Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Altar Masters Vengeful Ghost
Chapter 108: Altar Masters Vengeful Ghost?

Song Shuhang did not panic as he used to scatter his spiritual energy so he could scout the area. In circumstances where he couldnt see, he could fall back on the spiritual energy scouting technique he had dabbled in to avoid sinking into complete helplessness.

At the same time, he quickly reached into his pockets with both hands. With his left hand, he pinched a sword talisman and with his right hand he pinched an exorcism talisman. Ever since that bizarre dream the day before, he had carried these two precious talismans around just in case.

Even if I never enter the cycle of reincarnation and stay as a ghost forever I will demand your death for an eternity! An overflowing torrent of hatred surged towards Song Shuhang, causing the hairs on his body to stand up involuntarily.

No doubt, this was Altar Masters voice!

Had his hatred and curses before his death caused Altar Master to transform into an immortal ghost thirsting after his life?

What a joke. He hadnt even been afraid when Altar Master was alive; how could he be scared of the dead Altar Master?

Since its a vengeful immortal ghost Dispel! Song Shuhang raised the exorcism talisman and shouted steadily. The frantic spiritual energy morphed into a hurricane that swept across the area in a 10 mile radius from him.

Within this hurricane of spiritual energy, all impure ghostly existences and demonic energy would be torn into shreds by the power of the maelstrom. Complete obliteration!

The darkness that had been covering Song Shuhangs eyes vanished like smoke, along with the hateful cries of Altar Master.

When Song Shuhangs vision was restored, he saw a ghostly humanoid figure floating five meters directly above him that looked exactly like Altar Master. The howling winds of the hurricane rolled past this ghostly body but the ghost was actually unharmed!

One must know that the power contained in this exorcism talisman could easily tear apart a demon of 2nd Stage True Master realm!

It endured the exorcism tooth talisman head on? Song Shuhang hurriedly grabbed the sword talisman, covertly sealing the Altar Masters ghost.

At that moment, Altar Masters ghost opened its eyes. Its eye sockets were empty holes; its face was expressionless it was completely devoid of any sentience.

After the hurricane of spiritual energy dispersed, Altar Masters ghost was no longer restricted. With a sharp wail, it extended its hands that were curled into claws and pounced towards Song Shuhang. This assault was akin to the strike of a wild beast, completely unpredictable.

Foundation Building Fist Technique 3! Song Shuhang pinched the sword talisman and maintained a battle-ready stance. He curled his other hand into a dragons claw and struck the sharp claws of Altar Master directly.

He did not use the sword talisman straight away in his scouting state, he saw that the Altar Masters ghost was in a rather strange condition.

Peng peng!

As the claws of a ghost and a human collided, there was a heavy crash. Song Shuhang could not help but take two steps back.

And Altar Masters ghost similarly somersaulted backwards three times before steadying its form.

So weak! Song Shuhang understood. Altar Masters ghost was still a newborn and thus extremely weak! Its potential was comparable to back when he was opening his heart acupoint under the hundred days of foundation building. In fact it was weaker!

More importantly, Altar Masters ghost did not seem to possess a mind. It could only attack him using its instincts, just like a wild animal.

Chiiiii! Altar Master released a piercing shriek and rushed towards Song Shuhang again. Its attack was the same as the one just now as it swiped at him with another ghost claw.

Foundation Building First Technique 1! This time Song Shuhang chose to meet the claw with his fist. His right fist shot outwards like a bullet. Simultaneously, he silently recited the Fist Scripture Chant.

After practising it so many times, he had long since been able to effortlessly incorporate the Fist Scripture Chant into his fighting technique.

As his fist exploded outwards, all of the natures spiritual energy around him was drawn towards him and compressed on top of his fist.

Since he had already cultivated three rounds at Medicine Masters residence, his bodys vitality, Qi and spirit were all near depletion. Nonetheless, since he had absorbed the natural spiritual energy of his surroundings, executing a technique or two was no problem.


As claw and fist collided, this time, Altar Masters ghosts entire hand was shattered by Song Shuhang, dissolving into particles and scattering into space.

