Crazy Leveling System Chapter 346

Chapter 346

Chapter 346

After knowing the truth, they all felt a little bit ashamed, especially the Old Ancestor. He was ashamed of his lack of knowledge about the Smelting Trial!

There were so many wrong things on the Spirit Race side for all this time. If the entire Spirit Races people suddenly heard the revelation, there was no doubt that some of the people will leave the Spirit Race out of disappointment!

"Now, I brought you here to ask, are you going to announce this matter to the entire people or not? I personally dont recommend you to do so. We dont have to add stress to the entire people because of this matter. After all, they arent qualified to become the Spirit King Candidate themselves. In that aspect, even we still didnt have the clear qualification regarding this matter too, in spite of the Old Ancestor already reaching the Divine Rune Grandmaster Rank, he still wasnt qualified to become the next Spirit Race King!" Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

"Now, we must focus on obtaining another Life Crystal or finding another land with strong vitality so the Spirit Race can thrive!" Yi Tianyun added wisely.

Yi Tianyun looked at everyone and noticed that everyone was having a hard time processing this problem! This was about the life and death of the Spirit Race itself! They need to solve this problem neatly and quick!

"I agree with Spirit Kings word. Its all in the past. We dont need to drown ourselves in the pasts mistake! We need to think of our future now, and that future consists of us finding a new place or another Life Crystal to make sure that this place could continue to become our sanctuary!" Old Ancestor said confidently.

Everyone else quickly cast their thought aside while they completely agreed with Yi Tianyuns word and that they would support Yi Tianyuns decision!

"Now we have to think of the way to find any information about the Life Crystals whereabouts and any information about the place with strong vitality. If we got the information about the market of Life Crystal, we should buy it in bulk, so that Life Crystal could become the Spirit Races countermeasures if we failed to obtain another land with strong vitality!" Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Everyones eyes began to sparkle with hope as they thought that they would finally have a solution to their life problem.

"The predecessor is quite harsh, to think that we have to master the Tyrant Stone Tablet before we could obtain the knowledge about this Life Crystal is rough!" The Old Ancestor said while sighing tiredly.

"No, I dont think that was necessarily true. I believe the Spirit Race will eventually choose to leave this place. The real problem was the Second Spirit King! As he was the first Spirit King who said the requirement of becoming the Spirit King was only to have a Master Level Divine Rune engraved on the Tyrant Stone Tablet as the proof was a great mishap! That was a great sin that he has to bear in the afterlife!" Yi Tianyun said annoyedly.

"Well, we dont need to discuss that matter now. Lets just announce that Little Brother Yi has really succeeded in becoming our new Spirit King and the problem with the Life Crystal to the people." The Old Ancestor said as he smiled and felt content on Yi Tianyuns leadership. He knew that if it was not because of Yi Tianyuns discovery, the Spirit Race would undeniably suffer a huge loss when they found out about the matter.

"Wait, I need to get this first!" Yi Tianyun said as he walked over and pulled the one Soul Accumulating Grass growing near the Life Crystal.

Ye Qingxuan immediately rolled her eyes as she knew how much Yi Tianyun like those grasses.

The Elders didnt say anything, but the look on their faces told Yi Tianyun that this certain behavior of his was a little bit strange as Soul Accumulating Grass didnt have a great effect to those who already cultivated beyond Core Transformation Stage.

"Hey, I need these things. If you have any more Soul Accumulating Grass, I will gladly accept any of them!" Yi Tianyun said while smiling comically.

They immediately went back outside, to where the Spirit Race people were still waiting and talking about Yi Tianyuns Smelting Trial.

The Old Ancestor immediately calmed everyone down and said, "I know everyone is confused about the Spirit King matter, but I am here to say that the Tyrant Stone Tablet that Little Brother Yi brought earlier was none other than a proof that he was indeed has succeeded the Smelting Trial! The Divine Rune Stone that our previous Spirit King had brought was a part of this Tyrant Stone Tablet, and therefore prove Little Brother Yi was more than suitable of the Title! I am here to say that Little Brother Yi, here and now, is officially the new Spirit King of the Spirit Race!" The Old Ancestor said triumphantly.

The Spirit People began to chant Spirit King earnestly. This scene made Yi Tianyun more excited as a great faction was under his control was finally sinking in.

"Now, I have something to say to you all!" Yi Tianyun said as to silence everyone.

"Since I already become the Spirit King for the Spirit Race, it was appropriate for me to reveal my secret. I have conflicted with the Netherworld Empire for a long time, so I must hide my identity so that I could avoid unnecessary conflict to everyone close to me and innocent people around me. Now, I will reveal my true face to you all!" Yi Tianyun said as he took off the Thousand Faces mask that he wore constantly.

Everyone was in shock to see a 17-year-old boy behind the mask, furthermore, it was a handsome young boy too!

"This is my true face! My real name is Yi Tianyun, an Elder of Earthly Border Continents Heavenly Jade Sect, and The Mansion Lord of the Heavens Top Mansion! What happened in the Gathering Dragon City is none other than my doing! After hearing all of this, are you still willing to have me as your Spirit King?" Yi Tianyun asked honestly.

After a moment of silence, the crowd burst in an uproar!

"Young Spirit King! No matter who you are, you are our Spirit King!"

"You saved our race! The most powerful Spirit King!"

"Long live Spirit King!"

They began to chant Spirit King excitedly, proving that they didnt care about Yi Tianyuns background!

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