Crazy Detective Chapter 866

Chapter 866 Turn Over A New Leaf

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Miao Ying said decisively, “Han Kuan was our major suspect. How could he have made bail?”

Bureau Chief Liu said in embarrassment, “Dear investigators, we want to cooperate fully, and with sincerity, but we really can’t do anything about Han Kuan’s case! If you want to extend the interrogation, you’ll have to use your Special Investigation Group’s authority to exert pressure on the Provincial Office!”

Feeling helpless, Wu Xiumin reminded Miao Ying, “But… We have already used our privileges! Otherwise, we couldn’t have detained Han Kuan for 72 hours.”

“Zhao Yu…” Miao Ying then winked at Zhao Yu, which meant that Zhao Yu must find a way to keep Han Kuan in custody.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Yu waved at Bureau Chief Liu and said, “Thank you. Since this is the official procedure, we can do nothing about it. Although we are the Special Investigation Group, we have to abide by the rules. You guys just go and deal with your own stuff. We are okay here.”

After getting Zhao Yu’s approval, the two men left.

“Zhao Yu…” After they left, Miao Ying glanced at Zhao Yu, pointed at him with her index finger, and said, “Wow… Come on, did you just think of any foul tricks in order to deal with Han Kuan?”

“No… .” Zhao Yu was sweating.

Ran Tao suddenly said, “I don’t understand. Now that we know that Han Kuan is also related to the Devil Case, why don’t we prosecute him and charge him for his connection with the Devil Case? Then, he wouldn’t be able to leave the police station.”

Wu Xiumin shook her head and sighed before she asked, “What evidence do we have to prosecute him with? The video in which he wet his pants in the toilet? Or… The devil on this piece of paper? If we try to use our guesses as our only evidence, we will make fools of ourselves!”

Zeng Ke agreed, albeit reluctantly, “Yes. What we believe now, in others’ eyes, will seem just like fantasy stories! Moreover, the Devil Case happened in Beiqian, but Han Kuan was in the Golden City! We really would be making ourselves look like fools if we tried to prosecute him with such flimsy evidence and claims.”

Zhao Yu thought about this for a moment, then said, “Our group’s special privileges in case investigations can only be used when we have significant evidence to support our claims. That clearly does not apply to Han Kuan’s case. Moreover, according to our current investigation, it seems that Zhang Jingru has more of a connection to the Devil Case.”

Wu Xiumin then concluded for the group, “In a word, we have far too little evidence!”

Miao Ying looked at Zhao Yu and said coldly, “I don’t believe your bullsh*t. The Zhao Yu I know wouldn’t ever allow Han Kuan to be set free for no good reason. Tell me, what’s your plan?”

“No… I’m not kidding, and there are no tricks up my sleeve!” Zhao Yu shook his head, then said, “Our aim is simply to solve the case. What’s the point of keeping Han Kuan? But… Don’t worry! I have already informed Ba Chen to monitor Han Kuan 24/7. He can’t escape. As soon as we find some strong evidence, we will immediately catch him!”

“Zhao Yu…” Miao Ying suddenly realized that Zhao Yu might be serious about this, and her expression changed as she shouted, “You are the Special Investigation Group leader. Do you really not understand, or are you pretending? Han Kuan is a major suspect in the Devil Case, so we must not save this trouble for the future. He has been writing crime stories for so many years, and at this moment, we still haven’t figured out the truth behind Zhang Jingru’s death. If he gets bailed out, Ba Chen won’t be able to keep him here any longer!”

“Yes!” Wu Xiumin said, “Let’s put aside the Devil Case for now. Han Kuan is still the prime suspect in his wife’s death. Because of that, Han Kuan will never play it safe! So… You have to think of a way to keep him at the police station regardless of which case it is for!”

Miao Ying took a paper-cutting knife from her desk and asked Zhao Yu, “Do you remember how you used to deal with criminals? The police alone are not threatening to bad guys, but the police with guns certainly are!”

“What?” Zeng Ke and others could not understand he meaning, but Zhao Yu immediately realized what Miao Ying was trying to say.

