Crazy Leveling System Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Invitation

Chapter 195 Invitation

Yi Tianyun found another exit! He felt a surge of excitement from this, because the Star Pavilion didnt know about this entrance, so he could abuse the pond to level up in the future! He planned to get back here once he was in the Peak Spirit Core, so he wouldnt waste any item before that.

You stay here, I will return shortly! Yi Tianyun said to Ren Zhirou as he descended back into the water.

Sure! Ren Zhirou said while frowning a little bit. She has just woken up, there was so much she wanted to know, and so far, Yi Tianyun only ignored her and told her to wait.

As Yi Tianyun left the room, he immediately went back to the pond using the water tunnel and as he returned to the pond, he could hear Elder Yun called him from outside, as the time limit has passed.

Elder Yun was a bit relaxed as he saw Yi Tianyun swimming towards him from the water.

This place is too fascinating, I am sorry for forgetting the time! Yi Tianyun said politely.

Its okay, Young Master Yi. But you already absorbed almost all of the Spirit Energy here, this place would need time to regenerate after this. Elder Yun said, sounding a little bit helpless.

Yi Tianyun looked around, and sure enough, the Spirit Energy in here already thinned out considerably from when he first arrived.

I didnt think that I absorbed that much, really. Yi Tianyun said as he thought that the place was already thinned out, to begin with.

Yes, Heavenly Jade Pond wasnt like what it was before, the recovery of the spiritual energy was getting slower significantly. By the rate you are absorbing the spiritual energy, the spiritual energy in this place would deplete soon! Elder Yun said to explain the ponds problem. He then directed Yi Tianyun to exit the place.

Elder Yun, how could I enter the pond again in the future? Yi Tianyun asked politely.

We usually charge the cultivator who wants to enter by demanding a soul tool. A low-grade soul tool for half a day, and a middle-grade soul tool for 2 days. Elder Yun said while smiling lightly.

The price is reasonable. Yi Tianyun said also looked like he was thinking of something.

The price is surely not high, but there is a maximum time limit in place here. The spiritual energy in the pond was limited for 10 days top, and considering the slow recovery speed of the pond now, after the 10 days limit was reached, we have to wait for a few months before letting another person enter the pond. Elder Yun explained solemnly.

Well, that is unfortunate! Yi Tianyun said while sighing. He thinks that his plan to use the pond sneakily was a little bit ruined, the ponds state was already in tatter!

There was no way he could use it without coordinating with Star Pavilion!

Yes! Thats why the place was becoming restrictive over time. Without special permission from Pavilion Chief Li, its becoming a little impossible to enter! Elder Yun said with a smile, But Young Master Yi does not need to worry! Pavilion Chief Li told me to give you this token once you came out of the pond. Elder Yun said while giving Yi Tianyun a token.

This token is a Guest Elder Token. He and I hope that you can become our Guest Elder, and we wouldnt expect anything in return! Elder Yun said while smiling warmly.

It seems like just you got a new Guest Elder in the house! Yi Tianyun said while smiling lightly.

Although Yi Tianyun got a bad first impression from the Zhu Family, the Chief Pavilion Li himself wasnt that bad! And he needed to make a good relationship here in Heavenly Border Continent, and Star Pavilion was a good place to start!

Guest Elder Yi, I welcome you to Star Pavilion! From now on, you are the youngest Guest Elder here in Star Pavilion! Elder Yun said brightly.

its my pleasure! Yi Tianyun said. Yi Tianyun already expected this kind of treatment, with his age, there was no one else who was as good as him in Divine Rune Mastery!

Pavilion Chief Li also wishes you to stay a little bit longer and attend the VIP dinner that would be held tomorrow night. Elder Yun said expectantly.

Ahh, I am very sorry. There is another thing that I still need to do later. Yi Tianyun said apologetically.

if that is the case, its fine. You can participate again in a few months! This VIP dinner is very grand, even the Netherworld Empire will attend the dinner. So, I wish that Guest Elder Yi could participate next time for this rare opportunity. Elder Yun said with a smile.

Netherworld Empire? Yi Tianyun said a little bit surprised. The Netherworld Empire was known for its strong and demanding behavior, if they came to this VIP dinner, it would be interesting!

Yes, they usually sent their minister here as a delegation, and it seems that tonight they have something important to announce. Elder Yun said wonderingly.

I will try to attend the next time. Yi Tianyun said solemnly, he really wasnt able to attend tomorrow, but if it was next month, he maybe could attend.

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