Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 107

Chapter 107 A Mournful Ghosts Wail
Chapter 107: A Mournful Ghosts Wail

Priestess Xuanxuans female disciple was rather dazed from head to toe as a result of losing too many memories Although, she had been a very absent-minded person to begin with.

Still, that mysterious island is really weird. Please relax, my friends. When my disciple brings some talismans and apparatus over, I will carefully diagnose the two of you again, Medicine Master could only console the other party.

Now, one could only hope that the memory loss from the mysterious island would not cause any side effects to the cultivators.

Priestess Xuanxuan and Priest Kunyi were both cultivators of the 5th stage Spirit Emperor realm, existences who were able to create gold dust. This realm was known amongst some ancient sects as Golden Dust Cultivators, and the first such golden dust cultivator was the True Authority Elder of said sect.

The ability to secretly wipe the memories of two 5th stage Spirit Emperor cultivators was no small feat.

Could it be a large-scale illusion that messed with the memories of his two cultivator friends? Or was it a direct effect of being hit on the head by the islands monsters?

The cure to a problem like memory loss is challenging, especially a cultivators memory loss. Even Medicine Master did not have enough confidence to help these cultivator friends recover their memories.

In addition if this was just an accidental memory loss, that was still fine. What would be really bad was if these two cultivator friends saw some forbidden things on the mysterious island, causing some powerful existence on the island to take action and seal their memories. If that was the case, then recovering those memories would be extraordinarily difficult.

At this point, Medicine Master could only do his best.

Jiangnan University Town cafeteria.

Li Yangde was dispiritedly shovelling rice into his mouth. That mornings 100 meter race had consumed an excessive amount of his physical and spiritual energy that he had yet to recover from. Especially his spiritual energy, so much had been used!

Tubo tapped at his phone with a passion as he ate. Who knows what game he was playing.

As for Gao Moumou, he had yet to return after being pulled away by Zhuge Zhongyang. He had said that he needed to help Zhuge Zhongyang find a home and then needed to plan meetings with all his fiancee candidates or something. This was something that required extensive planning so for the next few days, Gao Moumou would certainly be relentlessly bothered by this ** Zhuge Zhongyang.

Right. Tubo, Yangde, do you two want to learn to drive with me? Song Shuhang asked casually.

Learning to drive just by his lonesome self was very boring especially the practical lessons later on. The instructor had more than one student.

With four or five people taking turns, one person could only study for an hour each afternoon. If he did not find someone to talk to for the remaining three or four hours, he could only sit there blankly.

Ill pass. Ill find some time to learn when its closer to our graduation. Ive been pretty busy recently. Li Yangde adjusted his glasses. The small programme that he had developed with some other people had received high praise within the industry, causing his business to blow up suddenly.

Shuhang, youre going to learn to drive? Tubo asked.

Yeah, Ive already more or less mastered the theoretical parts. I was preparing to sign up sometime these few days, Shuhang replied.

Done! Call me when youre going to learn. Ill come with you. Anyway, Ive had so much free time recently, Tubo laughed loudly Learning to drive would come to him at the snap of his fingers.

This was because that he had already learned to drive two years ago. If he hadnt been underage then, he would have received his license a long time ago.

Then, lets go tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day of the sports festival. We all dont have any events left so lets go sign up, then find some time to pass theory part 1 first, Song Shuhang confirmed the date and replied.

Who knew when White True Monarch would arrive so he had better get his license as soon as possible to prepare himself. He had 24 Qi and Blood Pills left. If he consumed 3 a day, he could use them for 8 days.

Cool, no problem, Tubo nodded.

8th June, 7pm.

Song Shuhang came alone to the house Medicine Master had bought.

Medicine Master and Jiang Ziyan were both not there so it was a perfect place for him to test the capabilities of the Three Star Imperial Fire Fan.

A small wave of anticipation rose in his heart.

Although this thing needed to be charged, it was still a true and genuine artifact! In a bit, he would attempt to use this artifact by himself without anyones supervision. Would it be dangerous?

