Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Cursed
Chapter 101: Curse?

The him in his dreams, or you could say Altar Master had lived near Huang Dagens Tomb for around ten years. The senior expert he imagined had never appeared. While the spirit ghost was nearing maturity. He was really ecstatic. It seemed that the senior expert did not care about the spirit nor the ghost cultivating paradise!

After some time, after the spirit ghost matures, he would finally be able to obtain it.

Perhaps, Luo Xin Street really was his land of fortune.

After living here for twelve years, he actually acquired another immature spirit ghost. This was a great blessing from the heavens!

He became wild with joy!

When the two spirit ghosts matures, even if his Ghost Sects Ghost Summon techniques werent perfected, he could still use the spirits special abilities to breakthrough to the next major realm and extend his lifespan!

However, he ended up doing something that he would regret for a lifetime!

He happily sent his newly discovered spirit ghost into Huang Dagens tomb with the intention of exploiting this paradise to quicken the spirit ghosts growth.

At that moment, tragedy occurred After sending the second spirit ghost into the tomb, it couldnt be taken out anymore! At this time, the sealing formation set up by Spiritual Butterflys Respected Sage was activated.

There were a total of six powerful sealing formations that appeared one after another.

If not for his quick escape, he would have already been turned into dregs by the formation.

In the past, these six layers of seals were in a dormant state. Because they were inactive, Altar Master was able to enter the tomb and observe the spirit ghost. But now, he couldnt even get close to the tomb.

Moreover, the newly activated formations were not the same as the previous spirit sealing formation; it had attacking capabilities. One of the six formations even had a blood identifying component. If the expert that created the formation or his descendants does not appear, the six formations would forever be activated in this state.

Its no wonder that when he broke the spirit sealing formation, the spirit ghosts inside still stayed within Ghost Lamp Temple and didnt come out. Its simply because it could not leave!

The frightening Senior had given him a lesson.

These six formations structure were so complex that he had no possibility of breaking the six formations with his abilities.

He could only helplessly look at the huge tomb.

Day after day, year after year.

Despair, he felt complete despair towards the world.

When he was preparing to give up or perhaps risk his life to attack the six formations One day, a man and woman arrived in Luo Xin Street and went to Huang Dagens tomb.

The situation had changed!

Am I watching a tragic drama? When he reached this point, Song Shuhang already knew what was going to happen next.

He felt that Altar Master was really unique, for it was truly rare that a cultivator lived so miserably.

What happened next was as expected, the young man and woman took the spirit ghosts, while Altar Master was trembling in fear after Soft Feather exposed her strength.

Immediately afterwards, the scenery in the dream suddenly took a turn, skipping a good chunk of the plot.

Path to survival? Hahahaha! However, this lord can give you one final chance! A very domineering figure looked down at Altar Master within the dream.

The figures domineering attitude was so powerful it caused Shuhang to feel shame, shame to the point that he wanted to find a hole and hide in it! This is a scene that makes me feel ashamed just from thinking of it, can you please stop replaying this?

At this time, the scenery in the dream took another turn!
Sword! Sword! The domineering figure waved two swords causing the dream him to be sliced into pieces!

I curse you I curse you! After this, I will transform into an ageless ghost. I will haunt you eternally as revenge! The dream him screamed and shouted!

Hate Hate Hate Hate! Unimaginable hate! Limitless hate!

He hated his destiny, hated that he could not obtain the complete training method, hated the unjust world and most of all hated that guy for lying and breaking a promise!

Ill transform into an eternal ghost; forever pursuing that guys life!

The infinite hatred and the curse from the dream him caused Song Shuhang to wake up with a start.

Raising his head and looking all around him, he saw his three roommates sleeping heavily. Tubo even snored rhythmically.

Song Shuhang worriedly operated the mental detection magic and examined the space around him. The dorm was very peaceful without a single abnormality whatsoever.

Why would I have such a strange dream? Was it because I beheaded Altar Master during the day? Is the saying of what you think about during the day is what you dream about at night holding true? Song Shuhang said inwardly.

