Crazy Detective Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Anyone but You is Fine

There is a famous line on the streets: "Things that will come cant be avoided."

When Zhao Yu finally appeared at the Rongyang Branch Key Case Investigation Unit Office, team leader Miao Ying was very surprised and incredibly shocked.

"Wow! Mister Zhao Yu, Im truly impressed!" Miao Yings large jewel-like eyes were wide as she raised a thumb to praise him, "Your bravery is truly beyond my expectations! Amazing! Whatdid you come to our branch office to stir up trouble?" Miao Ying was clad in a shiny casual jacket, her shiny black hair was neat and beautiful. She was 55" in height, and her curvy shape made her seem even more beautiful and energetic.

Even though Zhao Yu knew her devilish personality well, he still felt more refreshed seeing such a beauty standing proudly in front of him.

He stared for a few seconds, before grinning and speaking coldly, "What are you saying, Miao Ying? What do you mean by stirring up trouble, saying it like Im some sort of perverted delinquent! Mrs. Han Lu shouldve already called you, right? This time Im here to attend to some urgent matters!"

"You want to interrogate Liu Pengfei?" Miao Ying read Zhao Yus identity report and other related documents, and spoke very coldly, "Yeah, Department Leader Han did tell me that, but I never wouldve dreamed that the person would be you?!" Miao Ying purposefully emphasized the "you," which made Zhao Yu instinctively become alert.

"Since its like this, see" Zhao Yu could only clean up his documents and lick at his lips, "Please spare me some kindness! Besides, in the case Im working on, Liu Pengfei is a major suspect. If we make any progress, it would also help your investigation, right?"

"No!" Miao Ying answered briskly, and she spoke with little reserve, "Mister Zhao Yu, please pick someone else to do the interrogation! As long as its not youanyone will work!" Miao Yings words were clearly a personal attack. Even the other investigators watching all stood behind Miao Ying, as if supporting her.

"Tsk, tsk" Zhao Yu grinned as he smacked his lips, "Miss Miao Ying, then this is your problem! This is a case regarding someones life, if it is delayed, will you be able to take responsibility?"

"Hmph!" Miao Ying scoffed, "Were all in the same field, no need to intimidate me! If you want to interrogate my prisoner, fine, bring the proper investigation paperwork. I promise I wont stop you then!"

"Look at you talk! This is an emergency!" Zhao Yu started negotiating, "If we wait for documents, we will have missed prime time for investigation! How about this, first you let me interrogate the criminal, and Ill give you the documents later? Besides, I am at least doing this in Mrs. Han Lus name, so you should be a little lenient, right?"

"I can explain to Department Leader Han!" Miao Ying spoke loudly, "Without official documents, even if its the branch leaders order, I still cant do it! So, Mister Zhao Yu, please go back!" Miao Yings words caused the watching investigators to laugh.

"Oi, you?" Zhao Yu was instantly enraged, and cursed Miao Ying in his heart. But to achieve his goal, he subdued his anger and continued his smooth talking, "Team Leader Miao! How about this, you can set the rules, and I can work around it. Tell me, what do I have to do so that youll let me interrogate the criminal?"

"Nothing, I wont do it no matter what!" Miao Ying laughed coldly, "As long as youre Zhao Yu, theres no negotiation!"

"Iyoufucker" Zhao Yu could not take it anymore and yelled out in anger, "Miao Renfeng, dont go too far! Always leave a way out for yourself. Qinshan isnt that big, you never know when youll need my help! What youre doing is against the code of honor!"

"Dont talk like were in the street to me. Im the squad leader of the mobile squad, I will always do things by the book, by the rules!" Miao Yang spoke with finality.

Zhao Yu shook his head. He never expected Miao Ying to be so stubborn. It looked like she had already decided not to help him out whatsoever, but Zhao Yu was also stubborn. How could he give up halfway? But he was on someone elses territory. To use force to get his way would be suicide! Negotiation already failed, thenZhao Yu thought for a bit, then sighed.

He thought, "Alright! Since you arent going to be polite, then dont mind me being underhanded! Looks like I must use my trump card!" Zhao Yu suddenly laughed out loud, surprising all the investigators. "Muwahaha" Zhao Yu pointed at Miao Ying with his pinkie, "Miao Renfeng, I thought you were some ace among women, or an honorable hero! Turns out youre just a coward!"

"Hmph? What do you mean?" Hearing this, Miao Ying immediately started rolling up her sleeves. Her team members started cracking their knuckles, ready to attack.

"Ahahaha" Zhao Yu looked like he was picking his nose, his pinkie waved quickly as he laughed shamelessly, "Did you forget what you said at the police academy? Fight on sight! Bah! If you dare, come"

"Huh?!" Miao Yings eyebrows immediately flicked up, she looked like she was about to explode, "Kiddo, do you not want to live anymore? Are youtaunting me?"

"Hmph! So what if I am? I doubt you have any guts, hehe!" Zhao Yu nodded and put up a look of immense disrespect and laughed, "You must be scared of me! Did you get beaten into submission by me? If you dare, come fight!"

"You!" Miao Yings hand was already on the back of a chair. She originally wanted to throw the chair right at Zhao Yu, but within a moment it was like she realized something, and suddenly let go.

"Ohriling me up I see!" Miao Ying laughed coldly, "How underhanded, kid! Wanting me to fight in the police office to put dirt on me, tsk tskwell too bad!"

"Miao Rengfeng, I, Zhao Yu, fear nothing. Why would I be afraid of a weak girl like you?" Zhao Yu continued to clamor, "Come, come, today, we can fight till were happy, do you dare?"

"Zhao Yu, dont even bother!" Miao Ying had already seen through Zhao Yus plan and laughed, "Youre just a wild dog, Im not going to follow your craze!"

"Ahahaha, what did I say? Are you scared of me or are you on your period?" Zhao Yu continued to laugh crazily, "But no worries, if you are too afraid to fight me then we can also fight with words. Words or fist, I aint afraid of you!"

"Kid, you dare" Finally, the other investigators could no longer take it. Each of them wanted to go up and fight, ready to take Zhao Yu down a notch.

Miao Ying saw the situation turn sour and immediately stopped them, "Dont move, if you guys act youll fall right in his trap, this is a police station!" She turned to Zhao Yu, "Zhao Yu, dont be stupid!" Miao Ying repressed her anger with difficulty, "No matter what, I wont let you interrogate the criminal! You cant do anything about it!"

"Ahahaha" Zhao Yu laughed out loud once again, "Cant you tell? Who the hell cares about the criminal? Miao Renfeng, you were right, Im here to stir up some trouble! Hmph, too scared to fight with your fists, too scared to fight with words, if you ask me, youre just a cowardly turtle. You and your Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit are all trash!!"