But when he pulled out that piece of A4 instruction manual and scanned it from top to bottom once, the little thread of anticipation and anxiety was instantly tossed a hundred thousand miles away!

Its really just an idiots way of activation! No wonder Miss Ziyan was so relaxed about letting me self-study!

The contents of the entire piece of A4 paper could be summarised in three points!

There were three star-shaped markings on the side of the Three Star Imperial Fire Fan. These three markings were precisely used to operate the fan.

Pressing the red star-shaped marking could increase the intensity of the flames there were a total of six levels of intensity.

Pressing the blue star-shaped marking could decrease the intensity of the flames

And the final jade star-coloured marking was a battery indicator. The depth of the colour reflected how much energy was remaining. Conveniently, pressing down on this marking could also switch the Three Star Imperial Fire Fan on and off a two-in-one function, how fantastically futuristic.

Overall, this was approximately what the instruction manual spoke of.

Did this perhaps sound very familiar?

That was because every electrical appliance in a modern house possessed similar capabilities! Increasing or decreasing temperature levels, switching the power source on and off. Even an idiot could master it after using a few times!

This is the illegal technology of the cultivation world? Song Shuhang muttered weakly.

No matter a black cat or white cat, if it can catch mice, it is a good cat!

No matter illegal technology or legal technology, if it is effective, it is a piece of good technology!

Pull yourself together, Song Shuhang! Even if it is a simplistic imperial fire fan that requires charging, its still a treasure! Dont give up! Song Shuhang gave himself a pep-talk.

After that, he found a room on the second storey that had to be renovated and dumped a pile of non-smoke charcoal from his backpack.

This was the fuel he had found specially for testing the Three Star Imperial Fire Fan.

After igniting the charcoal with waste paper, Shuhang opened the Three Star Imperial Fire Fan, pressed down on the red star-shaped marking and waved it gently.

Hongg! What had originally been a small lick of flame suddenly exploded in volume, immediately engulfing the entire pile of charcoal blocks and starting to burn brightly.

Unexpectedly, it was pretty powerful!

Song Shuhang continued to press the red star-shaped marking and waved the fan again.

This time, the flames shot skywards, directly reaching a height of more than a meter as they raced towards the ceiling.

Song Shuhang was shocked speechless before he rushed to press the blue star-shaped marking and fanned vigorously to reduce the strength of the fire.

Following this wave of the fan, the soaring flames defied common sense as they quickly shrunk into a size that could be covered by the charcoal.

Fire-controlling artifacts are truly worthy of their fire-controlling name! Such power!

Song Shuhangs eyes glittered. Even if it required charging, even if it was so simplistic it could be used by an idiot, it was still completely qualified as an artifact!

But increasing the intensity of the flames just twice on a small pile of charcoal had nearly torched the ceiling of the house. If he strengthened the flames six times, wouldnt the entire building be burnt down?

Moreover with this artifact, if he encountered a catastrophic fire, could he compress the size of the fire with by just pressing the blue marking and gently wave the fan?

A mere basic artifact could already produce such formidable power.

Then what kind of inconceivable might would real superior artifacts or master cultivators treasures possess?

While the charcoal had yet to be burnt clean, Shuhang tested the functions of the Three Star Imperial Fire Fan several once times.

However, he was limited to using the strengthening function twice. If he wanted to understand the maximum power output of the Three Star Imperial Fire Fan, he would have to find some other place to try it out. If he used it here, Medicine Master would return to witness the scene of a fiery disaster.

Then, seeing that it was still early, Song Shuhang used a Qi and Blood Pill to cultivate three cycles of the .

He continued this until 9pm before he finally emerged from Medicine Masters building to return his dorm in Jiangnan University town.

As Shuhang walked, he entered a stretch of unpopulated alley. Suddenly his vision was swathed in darkness!

Immediately after, a mournful ghostly wail began to resonate beside his ear.

That voice was filled with bitter resentment and endless hatred