Impossible If it was due to my thoughts in the day, this dream should not have been so realistic.

This wasnt simply a dream, it was Altar Masters memories! The dream even frequently depicted situations that were completely foreign to Shuhang. He deemed that his brain does not have such a big space; it should be impossible for his brain to simulate Altar Masters entire life.

Was it the curse? Or am I possessed by a ghost? Song Shuhang finally thought of the curse from Altar Master right before the latter died.

Only a curse that contained such hatred could lead to a dream that was so strange.

This wont do. I must ask Senior Medicine Master tomorrow and find out what is the true cause of this dream. If I dont figure out the truth, I will feel very bothered. Song Shuhang muttered.

The next day. June 8th, cloudy skies.

The weather was still hot and dry. However, as grandpa sun wasnt showing his passion, the number of spectators for the sports competition increased.

After Song Shuhang woke up from the strange dream, he was unable to fall back to sleep.

In the morning, he originally wanted to find some time to go to Medicine Masters place. However, who would have thought that he would receive a text message from him first.

In it was the mailing address of Great Master Tongxuans temple. Medicine Master said to return the black flying sword when he has the chance.

Additionally, it had a warning from Medicine Master stating that he had to go out on a trip to deal with something today, and may not return.

Shuhang sent back two words, Got it.
He thought, I probably wont have an opportunity to use this flying sword any time soon. I should just send it back.

Thus, after Shuhang found Feng Shou Couriers Sima Jiangs business card, he gave Sima Jiang a call, Hello, is this Feng Shou Couriers Little Jiang?

The other person stared blankly for a while and then, as if he remember something, immediately replied, Is this Student Shuhang? Its me, Its me. Do you have a package you want to send?

Yes, I have a small package to send. Do you have the time to pick up the package? Song Shuhang asked.

No problem, I will be right there! Sima Jiang quickly replied.

Song Shuhang added, Theres no need to hurry, this is just an ordinary delivery, you can take your time.

Its not a problem. I am not busy and will be there shortly. Sima Jiang started laughing heartily.

Song Shuhang wished that he could spend all of his spare time cultivating. If he didnt use the Qi and Blood Pill after obtaining it, wouldnt it be wasting time?

However, Tubo and the other two were competing today. As a good roommate, he had to go and cheer them on.

There is still around half an hour till Yangdes competition. This fellow signed up for the mens 100 meter race. Tubos face was filled with envy. He also wanted to sign up for a competition that required less effort like this.

Sadly, he was one step behind Yangde and lost his chance. In the end, Tubo could only sign up for the 800 meter relay race.

Right now, Yangde had already changed his shirt and shoes and was warming up for the race.

Song Shuhang and his two roommates started walking towards the track to prepare to cheer for him.

While walking, Gao Moumous phone started playing a song that was popular a few years ago Ifuudoudous moaning sounds. To be able to use such a song as a ringtone, you must possess a certain standard in the art of the thick skin.

[TL: NSFW! Ifuudoudou a.k.a ]

Gao Moumou calmly groped for his phone. Surprisingly, it was a strangely unfamiliar number, which he hadnt received for a long time. With a joyful expression, he answered the call as fast as possible.

Nowadays, most phone calls from unfamiliar numbers were made by swindlers.

If its a swindler who called, then it would be a perfect time to take advantage of this chance to senselessly chat and gossip. In any case, incoming calls do not cost a cent. If the caller was a lady and a swindler, then it would be even better as Gao Moumou would be able to display three times the fighting strength! If the caller was the type to cut the call after a few rings, then it would be even better, make them pay calling fees!

Oh! Hello, Hello! After the call connected, Gao Moumou quickly replied, afraid that the caller would immediately cancel the call.

The call was quiet for a while, then the caller tried asking, Gao Moumou?

Eh? Thats me, who are you? Gao Moumou felt a sudden burst of disappointment. It was actually not a swindler? During such a boring summer why wont the swindlers just give me a call and relieve me of my boredom?