Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Strange Dream
Chapter 100: Strange dream

At 5pm, Shuhang said goodbye to Medicine Master and headed back to the city.

On his way back, Shuhang received a message from Yangde. The message was about the 5km competitions results, where Shuhang was undoubtedly the champion. However, because Shuhang wasnt present, that fellow Gao Moumou excitedly received the medal in his place. After that, Yangde also asked if he had returned from the medicinal store, and if he wanted to have dinner with everyone.

Come to think of it, after the sports competition, Im supposed to treat Yangde to the Ten Fragrances Fish Head. It was all thanks to his investigation that I was able to catch Altar Master. He would have very likely escaped otherwise.

Its also about time that I register for driving lessons. Also should I acquire the membership of the chatting app to quicken the growth of my virtual farm?

He had not played such an old farm game in a long time. Now, whenever he opens the chatting app, hed play a little when hes in the mood. Otherwise, hed just leave the game to run by itself.

However Now that so many seniors in the Nine Provinces (1) Group are playing this game, Song Shuhang had no choice but to consider whether he should start playing this game again. Perhaps one day, one of the seniors in the chat group would be very pleased from stealing vegetables from his farm, and give him some unexpected gifts in return?

Although this is very improbable, it is still possible. Anyway, this is just a farming game and playing it a little will not take up too much time! If I can reap some benefits, that would be great.

I have a lot of things to do. Shuhang replied to Yangde with a message: But Im already back; tell me where you guys are and I will be right there!

Then, he jogged all the way back to the University City.

After they had dinner together, the four of them had no other plans, so they returned to the dormitory to play games.

There were too many events that occurred today. In the morning there was the 5km run, then there was the long and arduous journey to find Altar Master and killing him, upon which Zhao Yaya dragged him to the hospital for checkup. After all that, he had also experienced all kinds of complicated situations.

Thus, even though he had the Qi and Blood Pill in hands, Song Shuhang still did not have enough energy to try it. After accompanying his roommates for a few games, he crawled into bed and slept early.

He was really exhausted.

Before sleeping, Shuhang collected the last bit of his mental energy, entered the alertness state, becoming attentive to his surroundings.

Soon afterwards.. he entered the dreamworld.

During the first half of the night, Shuhang was sound asleep.

During the second half of the night, he had an interesting dream.

Within the dream, Song Shuhang returned to the ancient times of Huaxia the specific era was unknown. However, through the pedestrians clothing and the various buildings, he could tell he was in the ancient past.

He then noticed that he was the son of a coffin seller. The young kid within the dream had a spiritless face, perhaps it was because he was constantly in contact with coffins.

What kind of weird dream is this? Shuhang secretly ridiculed himself. Everyone says that your dreams at night are determined by your thoughts in daytime. However, I didnt even have such thoughts during the day, right?

Within the dream, years had already gone by. One day, when he was around four or five years old, a sagely priest passed through his small village. Noticing his natural talent, the priest wanted to take him in as a disciple.

The boy didnt let him down, he decided to become the priests disciple and left without even thinking about how hurt his father, the coffin seller would be.

It was only after following the priest and practising for a few years that he found out that his own master was a loose practitioner who had fortunately obtained a set of incomplete techniques called the Ghost Sects Ghost Summon, which he assiduously practised till now. However, the technique was incomplete and he was barely able to reach the 2nd Stage.

After a few more yearsthat old priest was killed.

Because they were evil path ghost practitioners who would frequently create angry ghosts, the old priest was chopped to pieces without leaving a corpse.

The man in the dream could only rely on himself now.

After the old priest died, he changed greatly. He started to become very cautious. As his strength grew, his courage only shrank.

Later on, his life followed the pattern of the villains of fictional stories. In order to move up a realm, he exhausted all of his methods trying to cultivate various evil demonic spirits by looking for places to nurture ghosts.

His ultimate goal was to find a spirit ghost and use its unique potential to breakthrough to the next stage!

In the period that he was looking for necessary ghost cultivating materials, he had done all kinds of evil. For example, currently, besides being a ghost summoner, he was also commanding an assassin organization.

