Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 111

Chapter 111 The Robbed Delivery
Chapter 111-The Robbed Delivery

And then, Song Shuhang felt the world become black, and even his consciousness became hazy.

He was whacked by the uncle? To think that he and the uncle had the same thoughts.

That wasnt rightAn untrained ordinary person, could strike out with punch so fast that even he couldnt notice it? And the force behind this punch was making his head hurt alot.

An expert?

Not good, Im about to faintIm really going to faint

This was Song Shuhangs final thoughts before fainting.

At the side, the uncle coldly smiled. Under the shock of the surrounding crowd, he left with large steps. Song Shuhang was left unconscious on the ground, unresponsive to the world.

The surrounding crowd had originally thought this uncle and youth were acquaintances who hadnt met for a long time, which was why this young man had dashed forward to passionately hug the other party. Unexpectedly, before the youth had reached, the uncle had heartlessly sent a punch flying out, knocking him out clean.

What was news? This was news!

Many people quickly took out their phones, and took their photos, spreading this matter to their circle of friends.

Tonights incident of The Uncle of Luoxin Street defeats youth with one punch would definitely spread far and wide. It could be expected that many would praise the fighting prowess of this uncle.

As for the youth, Song Shuhang, he was of course fated to just be a supporting character to the domineering might of the uncle.

Sometime later, after making a full round inside a shop, Tubo came out from it. However, he still had not found Song Shuhang.

He was finally able to, with great difficulty, find the Song Shuhang who was lying crumpled on the street and surrounded by a crowd.
Tubo was frightened.

He quickly threw down all the stuff he had bought, and began to wildly shake Song Shuhang upon grabbing him. Errwould everyone not learn from Tubos actions. Dont immediately go and wildly shake someone, just because you saw them fainted on the street. It was still fine if it was a friend, but if it was someone you didnt know, you may even have to pay medical bills.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes in a dazed manner, and then saw the spectators who had filled up a street and the concerned Tubo.

After thinking through the cause and effect Its impossible! Arrrgh I really want to die!

It really was too unfortunate to make such an error of judgement. That idiotic uncle was actually an expert in the end. With that one fist, normal people would probably faint for a day and night. Fortunately his body was quite strong, which was why he could wake up so quickly.

Tubo exhaled in relief after seeing Song Shuhang wake up. You scared me to death. Shuhang didnt you say you had run into someone you know? How did you ended up fainted on the ground?

Lets not dwell on the past, its a bit uncomfortable to think about. Song Shuhang picked himself up from the ground, dusting his butt off.

The gazes of the surrounding crowd were filled with curiosity, like they were waiting for an explanation on what had happened from Song Shuhang.

The Song Shuhang as of now really wanted to say to the surrounding spectators, the crowd who was taking pictures, Sorry, were filming a show now!

It was a pity his skin wasnt thick enough to say out this kind of blatant lie.

Well talk as we go. He pulled Tubo out of the crowd, bringing along the large amount of snacks that Tubo had bought.

On the way, Tubo still had some worry, What exactly happened? Do we need to go your big sister Zhou Yaya for a check-up?

No need, theres definitely no need. Song Shuhang hurriedly put a stop to this.

It wasnt because he was afraid of a scolding. But, if she were to find out he got one punch KOed by this idiotic uncle who mistook him for a scammer, she would definitely use all sorts of methods to make fun of him for over a month. If that happened, he really couldnt live on!

Then you have to tell me, how did you faint? Tubo still had some worry in his heart.

Didnt I meet someone I was familiar with before? That person has some misunderstandings towards me. Song Shuhang grit his teeth. I hadnt even had a chance to explain myself, before he viciously sent a punch flying out. After that, I unknowingly fainted.

Half suspicious, half believing, Tubo nodded his head. Come to think of it, would one punch even make you faint onto the ground? Song Shuhang wouldnt be lying right? Does he think this is some kind of wuxia show?

Tubo had been in no small number of fights since young. Being sent flying to the door immediately had happened before, but he had never fainted after just one punch.

As soon as he thought so, his phone began to ring.

Tubo opened it, but it was just Gao Momo sending a message through a chatting software. Tubo, where are you? Arent you out with Ah Hang registering for driving lessons? How did Ah Hang end up fainting on the ground after one punch from an uncle?

Below, there was even a news link.

The accompanying photo was Song Shuhang crumpled on the ground, with an uncle coolly leaving the place with the airs of a king. There was even text describing the whole process of how the uncle knocked out the passionate youth with one punch.

My god, you really were knocked out by one punch! Tubo said.
Song Shuhang hurriedly turned his head to see, and saw the image of himself crumpled on the ground.

He was finished. He had really become famous now.

Song Shuhangs chosen tactic was to cover his face and no longer look straight, as just covering his face was no longer enough to show his pain.
How unfortunate ah!!

On the other side.

Jiangnan areas No.4 Peoples Hospital, a quiet single person ward.
Sima Jiangs face was dark. Leaning on the sickbed, his head was wrapped thickly with bandages.

At his side were four men with serious expressions in western suits, not saying a word.

Has that thief been found? Sima Jiang said coldly, his tone suppressing rage like that of a volcano!

Thats right, he was robbed

Some bastard who had a lot of guts had dared to do a highway robbery on him!
The incident had happened yesterday afternoon, after he had happily received Song Shuhangs delivery.

Then, he had driven to the delivery point in the Jiangnan area. On the way, a man driving a motorcycle had chased up to his car, before inserting itself right in front of him.

Then, that motorcyclist had after driving in front of him for a while, had suddenly braked.

The man had jumped out from his motorcycle, jumping far away.
Sima Jiang hadnt had time to avoid, and could only crash into the motorcycle, and was forced to brake.

And right when he had stopped, that man had used some unknown methods to force open his car door. A stick in hand, the man had used the stick to whack him on the head, causing him to faint.

Then. That man had snatched away the sole delivery on his car.
This matter, Sima Jiang was still too embarrassed to call Song Shuhang and tell him about it.

Confidently saying that he would deliver the package to the customer, and in the end getting robbed immediately after stepping outhis face had really been slapped completely!

Before catching that damnable bastard who robbed him, how could he make an account to Song Shuhang?

No matter what that delivery had inside, and no matter whether that motorcyclist had already harboured bad intentions on this delivery package, or had just happened to want to rob a delivery car, then happened to take the package.

Anyways, as he was the one who lost it, he needed to get it back!
Yes, weve already found the other party. A man in a western suit said deeply. In this technological age, it wasnt that hard to find someone if you truly wanted to.

This culprit, had he really thought that just because there wasnt any cameras around there wouldnt be any way see his robbery? Too naive!
As long as he had the money, even if the culprit was doing his big business in the toilet, he could find out!

Work with the police, and quickly catch this thief. Bring him before me. After thinking, he added. Be careful while catching him. He isnt just any ordinary person.

He himself also had quite a strong body, and knew some capturing methods. But as soon as that thief had swung his stick, he couldnt even resist and had been knocked out in one strike.

And when he had jumped off that motorcycle, it had been done stably, which showed he had some foundations.

Tell me after you catch that bastard. So saying, Sima Jiang leaned on the bed to recuperate.

After catching those robbersthen Ill make a call to Song Shuhang.
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