Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Secret Martial Arts Technique
Chapter 105: Secret Martial Arts Technique

Joseph put his hands together to pray. God, thank you for fulfilling my wish.

Thirty years ago, when he was still a teenager, he loved watching Wuxia films. After the film, he would constantly pray to God, hoping for a chance to have the eye-opening experience of seeing authentic Chinese Kung Fu, like moving without a trace or punching a fluttering golden dragon out of the sky!

For this one request, he had begged for more than ten years!

That was a true manifestation of perseverance and determination. Every night he dreamed about falling off a cliff and returning with miraculous powers. Every night he dreamed about entering a mountain and inheriting an old, white-haired elders tremendous power. Every night he would have dreams just like this.

Unfortunately, God was very busy and never noticed his small request.

Now, twenty years later, his daughter had already grown into a beautiful young lady and he had nearly forgotten his old wish. But at this moment, God finally noticed his wish; God had noticed his ten years of bitter begging.

Since it was very rude to disturb a training martial artist in wuxia films, Joseph did not disturb Song Shuhang.

Instead, he sat on the side to silently watch Song Shuhang finish his fist technique.

In fact, the moment the foreigner entered the abandoned classroom, Shuhang had already noticed him.

However, he was almost finished with a cycle of the <>. If he suddenly stopped training, the effects of the Qi and Blood pill and the effort he put into practicing would all go down the drain.

In any case, it was impossible for the foreigner to secretly learn this technique. As long as he didnt take out his phone and start taking pictures, it would be best to endure.

He had already received remarkable benefits from cultivating ever since noon. He had already taken his second Qi and Blood Pill and was currently on his seventh round of the <>.

En, while using the Qi and Blood Pill I can practice each set even longer than I expected

After finishing the last two moves, he sat down and started using the <>.

I cant believe I was still discovered even after hiding myself in such a remote school building. Seems like I will have to find a new cultivating area.

After sending the qi and blood into the heart acupoint, Shuhang finally finished his training and began to slowly open his eyes.

Right after his eyes had opened, he noticed a tall foreigner squatting not too far in front of him with a fawning expression. Shuhang felt his fist become restless; he had an urge to punch him!

Great master, have you finished practicing? The fawning foreigner greeted him in awkward Chinese.

The corner of Song Shuhangs mouth twitched as he waved his hand, Hello.

Great Master, can you teach me Chinese Kung Fu? The foreigner asked expectantly while also striking Huang Feihongs classic wuxia pose. Since his childhood, he had always dreamed of leaping onto roofs, jumping over walls, and using nunchucks like real Chinese Kung Fu!

. Song Shuhang massaged his temples. As a newbie, how did he have the qualifications to teach others? Furthermore, he didnt even have the copyrights to teach the <> to his own birth parents, so how could he start teaching foreigners?

He found a random excuse, Sorry. My familys martial arts cannot be taught to outsiders.

I can be your disciple! If that doesnt work I am willing to join your family tree! I at least understand Chinese customs to this extent. The foreigner seriously tried to win him over. In order to learn martial arts, he had become pretty desperate.

You want to enter my family tree? Too bad! I am unwilling to let you! Song Shuhang sighed, Sorry, I do not have the qualifications to receive you as a disciple.

Sire, you can just take me in as a disciple in name. After that you can first teach me an incomplete technique! What do you think? The foreigner said, unwilling to give up.

Impossible, even if its just a disciple in name, I still do not have the qualifications! Song Shuhang flatly rejected.

However, the foreigner was still unwilling to give up.

Chinese Kung Fu! Genuine Chinese Kung Fu! Chinese Kung Fu that can produce explosions just from a punch to the air!

How can I possibly give up? This has been my dream since childhood!

This was a middle-aged foreigner obsessed with Chinese wuxia films.

He had spiraled into such an extreme obsession towards Kung Fu. Even if he could only learn some fragments of martial arts from this master, he would still be content! At the very least, he needed learn something, otherwise he would have regrets for the rest of his life!

Song Shuhang never would have imagined that, in the end, he would change Josephs name to Mo Bosang and take him in as a disciple in name.

On this day, Song Shuhang had finally experienced the true horror of a stalker. If the stalker was a pretty lady, then whatever. However, it just had to be some middle-aged uncle that wasnt even a bit attractive.

In the end, Song Shuhang seriously taught Joseph a secret martial arts technique called << Mainstream Summoning Technique>>.

Perhaps most of you have not heard of this name, but that is because it actually has another name.

Many, many years ago, it was called the Second Set of Broadcast Gymnastics by Huaxia middle school students

Broadcast gymnastics:

Following the morning broadcast, the middle and primary school students, regardless of the burning heat or the freezing cold, would have to leave the classrooms, line up in the sports field, and exercise according to the sound of the broadcast.

Surprisingly, this set of broadcast gymnastics actually had a hint of martial arts to it.

One two three four five six seven eight, two two three four five six seven eight. Four two three four five six seven eight! Great! Do it again! Everyone follow the beat; your rhythm and posture must be correct! One two three four five six seven eight. Song Shuhang shouted the beat while also displaying the correct forms to the entire <>!

<>: Famous broadcast gymnastics routine

Joseph acted as if he had received the most precious treasure. and followed Song Shuhangs posture from start to finish.

His comprehension was not bad! After only going through it twice, he could already imitate the form!

This set of secret techniques is for building your foundations. You must practice it every day when you get back. Only when you start feeling a warm stream of qi circulating within your body can you be considered a cultivator. Song Shuhang seriously faced his disciple and said.

This broadcast gymnastics thing is quite useful in improving your health, but dont even think about becoming a martial arts master.

Yes, Master! I will definitely do this thirty times a day! Josephs eyes shined as he shouted.

Thir thirty times? This guy really is tenacious.

*Cough* *Cough!* Song Shuhang couldnt help but clear his throat while patting his disciples shoulder, Practice hard and show me your value!

Then, with his two hands behind his back, Song Shuhang swaggered out of the abandoned school building as if he was some great scholar!

Behind him, Joseph could only force himself to nod with eyes full of emotion.

Will there be a day when I can punch the air and create explosive sounds like my master?

I really cant wait!

Ohoho, feels like my body is still empty. Lets do it again! One two three four five six seven eight two two three four five six seven eight! Joseph started seriously practicing this set of secret martial arts technique again. In his heart, he was already fantasizing about the day he would become a martial arts expert.

For a promising future!

Unfortunately, his promising future was only visible when pressed against a glass wall because in reality, there was no way there.

After Song Shuhang left the abandoned classroom, he secretly wiped his sweat, I have seen stalkers, but not stalkers like this. Luckily, when I was small, I seriously learned broadcast gymnastics; otherwise I would have had nothing to teach him.

Hehe Little Shuhang, I would never have thought that you would have a crafty side too. At this moment, Jiang Ziyan quietly appeared besides Song Shuhang and laughed evilly.

Miss Ziyan, how come you are here? Song Shuhang noticed that even after entering the alertness state, he still couldnt feel the approaching Jiang Ziyan.

These seniors, they are completely unfathomable.

Heehee, I am only helping Medicine Master send you some things. He is busy with important matters and wont be back for a couple of days. So, you can go ahead and get a few days of rest. Jiang Ziyan took out an iron fan and gave it to Song Shuhang.

What is this? Song Shuhang took the iron fan. My God, its so heavy!

A fire manipulation artifact. Didnt Medicine Master tell you he would give you one so you could familiarize yourself? Jiang Ziyan picked her eyebrows and replied with a laugh.

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