Finally, one day when he was hunting for treasures, he unexpectedly encountered a place very suited to nurturing ghosts. It was a place called Ghost Lamp Temple. Most importantly, there was a spirit ghost within Ghost Lamp Temple. He was overcome with joy!

This isnt a dream? Song Shuhang immediately sobered up. In the instant the Ghost Lamp Temple had appeared, he began to realize something. Perhaps these are the memories of Altar Master?

Ghost Lamp Temple, Luo Xin Street! Is Altar Master the evil ghost cultivator in this dream? Why would I randomly start dreaming about the Altar Master? Song Shuhang was confused.
The dream continued. After the man in the dream explored the Ghost Lamp Temple once, he became incomparably disappointed.

This was because he had arrived too late. Someone had already bought the Ghost Lamp Temple and set up a sealing formation. Taking a glance at this formation, he determined that an expert had set it. Afraid of attracting this experts attention and causing his own death, he did not dare to break the formation.

Yet, with a ghost cultivating paradise and a spirit ghost before him, how could he not be tempted?

That was a spirit ghost! A spirit ghost!

Although he couldnt break the formation himself, he could borrow someone elses hand and find a sacrifice to break the formation. Although the formation holding the spirit ghost was exquisitely made, he simply needed to find the eye of the formation and would be able to break it!

By borrowing someone elses hand to break the formation, even if that expert appeared later on, they would only vent their anger on the scapegoat!

Thus, he transformed into a Fengshui master and used his schemes to guide the original owner of the Ghost Lamp Temple, Huang Dagen, encouraging him to destroy the Ghost Lamp Temple and turn it into a cemetery.

Huang Dagen had already possessed such thoughts. With the addition of someones support, he became extremely motivated. The two of them worked together, and in the next year, Huang Dagen demolished the Ghost Lamp Temple and built a large cemetery for himself.

The Ghost Lamp Temple was demolished and the cemetery was built.

Under his guidance as a fake Fengshui master, Huang Dagen personally carried his tombstone to the cemetery and set it up as a special gathering point for Fengshui; which was also the eye of the formation that he had found with much difficulty.

Once the tombstone was set up, the first layer of the formation that the mysterious expert had placed was immediately broken. The spirit ghost in the Ghost Lamp Temple snarled as it charged out and sucked up all of Huang Dagens qi and blood.

After all of his qi and blood sucked out, Huang Dagen didnt die on the spot. He only felt that his body was a little weak. When he returned home, he became seriously ill and died seven days later.

The ghost spirit didnt leave after sucking Huang Dagen dry, it just returned to its original position.

This made him extremely happy. Although he had erected a sealing barrier surrounding Ghost Lamp Temple, the materials for the barrier were very expensive, so he wanted to save where he could. The barrier would expend materials whenever it was under attack. As a result, he had saved a lot of materials because the spirit ghost had not charged at the barrier.

Although the experts formation had shattered, he wasnt in a hurry to subdue the spirit ghost.

Firstly, he was worried that the expert would come rushing back.

Secondly, the spirit ghost had not matured yet, and needed to continue growing in the ghost cultivating paradise for a period of time.

Everyone in Luo Xin Street knew what happened next. Huang Dagens family brought his body to be buried in the tomb, crying all the way.

This action infuriated the spirit ghost again!

When Huang Dagens family members were weeping by the tomb, the spirit ghost took the chance to surround them and suck up most of their qi and blood. After Huang Dagens family members returned home, they began to fall sick one by one.

A year later, their entire family was buried in this cemetery.

Perhaps the spirit ghost had become full after absorbing so much qi and blood. The people who came to bury Huang Dagens family members escaped with their lives.

In the following years, he settled down in Luo Xin Street, watching over Huang Dagens tomb and watching the spirit ghosts growth.

At this point in the dream, Song Shuhang was full of doubts. Since the formation had already been broken, why didnt Altar Master take away the spirit ghost when it had become mature?

What happened later on?