Miao Ying handed the knife to Zhao Yu, then said, “We won’t treat a good person unjustly, but we also can’t let a bad person go! This is a critical time, so we must act accordingly! Zhao Yu, no one is better than you at doing what needs to be done!”

Zhao Yu then said with embarrassment, “Meow Meow… We are police officers of the law. Moreover, we are the Special Investigation Group. How can we play dirty? I might have been a hooligan in the past, but why can’t you trust me when I tell you that I have become an honest man?”

The other team members were confused by their conversation. Ran Tao did not understand what exactly Miao Ying meant so he asked Zhao Yu, “Team Leader, you aren’t going to use violence to coerce to Han Kuan to admit his guilt, right? That would not be smart.”

Miao Ying grabbed Zhao Yu’s hand tightly and said, “Just listen to yourself! I will never believe that you’ve turned into an honest man. Listen, you just need to put the knife into Han Kuan’s hand later, and all our problems will be solved!”

“Ah!” Ran Tao now understood what she meant! He hesitated and asked, “How could we do such a thing? You want to accuse Han Kuan of attacking the police with a weapon? That’s a false accusation!”

At this time, Zhao Yu grabbed the knife and threw it into a bin. He then said to Miao Ying, “Hey! It looks like you’ve mastered my old tricks! Look, I miss that heroine who fought against injustice in the past.”

Zhao Yu then said, “Yes, Han Kuan is our major suspect. We don’t want him to leave the police station or the detention center before the case is solved. But, we can’t use such a dirty trick to ensure that will happen.”

Zhao Yu was serious as added,” I promised your father that I’d protect you and make you happy. I know that you wouldn’t be happy if I did that to Han Kuan, at least not in the long run. Besides, even the criminals find this kind of foul play disgusting. If I acted in such a despicable way, even the bad guys will look down on us from now on!”

By now, everyone had grown accustomed to Zhao Yu’s hooligan ways. Now, suddenly seeing a new version of him, one that was speaking about honesty and righteousness, they were totally stunned!

Miao Ying, in particular, could not believe the words that were coming out of Zhao Yu’s mouth. She wondered if Zhao Yu really had changed.

Suddenly, they saw Cui Lizhu run in from outside the door, charging toward them with ecstasy on her face. Cui Lizhu danced around as she shouted excitedly, “Boss! I’ve done what you asked me! And… I even saved you 2,000 Yuan! So, I’ll take that as my reward!”

After seeing Cui Lizhu, Zhao Yu suddenly felt anxious and put his index finger on his lips, motioning for her to be quiet.

However, Miao Ying was quick-minded, and she noticed this interaction and immediately asked Cui Lizhu, “Really? Is it really all done?”

Cui Lizhu clapped her chest and said, “Yep! It cost 8,000 Yuan to get Zhang Jingfeng to cooperate with us. He is now with the Golden City criminal police! Believe me, Han Kuan won’t get the slightest chance to leave the police station now.”

Zhao Yu slapped his forehead hard. He was clearly embarrassed.

Miao Ying then said with a smile, “Cui, tell me more… In detail. How can Zhang Jingfeng keep Han Kuan at the police station?”

Zhao Yu wondered if Cui Lizhu was intentionally betraying him. She immediately told Zhao Yu’s plan to Miao Ying, “Zhang Jingfeng reported to the police that Han Kuan had an affair with a woman named Zhang Meili, and Zhang Jingru didn’t know about this. Zhang Meili suddenly disappeared a year ago. He suspected that Han Kuan had killed her, so he wanted to report it to the police. So, now the police will investigate this matter, which means that they can’t let Han Kuan go yet!”

“Who is Zhang Meili?” When Miao Ying asked this, she glanced at Zhao Yu.

“No one! Of course, our boss made it all up… Hahaha… Our boss is so talented! He told me that we can always use a helping hand from others. Amazing!” Cui Lizhu giggled before she drank some water.

At the same time, Miao Ying and Wu Xiumin each picked up a newspaper from the desk and threw it at Zhao Yu, while rolling their eyes.