Crazy Leveling System Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Transformation

Chapter 254 Transformation

Kill us then! Get it over with! Your Heavens Top Mansion would be destroyed by the Netherworld Empire anyway! One of them said while the Black Dragon was burning them to cinders one by one.

Rest assured, you will be waiting for the rest of Netherworld Empire in the underworld! Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Soon enough, they were all dead, burned by the Black Dragon.

Yi Tianyun received a lot of exp for this extermination along with Sin Points and mastery.

Many of them had mastery in blacksmithing, pill refining and divine rune.

So, his Mastery was increased equally.

As soon as he killed all of the enemies, all enhancing cards he used were expiring.

He was glad to have those Exp Cards, it became easier to level up as he activated them.

Mansion Lord Yi, we already took all storage rings we could find. We also collected many Soul Tools which are still usable scattered around the place. Mu Xianer said as she felt somewhat shy to talk to Yi Tianyun.

Okay, we will get out of here shortly. Yi Tianyun said casually.

The Great Elder soon approached Yi Tianyun to give Yi Tianyun all the Storage Ring that he could find.

Yi Tianyun shook his head and then gave the storage ring back to the Great Elder, Take it Great Elder, use it for the betterment the Heavens Top Mansion. Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Of course, Lord Yi. I will do as you command! The Great Elder said while bowing to Yi Tianyun.

The Great Elder was somewhat hopeful, he had a feeling that Heavens Top Mansion will surely be directed to the better future with Yi Tianyuns leadership.

Yi Tianyun took the storage ring from Lin Hao and said that it was for Heavenly Jade Sect.

The Great Elder nodded in understanding and they soon climbed to the Black Dragons back to get back to Heavens Top Mansion.

As they were already up in the air, Yi Tianyun ordered the Black Dragon to burn the place down.

He directed the Black Dragon to return to Heavens Top Mansion in a roundabout way.

He didnt want the burned castle of Netherworld Empire to find out it was related to Heavens Top Mansion.

Yi Tianyun also shot down all guards that he saw around the place.

He didnt want to have any eyewitness tying him to that incident either.

As he saw that there was no one else who saw him there, he quickly flew away.

The rest of the guards who didnt know anything about the fight earlier was surprised to see fire broke out and quickly evacuated from the castle.

With the intensity of the fire, the castle was quickly burned to the ground, leaving nothing behind!

At that time, no one was alive around the vicinity to be blamed for the fire.

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The guards couldnt find their lord Lin Hao, panicked.

So, the guards assumed that the Minister of the Netherworld Empire was once again dead!

White Lotus Mansion and Star Pavilion, who still resided in Gathering Dragons City, soon came over to see what happened, as the fire was so fierce that it was visible from the city.

They were surprised to see the place that they visited just a moment ago was nearly burned to the ground!

Li Tianlong, the Lord of Star Pavilion, immediately knew that the fire wasnt any ordinary fire.

It was an advanced level fire that high leveled blacksmith rarely had.

He couldnt help but think that the one who was behind it was prepared to have a war against the Netherworld Empire!

Mansion Lord Qin of White Lotus Mansion also felt the same way about the situation, she added that the rest of the Mansion Lords that staying inside the place didnt seem to be able to get out and presumably already dead inside the fire.

Li Tianlong looked at the fire with sad eyes.

It was really a sad day to lose such a young genius like Yi Tianyun in the fire!

They both sighed and immediately decided to leave.

They know that soon enough, a strong influence would be coming here, either the one who burns down the place or the Netherworld Empire itself!

Either way, they wont stick around to find out about what happened today.

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