Crazy Leveling System Chapter 200

Chapter 200 Fight

Chapter 200 Fight

The Black Dragon caught them by surprise! Although Wang Family was considerably strong, they wouldnt provoke a powerful sect that has a dragon on their side!

Hurry! Take a look and clear this misunderstanding! Wang Family Head ordered his elder.

The elder rushed out to check who is their enemy right now, and they saw a young man killing the pavilion guard effortlessly.

There you are, Wang Family Head! the young man said coldly.

The Black Dragon kept spouting fire from its mouth, and now it already burned more than half of Wang Family building! They didnt know this young man at all, so they didnt have a clue about how or when did they offend this young man.

Yes, I am the Head of Wang Family, I dont know what my family has done to you, so why dont you tell me your reason first! Wang Family Chief said humbly. He couldnt be too aggressive as he will not win!

Your offense is too many to count! Yi Tianyun said while giving order to his Black Dragon to attack!

You have made a serious mistake here, boy! Dont blame me if you get injured or worse! Wang Family Chief said while releasing his Sixth Level Spirit Core aura while also pulling out his spear. He pointed his spear toward the Black Dragon and threw it immediately.

The black dragon saw the spear coming, but it didnt budge! Instead, the black dragon continued to rush over to the elders and attack them. The black dragon turned its attention toward the Wang Family Head and attacked him with its claws. The disarmed Wang Family Head couldnt defend himself from the dragons attack and spontaneously used his arms to protect himself, resulting in his arms broken!

Wang Family Head screamed from the pain on his arms. He couldnt use his arms anymore as a deep gash could be seen on both of them. Wang Shouhua, one of Wang Family Elder, released his Third Level Spirit Core aura and rushed over to his elder to help! But, as he rushed over, a figure kicked his chest, sent him flying, helpless!

What is this power! So strong for such a young age! Wang Shouhua said with blood dripping from his mouth.

The two most powerful cultivator in the Wang Family has already been incapacitated! Now they couldnt fight back anymore!

Quick, call support from the Star Pavilion immediately! Wang Family Head said to one of his remaining elders.

As his elder pulled out a Jade Pendant, possibly for communication purposes toward Star Pavilion, the Black Dragon roared again and attacked them with its fire breath! The elder was covered by flame before they could contact anyone. The black dragon rushed toward Wang Family Head and then held him down between its claws and burns him alive!

Wang Family Head screamed loudly again and rolled over the ground to put out the fire, but the fire couldnt be put out, regardless of what he did.

Wang Shouhua on the side couldnt come over to his Family Head as he was under a relentless attack from Yi Tianyun, he turned his body into a shield, making Yi Tianyuns attacks has a little to none impact to him. But as Yi Tianyun amped up his power, Wang Shouhua couldnt hold it anymore and he was surprised to see Yi Tianyuns attack pierced his defenses and knocked him up into the air.

After the fire on Wang Family Heads body was finally put out, an elder rushed over to help him. The elder pulled Wang Family Head inside to retreat as he didnt know what to do. Once the Wang Family Head caught his breath, he shouted at his elder, standing around him.

Kill them! Kill them all! He shouted while coughing.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun and the black dragon walked toward Wang Family Chief and heard him shouting.

You really believe you have a chance against me? Yi Tianyun said as he signaled his dragon to attack the elder.

The dragon rushed over to attack once more, annihilating every single elder around there! They couldnt hold down the black dragon as their attack didnt have any effect on the dragon.


Successfully killed Wang Family Elder!

Reward: 140.000 Exp, 3.100 Crazy Points, 30 Sin Points, 500 Divine Rune Mastery, Yellow Heavenly Palm Martial Art, 1x High-Grade Divine Rune Paper.


Successfully killed Wang Family Elder!

Reward: 150.000 Exp, 3.200 Crazy Points, 35 Sin Points, 500 Divine Rune Mastery.

The system confirmed Yi Tianyuns kills, so he didnt have to check on them himself! He was excited and extremely happy to see that the elder themselves gave a Divine Rune Mastery! Now he was glad that Lin Li provoked him. Otherwise, he wouldnt have any reason to attack this place!

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