Crazy Leveling System Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Worried

Chapter 100: Worried

A week has passed after Xiao Lian left to take care of her father and finally Yi Tianyun is done with his works as no material left for him to refine or to forge. He walks out of his room to see Shi Xueyun, but his appearance getting teased with light chuckle from many disciple he passed by. He looks very messy compared to his glamorous usual appearance.

Not long after, he sees Shi Xueyun walks down the hall and he quickly waves at her and shout Aunt! Wait for me! with a smile he immediately walks over to Shi Xueyun.

Shi Xueyun watches as Yi Tianyun walks over and give him her best smile, Yi Tianyun, good job! Youre done already? she gave Yi Tianyun a small pat on the back and thank him for his hard work.

Shi Xueyun is also very busy in the past few days, as the recruitment has expanded with Jade Palace prestige has been known to many places, many cultivators has come to join them. Shi Xueyun has to be stricter than before, because of the traitors from the last war.

She has to check the background of every single candidates to make sure there is nothing unusual in their records. This took a tool on her time, so she cant check on Yi Tianyun as much as she want to as shes also physically and mentally exhausted.

Yi Tianyun knows this too so he doesnt complain about anything as he doesnt want to worry her aunt anymore than she already has.

This is not hard at all aunt, Im already done for now. If were still short on weapons or pills I will make another batch, but since i run out of material, so I will make a quick stop to buy enough material for the next batch. Yi Tianyun said with a smile.

Shi Xueyun just shook her head and pulls Yi Tianyun arm with her and say Come with me, The Elders already gathered in the assessment hall.

The atmosphere is heavy in the assesment hall. Some of them is nervous about their assessment whether they can join the Jade Palace or not. Some of them also is nervous as they wait for their training regiments as theyre already qualified to join Jade Palace.

As Shi Xueyun arrives at the hall, she quickly says Great elders, we have to pause the assessment for a little while, as elder Yi and I have something to say.

The great elder quickly nods and wave her hands signaling everything to stop for a while and began to stand as they already know what to do next.

As Yi Tianyun walks up to the halls, he notices many young ladies looking at him with curiousity.

I heard that Jade Palace has only one male Elder. Is that him?

He looks very messy, what has he done to have that rugged looks?

I heard that he is very powerful, I wonder if it is true?

There are many rumors about Yi Tianyun outside of Jade Palace, its not a surprise considering hes the only male elder in Jade Palace.

Many said that Yi Tianyun is very powerful, even more powerful than the Palace Lord and theres also a rumor saying that Yi Tianyun is an incarnation of a demon, a very powerful demon.

There is more exaggerated rumors out there which is pale in comparison than the previous one.

As Yi Tianyun stops in the middle of the assessment hall he quickly waves his hand and pulls out all weapons and pills he made earlier.

There is dozens of high grade spirit tools, peak grade spirit tools, body refinement pills, and spirit refinement pills. Everyone gasps due to surpirese, no one expect a first level faction has this many resources.

These are the resources of Jade Palace. These Pills are Body Refinement Pill and Spirit Refinement Pill. As long as you perform well enough and work hard, you can have some of this as your reward! Yi Tianyun announced his intention.

Shi Xueyun and cant help but smile on the side seeing how Yi Tianyun motivates the disciples.

Really? All these items for us?

Wow there is so many high quality items! There are the Spirit Tool, and theres also the High Grade Spirit Tool, even the Peak Grade Spirit Tool!

God, even the stuff from the Pavilion i saw on my way here pale in comparison with these!

The quiet assesment hall become full of chatter, as they become excited about the prospect of receiving the pills and weapons in front of them. The elder looks at themselves and smile among themselves, they already knows that this amount is just a fraction of what Yi Tianyun has made in two weeks he secludes himself in his rooms.

Shi Xueyun quickly adds These are just a small part of Jade Palaces resources, whether they are new or old disciple, have equal chance to acquire these items, as long as you perform well and show your loyalty to Jade Palace, we will invest these items on you!

Yi Tianyun looks at the disciples expression and hes pretty satisfied, he managed to motivate them. This is the results he searched for, with this he is sure that Shi Xueyun will have an easier time on filtering the new disciples background to join Jade Palace. Afterwards Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun excused themselves.

At the hall outside the assessment hall, Yi Tianyun speaks to Shi Xueyun As I said before, I will leave the palace for a little while to buy some materials and I will come back a little bit late. Yi Tianyun smiles to Shi Xueyun.

There is no need for you to buy the materials personally Tianyun, we can always ask some disciples to buy some for you, you should just rest for a while. Shi Xueyun said to Yi Tianyun.

Buying materials is not all I have to do outside of the palace aunt, I also want to check on Sister Xiao Lians father at her place, she already told to me about her father conditions, he is sick and her family didnt have money to buy medicine. And I already promised to her that I will check up on her after I am done with my work. Yi Tianyun explains his reason to Shi Xueyun.

Shi Xueyun is startled after hearing about Xiao Lians circumstances as she doesnt know about this at all.

No wonder she seems anxious before, why she didnt say anything to me about this? Yi Tianyun can only shrug his shoulder and says I will buy the materials as I got back from her place. We need to give the disciples enough motivation to raise their own cultivation so we could reach the second level factions faster, and also stabilize the status of Jade Palace as we progress.

This is all said in honesty by Yi Tianyun as he really wants Jade Palace becomes stronger, but he has another motive as well, that is to finish his main quest as fast as possible!

Good, you become more and more elder like now! Shi Xueyun said proudly to Yi Tianyun.

I am not worried about doing my elder job aunt, Im worried about you, I will reduce your workload as much as i can! Yi Tianyun said with assurance in his voice. Shi Xueyun quickly said dont forget those words just now! she chuckled seeing Yi Tianyun becomes even more dependable.

But remember Yi Tianyun, I know that you are a very powerful now, but there is many more powerful people out there, I hope you keep yourself safe and refrain from making troubles on your way, I dont know what I will do if something bad happens to you! Shi Xueyun quickly adds to Yi Tianyun and shows her worries about Yi Tianyuns safety.

Yi Tianyun looks at Shi Xueyun and gently grips her hand in reassurance manner and says I promise to you that I will keep myself safe for your sake as well, as I swear to protect you always! Hearing these encouraging words, Shi Xueyun cant help but shed a few tears as she cant help but to be proud of Yi Tianyun.

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