Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Oh Chinese Kung Fu
1PM in the afternoon, at the abandoned school building in the third district of the University City.

Before this area gets torn down by the school or discovered by others, it serves as a great training spot.

As before, Song Shuhang first practiced the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique, causing the qi and blood in his body to boil. He then used the True Self Meditation Scripture to lead a strand of qi and blood into his heart acupoint.

The 1st Stage of cultivation was split into six minor realms. Opening the heart acupoint, eye acupoint, nose acupoint, mouth acupoint, and the final realm of Leaping Dragon Gate.

The realm of heart acupoint opening was also known as the hundred days of foundation building.

On the other hand, Leaping Dragon Gate was the realm between the 1st and 2nd Stage. Going past it would be akin to a fish transforming into a dragon, advancing to the 2nd Stage. If a cultivator fails to leap over, all of the qi and blood in the cultivators body would be expended and their cultivation level would drop to the mouth acupoint realm. The only thing that could be done is to accumulating enough qi and blood and attempt to leap over that mysterious dragon gate.

Shuhang was currently in the opening heart acupoint realm.

Normally speaking, without the assistance of external materials, it would take about a hundred days to open the heart acupoint.

During the first thirty days, one could accumulate approximately one strands worth of qi and blood every day. After that, following the strengthening of their physique, they could cultivate every day and the amount of qi and blood they could accumulate also slowly increased. Each person could accumulate about 3 to 10 strands of qi and blood each day.

It would take approximately 300 strands of qi and blood to fill the heart acupoint.

For some cultivators with great innate talent, the strands of qi and blood they could accumulate after each practice would be much stronger than those of cultivators with more average talents. Some geniuses that were carefully picked by sects might only need about 170 strands of qi and blood to open their heart acupoint.

There were also some cultivators with great innate talent who could produce more qi and blood with each days practice, and could similarly open their heart acupoint earlier.

These people had talents in terms of quality and quantity, and were geniuses that any sect would greatly desire.

Song Shuhang had only accumulated his fourth strand of qi and blood so far, and had a long way to go before he could open his heart acupoint.

After resting for a moment, he brought out a bottle from his pocket and took out a Qi and Blood Pill from the bottle.

A faint herbal scent filled the air.

The Qi and Blood Pills he had obtained from Altar Master were of such quality that even the Medicine Master had deemed them passable. Compared to the worst quality of qi and blood pills, they were much better. Each pill could even be used multiple times.

After taking out the Qi and Blood Pill, he held it in his mouth without swallowing it, using his saliva to slowly melt it before swallowing the dissolved liquid.

With this grade of Qi and Blood Pills, it would be a little wasteful if Song Shuhang swallowed them in one shot. If he swallowed the entire pill, no matter how great the pill quality was, it would only be able to restore Song Shuhangs bodys state once. Any extra qi and blood would simply overflow and scatter, and that would be such a waste.

He would keep the Qi and Blood Pill in his mouth until his bodys state was restored, then he would spit it out.

Pills that werent used up had to be finished within three days, and it wouldnt affect the effectiveness of the pill. This was the same method as the Seclusion Grain Pill.

Approximately 17 minutes later.

Song Shuhang spat out the half of the Qi and Blood Pill that was left. His vitality had been restored to the best condition!

Restoring my vitality for 17 minutes, then practising the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique and True Self Meditation Scripture for about 40 minutes. If I take away the time taken to eat, drink, poop and sleep, and I cultivate for about 12 to 13 hours a day, I can probably produce 18 strands worth of qi and blood!

If I have enough Qi and Blood Pills, I just need to cultivate repeatedly every day and night to complete the hundred days of foundation building in half a month!

By comparing half a month with a hundred days, it was directly shortened to a sixth of the usual time!

In the idiom wealth, spouse, luck, and land, it was no wonder that wealth came first.

If I subtract the time taken to go to class and socialise with friends, I have at least 6 hours a day to practise. If I have enough Qi and Blood Pills, Ill be able to complete my foundation in a little more than a month!

