and acted like he was talking to Officer Chen.

“Um… Team Leader…” Finally, Zeng Ke’s voice came from the other end of the phone again, “It’s done… Han Kuan just left!”

Hearing this, Zhao Yu quickly lowered his voice, covered the phone’s microphone, and asked eagerly, “How did he react?”

“Hmm…” Zeng Ke hesitated for a moment, then said, “Come and see for yourself!”

“Shi*! What are you keeping me waiting for?” Zhao Yu shouted angrily as he hung up the phone, pulled up his trousers, and quietly pushed the stall door open.

Just as he had said, there was no one left in the bathroom. Han Kuan was already gone.

Zhao Yu quietly opened the door of the restroom. After seeing that there was no one outside in the hallway, he ran back to the office as fast as he could.

Originally, he had wanted to shout at Zeng Ke for not answering him directly over the phone. However, as soon he rushed into the office, he was shocked by the unexpected situation that he saw in front of him.

Zeng Ke, Miao Ying, and Wu Xiumin were sitting in front of the computer, each of their faces pinched up and filled with strange expressions. The atmosphere in the office was tense.

Clearly, something was not right. It was like the office was covered in a haze or poisonous gas, leaving everyone in it in a daze.

Zhao Yu asked, “What happened? Someone speak to me! Did you find anything?”

However, the three people still did not say a word, but only looked extremely depressed.

Zhao Yu then came over to Miao Ying and said, “Meow, when I mentioned the Devil Case just now, how did Han Kuan react?”

“Team Leader…” Zeng Ke finally stood up and gave Zhao Yu his seat. He then said with a solemn expression, “Here, you can look at it for yourself! I synchronized the video footage of Han Kuan with your voice while you were on the phone!”

After that, Zeng Ke gently clicked on his keyboard. Immediately, Zhao Yu’s loud voice sounded, and in the video, they could clearly see Han Kuan’s every move.

Zhao Yu came closer and stood directly in front of the computer. When he had mentioned the Devil Case on the phone, the video clearly showed that Han Kuan was startled.

After seeing Han Kuan’s reaction, Zhao Yu was shocked and his heart started beating wildly. In the video, had Han Kuan had actually wet himself! But, he had no time to care about that because he had turned around and looked quite viciously at Zhao Yu’s stall with a crazy look of a madman!

Suddenly, he seemed to have changed into someone else entirely! His face was dark and his eyes were cold and evil. Then, he began to tremble and clenched his fists, as if he was going to turn into an actual devil!

After seeing this, Zhao Yu was dazed. He really had not expected that his plan would have such an unexpected result. At this moment, he could not help but wonder…

Is Han Kuan really related to the Devil Case?