Crazy Leveling System Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Netherworld Empire's Envoy

Chapter 225 Netherworld Empire’s Envoy

Yi Tianyun didnt expect to learn that Heavenly Jade Sect had a connection with Spirit King Xuan Tian. He knew that Heavenly Jade Palace used to accept both men and women disciples, but now he thought that somehow Spirit King Xuan Tian left the faction because of some reason which created resentment towards men, resulting with the male disciples and elders were all driven away.

Yi Tianyun was excited when he found out, as it would help the merge between Heavenly Jade Sect and Heavens Top Mansion.

Even though Heavens Top Mansion was in a bad spot right now, it didnt really matter.

As the place, Heavens Top Mansion was built, was very good for cultivation.

Since you have already accepted my term, I will gladly take the position as a Mansion Lord! Yi Tianyun said to the Mansion Lord with passion.

Everyone in the room nodded their head in agreement, they all seemed quite satisfied with Yi Tianyuns agreement to become the Mansion Lord of Heavens Top Mansion.

After reading several reports from Great Elder, Yi Tianyun finally grasped the entire situation of Heavens Top Mansion.

Yi Tianyun knew that once the information about him becoming the new Mansion Lord was announced, he wont be able to go out of the Mansion freely for quite some time, so he chose to postpone the announcement until his business outside of Heavens Top Mansion was done.

After reading this report, I notice that Heavens Top Mansions situation is far worse than I assumed. In several cases, this is even worse than a 2nd Grade Faction! Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Yes, that is indeed the truth, Mansion Lord! We havent received any new disciple for quite some time, and with our crumbling reputation, we know that our chance to recruit a new disciple will be smaller every single day passed. The Great Elder said with regret.

When I was first mistaken as a disciple here, I saw the situation first hand. Some disciples act very arrogant and do whatever they please. Although I agree that in this kind of environment like this, some friendly competition here and there is very good, as the competition enters an abnormal level, it would be best to remove some toxicity. Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

All I am trying to say is that we need to let some of these disciples go before they destroyed the unity inside the Heavens Top Mansion completely. I know that some of them come from a family which was influential to Heavens Top Mansion, but there is so much better way to gain resource than to sell ourselves up like this. Yi Tianyun said as he spoke with confidence to the Great Elder.

Yi Tianyun knew that disciples from influential families may think that acting all high and mighty was a given as they felt that the faction was theirs. If those disciples didnt act this way, then Yi Tianyun will not have the compulsion to expel them.

You are my Mansion Lord, I abide by your decision. I will trust that you would make us great again! the Great Elder said with high respect.

Great! Now that weve settled that problem, comes a new one in the form of management! We dont have enough skilled people in terms of management. In the Heavenly Jade Sect, we had many of those. I planned to assimilate some of them to Heavens Top Mansion to help us manage things here. I cant do that right now, as of now they still dont know my plan to merge the two factions together. Yi Tianyun said while sighing a little.

I plan to leave as soon as the Mansion becomes a little bit stable so that the plan to merge the two factions can be pushed quickly. Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Great Elder, a messenger from the Netherworld Empire has come to visit! a disciple suddenly came to the room.

Yi Tianyun looked toward Great Elder and nodded. They walked toward the hall immediately to greet the said messenger.

As they entered the hall, they could see a middle-aged man sitting on the chair, sipping on some tea.

Excuse us for being a little late. said the Great Elder solemnly.

Its okay, I dont mind. Said the messenger arrogantly.

This arrogant behavior somehow didnt bode well with Yi Tianyun, a mere messenger acting all high and mighty toward his host!

I came here to invite you to the royal feast! This is a direct invitation by the King of Netherworld Empire himself, I hope that you will be there when the time comes. The messenger said smugly.

Dont worry, well be there! Yi Tianyun said indifferently. Even though he didnt like this man, he couldnt show any emotion, as that could be used against him.

As he had done his business, the messenger left the Heavens Top Mansion place to go back to the Netherworld Empire while smirking evilly.

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