Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Zhuge Zhongyang
Chapter 102: Zhuge Zhongyang

Haha, I thought I had the wrong number. The caller sounded as if he just released a huge burden and replied, I am almost at Jiangnan University City, come pick me up!

Huh? Pick you up? May I ask who this is? Gao Moumou felt a burst of suspicion. Someone would come all the way to Jiangnan University City? Who on earth could it be?

Youre breaking my heart! How could you not recognize my voice? The caller spoke in an exaggerated manner, Its me, your best friend, George!

George? Gao Moumou tried his hardest to remember, but he could not remember anyone with this name, Ive never heard your name before!

.. The caller fell silent once again.

Dont spout bullshit, just tell me who you are, otherwise I am ending the call. Gao Moumou replied.
Its me, Zhuge Zhongyang! The caller helplessly announced his Chinese name.

After Gao Moumou heard this name, his complexion suddenly went pale. He recalled an incident where his chastity was ruthlessly tainted by being forcibly wrapped in cling wrap.

Zhuge Zhongyang who is Zhuge Yues older brother was also one of Gao Moumous childhood friend.

Like Zhuge Yue, Zhuge Zhongyang was biracial.

Like Zhuge Yue, Zhuge Zhongyang was also very annoying!


Finishing his speech, the call was cut without the slightest hesitation.

During the sports competition, I absolutely dont want any contact with these two with the surname Zhuge!

Yet, right after ending the call, Zhuge Zhongyang immediately called back!

Youre not giving up? After Gao Moumous complexion drastically changed, he, once again, rapidly answered the call and said in Mandarin and English, Sorry, the number you are dialing is out of service.

After repeating this twice, Gao Moumou wanted to turn off his phone.

Bastard, Gao Moumou, go ahead and end the call, I dare you! The Chinese and English automated voices for phone calls are definitely done by a male then a female! Although Im not too educated, dont even think about tricking me! The caller said with an angry voice, If you dont want to answer the phone, just tell me straight, why on earth are you using such an indirect way!?

Im just worried of hurting your frail heart. Fine then, I will just honestly tell you this. I, dont, want, to, pick, you, up! Gao Moumou said while grinning.

Bastard, just you wait! Zhuge Zhongyang fiercely hung up the phone.

Gao Moumou had a smug face.

Who was it? Song Shuhang curiously asked; there were very few people who could cause such a change on Gao Moumous face.

A super annoying guy! Gao Moumou said with pain: Hes extremely narcissistic, and thinks too highly of himself. From my speculations he is also extremely fussy at everything, no matter what it is, he has to criticize it with a demeaning tone. Even if it is just a simple noodle stand from the side, he would still nag and point out a dozens of shortcomings. Even more importantly, that fellow has no filter and a particularly annoying mouth! In short, I really cant stand him!

Gao Moumou used extremely a bunch of times just to describe his feelings.

I can feel the annoyance just by listening to your story. Lin Tubo sighed.

Song Shuhang stroked his chin, If this guy really is so bothersome, then how can it be this easy to get rid of him?

..Gao Moumou paused for a moment, How about I submit a leave of absence so we bros can go find a spot and have fun for a day? Itll be my treat, okay?

Fifteen minutes later, a skinny and tall biracial blonde appeared at Jiangnan University City and found Gao Moumou without a hitch.

Gao Moumou, you are too naive. You actually believed that you could get rid of me with just a phone call? The handsome blonde flipped his long hair and exposed an evil and charming smile.

Song Shuhang saw Gao Moumou shudder for a second.

The blonde hair Zhuge Zhongyang took out his phone, tapped on the screen a few times, opened an app, and proudly showed it to Gao Moumou, Do you see this? This is an app that I paid to be specially customized just for me! With this app and your phone number, I can narrow down your location to within five meters! I called you just to give you a chance to pick me up; even if you didnt come, I could still find you in minutes!

Are programs that can determine anothers location with just a phone number so common these days? No wonder I feel like my privacy is compromised.

After showing off, Zhuge Zhongyang expressed a happy face seeing Gao Moumous incredibly black face. Afterwards, he excitedly ran next to Tubo and warmly shook his hand, Haha, bros, are you all Gao Moumous friends? Hello everyone, I am Zhuge Zhongyang, a close childhood friend of his!

His warm attitude was very baffling.

Looking at him, he doesnt seem as annoying as Gao Moumou made him out to be? Tubo secretly said. After shaking hands with Zhuge Zhongyang, he introduced himself, My name is Lin Tubo, you can call me Bo Zai or Little Bo; either is fine.

Tubo? Hahaha, this name of yours is really funny. It is a rival for Gao Moumous shitty name! I have always suspected whether Gao Moumou was birthed by his parents. Ever since I was a child, I suspected that Gao Moumous parents received him as a free gift while buying yogurt. What about you? Were you a free gift when your parents topped-up their prepaid card? Zhuge Zhongyang laughingly replied.

[TL: A little confused? That makes two of us. Im not too sure if the yogurt and prepaid card is a reference to something or totally random.]

The veins on Tubos forehead started popping out I take back my words, this fellow is indeed annoying. With just a single meeting, he can cause a persons blood pressure to soar! This guys mouth is such a loose cannon that its a miracle he managed to live till now!

After that, Zhuge Zhongyang warmly shook hands with Song Shuhang, Bro, what is your name?

Song Shuhang. Song Shuhang still decided to announce his own name. My name doesnt have anything worth ridiculing right?

Good name. This is obviously the kind of name a biological child should have. Bro, youre really fair-skinned; it gives me the pretty boy feel. You must be very well-received by the ladies, right? These days, Huaxia ladies like pretty boys a lot. Zhuge Zhongyang said with a laugh.

The corner of Song Shuhangs mouth twitched, I currently dont have a girlfriend.

Huh? Do girls have such high standards these days? Zhuge Zhongyang said unconvinced. He Song Shuhangs shoulders, then asked, Do you need my help, bro? Im not trying to boast, but I only need to make a single call and regardless of whether its a fresh pure girl, a beautiful young lady, a devoted loli, or an elegant and indifferent lady, none of them will reject me. Instead, they will all come to me in high spirits!

This fellow is already acting like we are super familiar!

So incredible? Song Shuhang couldnt help but crack a joke, Zhuge, could you possibly be working in the courier industry?

This was because Zhuge Zhongyang was practically describing the job of a courier, who could make ladies of all ages and personalities come to him in high spirits with a single call to receive a package.

Zhuge Zhongyang stared blankly for a while and then flipped his hair and said in an narcissistic manner, Shuhang ah, have you seen anyone doing express delivery that is as good looking as me? In this world, which courier could be as handsome, elegant, young, and rich as me?

At this very moment, a distant Fengshou delivery van suddenly stopped. A very charismatic and handsome uncle stepped out of it.