Crazy Detective Chapter 863

Chapter 863 Find Out His Weaknesses

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While Zhao Yu was still in shock, Han Kuan, who was standing outside the toilet stall, resumed his previous state of calm and had a wicked expression on his face. He seemed to realize something, and as he went to the urinal and looked around suspiciously, he almost spotted the camera that Zeng Ke had hidden there!

Fortunately, at the critical moment, the policeman outside knocked on the bathroom door impatiently. Only then did Han Kuan pull up his trousers and rush out of the restroom.

After Zhao Yu watched the video, Wu Xiumin, who was always calm, could not help but speak up. She looked at Zhao Yu with a sense of uneasiness and asked, “Team Leader, that is a one in a million probability! How could it be a coincidence? This is too incredible!”

Miao Ying then said solemnly, “It looks like Han Kuan really is somehow connected with the Beiqian Devil Case!”

“I… I still can’t understand… How can this be possible?” Zeng Ke could barely speak. “Han Kuan called us here, after all. If he was related to the Devil Case, why would he do that? Wouldn’t he be putting himself in danger?”

Wu Xiumin placed a laptop in front of everyone and said, “I don’t know if he really was involved in the Devil Case, but Han Kuan’s reaction definitely reveals something about him!”

Wu Xiumin then played the real-time monitoring video from the prison. When Han Kuan returned to the prison, he appeared quite nervous.

He was no longer calm and relaxed. Instead, he seemed like he was worried about something very important.

“When he was in the bathroom, he showed a stress reaction!” Wu Xiumin said. “After overhearing information amid such a sudden situation, Han Kuan was not prepared, so his response was unfiltered and real! When he heard the words ‘Devil Case,’ he displayed obvious signs of abnormal behavior. This shows that those words might have sounded threatening to him.”

Wu Xiumin then pointed to the two videos and said, “So… From my professional point of view, Han Kuan must know something about the true story behind the Devil Case!”

Miao Ying shook her head and laughed. “One of the five major pending cases! I finally get to work on one at last! And… It’s so close to home! Who would have thought that the murderer from the Devil Case was around us this whole time?”

Miao Ying excitedly pulled on Zhao Yu’s arm and asked, “Han Kuan is going to be sent back to the detention center tonight! Are we going to interrogate him again then?”

“No…” At this moment, Zhao Yu had still not yet recovered from the shock he had received just now. Han Kuan’s weird reaction in the video had made his heart tremble.

After a long while, he finally said to Miao Ying, “If we launch attacks against him now, it just won’t work! Without evidence, everything we say is mere speculation. And… We are not properly prepared to attack him now. If we lay all of our cards on the table now, he will know exactly what we are thinking.”

Zeng Ke then said, “Yes! But, where are we going to look for more evidence in such a long-standing case? If the Devil Case could be so easily deciphered, I’m afraid it would have already been solved by others before us!”

“I… Um…” Wu Xiumin thought for a moment, then said, “I could invite my teacher to come and perform hypnosis on him!”

She then looked around at the others and said helplessly, “But… Just one hypnosis session may not work. Moreover, even if it does work, it can’t be used as evidence in court.”

She shook her head, then added, “Also, hypnosis is basically the same as a lie detection test. Because it involves one’s personal privacy, it requires those who perform such tests to have legal permission. If you want to get approval, you have to have some strong evidence first! But… Since we have no evidence, based on Han Kuan’s current situation, it would be impossible for us to get an approval.”

Clearly depressed and frustrated after hearing this not so great news, Zeng Ke asked sarcastically, “You realize that you just suggesting something basically useless to us, right? I suppose that Han Kuan was confident that we wouldn’t find anything, so he bold enough to call us here to investigate.”

He frowned, then added, ‘Group Leader is right. We have all been fooled by him!”

Zhao Yu said bitterly, “I really underestimated this fiction writer!”

At this point, Zhao Yu’s eyes suddenly lit up as he added, “However, we should be happy! After all, we haven’t really lost anything. Don’t forget, we have already closed the first pending case, which was the Headless Female Corpses Case. So, noo difficult case can stop us now!”

“So…” Miao Ying then asked excitedly, “Well… Do you have any thoughts on what to do now?”

Zhao Yu replied frankly, “Han Kuan’s case is totally different from the cases in the past. He is very careful and won’t let us discover his weaknesses easily. If we want him to reveal the truth to us and confess, we have to find some real evidence.”

He then attempted to comfort everyone as he added, “Of course, we don’t have to worry too much! Nothing is too difficult for those who are willing to put in the hard work of doing it! Also, during these past few days, we had no clear goals, which explains why we felt that the case was too difficult to solve. But, now that we have a clear goal, we can make much more progress!”

“That’s right!” Zeng Ke was flattered by the confidence that his leader seemed to have in the team. “That’s what it was like at Yongjin Island! At first, we were such a mess and were totally clueless! But later, when the target appeared, we found so many clues and a plethora of useful evidence quickly thereafter!”

Zhao Yu nodded. “Yes! That’s exactly what I mean. Now that we have a major suspect in front of us, as long as we focus our investigation on him and the Devil Case, we will certainly be able to get some results!”

Wu Xiumin pointed to the files on her desk and said, “We have already read a lot of information about Han Kuan, but there seems to be nothing suspicious about him…”

Zhao Yu said firmly, “Just reading through these files is not enough! The Devil Case happened so long ago, so there have to be more where these came from. Thus, we have to look for more!”

Zeng Ke agreed with him and said, “Right! I’m going to investigate what Han Kuan was doing when the Devil Case took place!”

“He was still in school at Yaoming!” Wu Xiumin said. “It was his final year. So… We should focus on investigating who he was in contact with at that time.”

Miao Ying then said. “Okay! Well… I’ll go and get the materials regarding the Devil Case. We can go over it again!”

Wu Xiumin nodded, then said, “Han Kuan’s abnormal behavior in the restroom was not consistent with his psychological test results! This means that he may have an intermittent psychological tendency!”

She then added excitedly, “So, I think it’s necessary to redo his psychological assessment! If I can find out the reason behind his psychological changes, I may be able to find his weaknesses as well!”

Zhao Yu was relieved to see that his team’s morale and confidence had improved after his pep talk. He then pointed to the two boxes and said, “In that case, I’ll go through these two boxes again to see if there’s anything that I missed. And remember… The Devil Case is important, but we can’t give up on Zhang Jingru’s case!”