However, Altar Masters ghost was completely incapable to feeling pain. Its broken claw did not affect it one bit. Moreover, the shattered ghost claw had, on the contrary, resisted the force behind Song Shuhangs fist!

Altar Masters ghost screeched and seized the opportunity to throw itself at Song Shuhangs body. Opening its mouth revealed sharp ghostly teeth that it used to bite at Song Shuhangs neck. If this bite connected, a large hole would definitely be torn on his neck.

If that moment came, headlines along the line of Frightening! Man Encounters Apocalyptic Dead Body! would probably appear on the news the next day.

My combat experience is completely insufficient Ultimately, practising my techniques on ordinary goons is different from a battle between cultivators, Song Shuhang sighed below his breath.

It was clear that Altar Masters newborn ghost was much weaker than himself but its berserk assault had easily forced him into dire straits.

Armour! he shouted evenly as the precious talisman he raised with his other hand began to glow.


Altar Master bit onto a thin layer of light armour but was unable to break this layer of armour with its teeth. Instead, its mouthful sharp teeth had collapsed from the impact.

However Altar Masters ghost possessed no consciousness. It continued to cling onto Song Shuhangs body, relentlessly gnawing on the light armour around his neck like a rabid dog.

Its over, Song Shuhang voiced soft. Foundation Building Fist Technique 2!

Fists like a shooting stars, every fist was imbued with natural spiritual energy. In the blink of an eye, more than twenty fists smashed into Altar Masters ghost.

Altar Masters ghost was fundamentally incapable of evasion as it ate all twenty fists like a target board. Its body was instantly pounded into bits and pieces before slowly dissolving into particles.

Even at the last moment before its body completely dissolved, it was still ferociously and doggedly gnawing on the light armour that covered the exterior of Song Shuhangs body

The light armour sparkled slightly but remained intact.

Not even the pinnacle of the Altar Masters assault back when he was alive had broken through the defense of this armour talisman, not to mention the ghost that was formed from the hatred and curses leftover from his death.

Song Shuhang exhaled a mouthful of stale air as he stood silently for a brief moment.

Then, he took a deep breath and proceeded forward towards Jiangnan University town without even a second glance back.

This time Altar Master must be well and truly dead, right? Without even a ghost left, theres no way that Altar Master will scamper here to find him again, right?

None of his roommates had come back yet. It seemed like they had no plans to return for the day.

Song Shuhang switched on his computer and by force of habit, logged on to the Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group.

The groupchat had been very busy today.

Shuhang scrolled up through the chat history.

First, it had been Medicine Master who had logged on and drew out the subject of discussion. In this group, who has recently searched for that mysterious floating island above the East China Sea?

I was just about to head over. Has anything happened? North River Loose Practitioner replied. Previously, he had been the one who had organised group members to find the mysterious island and investigate it thoroughly.

On my way to the East China Sea right now, A senior with the ID Ancient Lakeview True Monarch smiled and replied.

To be able to use True Monarch as an username suffix, this was a 6th Stage Spirit Monarch in the same realm as White True Monarch! But his status in the chat was similar to North River True Practitioner etc. since he had only broke through the 5th Stage and squeezed into the 6th Stage about ten years ago.

Ancient Lake, youre also going over for fun? Ive already reached the vicinity of the East China Sea but havent found the mysterious island yet. Lets meet up after you reach, ok? Mad Saber Three Waves immediately responded.

Drunk Moon Resident Scholar surfaced, smiling, Three Waves bro, didnt you go into seclusion?

Hahaha, arent I out of seclusion again? Mad Saber Three Waves laughed the task of receiving White True Monarch had been pawned off to little friend Song Shuhang, why the hell would he still be in seclusion?

Drunk Moon Resident Scholar posted a smiley face before submerging.

Medicine Masters specialty of slow typing showed itself again. Only after a long round of boasts from a bunch of seniors did he upload a second message, That mysterious floating island is very odd I have two cultivator friends and their disciples here who just exited the island. But, theyve lost all their memories about what happened there with the exception of one disciple who remembers fragments of his experiences, but his memory isnt intact either. So before you all step onto the island, please be absolutely prepared.