Crazy Leveling System Chapter 281

Chapter 281

Chapter 281

Yi Tianyun kicked Li Hao straight at the chest, flinging him away from the lady.

The lady was visibly surprised to see Li Hao was done in like that and that the one who saved her was none other than the young man who was kind enough to sell her some of his Jade Spirit Stones!

What are you doing here! Dont you know that is Li Hao from the Netherworld Empire? The lady said with a shock on her tone.

Yi Tianyun didnt care about the ladys warning, killing Li Hao was one of his goals, and now it would be easier as he has the reason to.

Li Hao quickly got back up and took a medicinal pill to recover from the damage of Yi Tianyuns kick.

Li Hao quickly sneered to Yi Tianyun after his recovery, the killing intent was trought the roof!

Brat! It seems that you didnt value your own life! You think that you are a hero from saving this lady! How dare you attack me out of nowhere! Li Hao said angrily while also activating divine rune on his body!

Li Hao rushed over to Yi Tianyun as he felt his injury was already recovered.

The lady quickly dragged Yi Tianyun to evade Li Haos attack! She thought that Yi Tianyun wouldnt be able to deal with Li Hao at the moment.

Li Hao smirked as he knew that the lady wouldnt be able to stop him from reaching Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun sighed as he knew that the lady was doing something wasteful, he quickly blocked Li Haos attack with one hand as Li Hao reached their position.

Li Hao thought that Yi Tianyun has already given up as he thought that there was no way Yi Tianyun could block his attack.

Li Hao quickly collided with Yi Tianyun, but Yi Tianyun threw his own punch, meeting Li Haos fist in the middle where a cracking sound was heard!

Li Hao quickly bent over while holding his hands and screaming in pain! His hands were shattered, it was visibly crushed, and his blood was flowing out like a fountain from his hand!

What is this? I only throw a mere punch, and your hands cracked like that! What a wimp! Yi Tianyun said in a degrading manner.

The young lady was shocked to see that Yi Tianyun easily overpowered Li Hao like that. She thought that there would be no way Yi Tianyun could have a higher Cultivation base than Li Hao as Yi Tianyun was so young.

But now, she knew that Yi Tianyun was definitely more powerful than Li Hao!

Li Hao was immediately enraged by Yi Tianyuns taunt and quickly burned his blood qi to assert more power.

Be careful! He would be more powerful after burning his blood qi! The lady said, warninf Yi Tianyun on Li Haos power up! Yi Tianyun knew that, and he didnt really care as he knew that there was no way that Li Hao could overpower him.

Li Hao quickly took a divine talisman and threw it to Yi Tianyun.

As soon as the Divine Talisman reached Yi Tianyun, it blew up! Its firepower was equal to a 5th Layer Core Transformation cultivators attack!

For someone like Li Hao, that power was already amazing enough.

But for Yi Tianyun, who had already seen so much more powerful attack, that fire Divine Talisman was nothing special.

But as Yi Tianyun was shrouded with the flame, Li Hao laughed heartily. He thought that there was no way Yi Tianyun could be alive after that!

You fool! Did you think this amount of power was enough to kill me? Yi Tianyun said while laughing at Li Hao.

Yi Tianyun quickly rushed forward from the flame and kicked Li Hao with a powerful kick and punched Li Haos head as hard as he can.

Li Hao couldnt evade any of Yi Tianyuns attack and died from all the damage Yi Tianyun gave him.


Successfully killed Li Hao!

Reward: 150.000 Exp, 4.300 CPs, 500 Divine Rune MP, Trace Confusion Step Martial Art, Heavenly Wind Palm, Ruined Clouds Stroke, 5th Grade Divine Rune (random), Tyrant Rune Paper.

Li Hao was easily defeated even though Yi Tianyun didnt activate the Crazy Mode! Yi Tianyun quickly searched for Li Haos storage ring and then felt satisfied with his discovery after looking at the storage ring.

The lady looked at Yi Tianyun in wonder. She didnt believe her eyes that Yi Tianyun actually killed Li Hao, the traitor!

A few men who were trying to capture the lady earlier were shaken and quickly fled the scene as they screamed that Yi Tianyun and the lady would be dead after the Netherworld Empire knew what they had done!

Yi Tianyun sighed and rushed towards the escaping men as he didnt want to give Star Pavilion an extra burden!

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