Song Shuhang was brimming with excitement while thinking of that.

However, right after, he sighed and deflated he only had 2 bottles of Qi and Blood Pills at hand, with a total of 26 pills. Although the quality was quite high, he could only use each pill about 3 times. Even if he practised 5 or 6 hours a day, he could only keep this up for 8 to 9 days.

Too little.

Before he had attained the Qi and Blood Pill, he was at peace with himself, and had no expectations of getting Qi and Blood Pills.

Now that he had gotten the Qi and Blood Pills and tasted the sweet rewards he couldnt stop his thirst and desire for more Qi and Blood Pills.

He could only take on the mission for White True Monarch.

He had to make arrangements to finish learning how to drive, then prepare to receive White True Monarch out of closed door cultivation. When the time comes, perhaps he could receive some Qi and Blood Pills from that senior. Furthermore within this week, he could hang around in the group more. He might even be able to get some tasks from some of the seniors.

Perhaps I truly have a chance of completing the hundred days of foundation building within a month?

Once he thought that way, he received a huge wave of motivation!

Foundation Building Fist Technique One!

Foundation Building Fist Technique Two!

With a happy heart, as he went through this round of Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique, each of his moves held the might of a tiger, ferocious and domineering.

When he was executing Foundation Building Fist Technique Seven Shuhang was completely immersed in the world of the fist technique, his heart followed the fist, the fist followed his thoughts!

Without paying attention to his surroundings, he only had eyes for himself and the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique!

Pow! With each punch, it was as if the air was exploding!

The wind from the punches whizzed. Before a punch lands, the pressure from the punch had already arrived!

After he finished practising theVajra Foundation Building Fist Technique, he immediately moved on to the True Self Meditation Scripture to store the qi and blood into his heart acupoint. He had collected the fifth strand of qi and blood!

After resting for a moment, he placed that Qi and Blood Pill in his mouth again and restored his vitality.

Then he started another round of practice.


This kind of feeling was akin to running an important mission in a game with in-game purchases which normal players could only play once a day. Meanwhile, pay-to-win players could use money to keep running the mission and grab all the rewards within, grabbing until their hands went weak!

To a cultivator who was opening the heart acupoint, the Qi and Blood Pill was like the ticket for repeated missions!

Time flew

In the blink of an eye, it was already 5pm in the afternoon.

It was close to the end to the second day of the sports competition.

Many of the parents who had come to watch their children participate in the competition had already left, some were accompanying their children for dinner. There were also some who were strolling about Jiangnan University Town alone.

Joseph was the latter. Early on at noon, he was heartlessly dumped by his cute daughter, and strolled around Jiangnan University City all alone. He had even gone through a lot of trouble to take leave to fly from overseas to Huaxia to see his cute daughter

While strolling, he had unwittingly reached an abandoned school building. Since the walk had tired him out, Joseph wanted to rest for a while in this quiet area.

It was at this moment that he suddenly heard strange noises coming from the abandoned school building.

Joseph was an inquisitive person. Since he was a kid, he had loved Huaxias martial arts movies. He liked the strong kung fu skills that the main characters had and all the dangers they faced. He especially liked the scenes where the main characters dropped down cliffs and had fortuitous encounters.

After quietly walking up to the abandoned school building, he saw it. The scene he desired in his dreams!

A young man was currently practising his punches in the wide area of the school building. His sweat rained down like bullets, and he didnt seem to have noticed his arrival. It was as if he was in his own world, and there was only him and that magical fist technique in that world!

Yes, a magical fist technique!

When those slender fists struck out, a distinct blast sounded in the air. Pow pow pow!

Every punch had the might to crush steel and split rocks!

The young mans footwork was even more exquisite. Joseph could feel both agility and heaviness from the young mans movements, yet they blended together seamlessly.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

Oh, Chinese Kung Fu!(In english) Joseph secretly gasped.

This was the real Chinese Kung Fu, unlike those shown in movies!