Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Capturing The Culprit
Chapter 112-Capturing the Culprit
The culprit who had snatched the delivery was really in the toilet when he was caught!

At that time, the thief had been singing while he had been sitting in the toilet in a rented apartment. Suddenly, a group of armed policeman broke through the door, quickly surrounding the toilet of the small apartment room.

With this lineup and equipment, those unaware of the circumstances may have thought the police were about to catch an internationally wanted criminal. No one would have thought thatthis was all just to catch a delivery package thief!

Outside the small window of the toilet, there was even a bunch of muscular men wearing suits and shades. They were expressionless, and were unbelievably cool.

When the toilet door was opened, the thief was still trying to furiously wipe his butt.

I saypolice, what are you trying to play at. The thief had a composed look on him, releasing a thick smell of old youtiao1.

Youre being arrested, come with us for a trip. This is the arrest warrant. One of the policeman said coldly, while at the same time taking out handcuffs, and then looking with some disgust at the thiefs hand which had just wiped his butt clean.

Arrest? Why? I havent committed any crimes, have I? The thief said stubbornly.

Yesterday afternoon, you blocked a delivery car, injured a deliveryman, and snatched a delivery package. Did you think that just because there wasnt any cameras there, it wouldnt be possible to see you? The policeman laughed coldly.

If it had just been an ordinary delivery car, or just one package robbed, the police wouldnt have sent out such a line up. The problem was, the one who had been robbed was one of the local hegemons who had a lot of face. The other side had money, and even their power wasnt so bad. You didnt just rob this kind of people, but even whacked them on the head with a stick. Did you really naively think you could escape?

Obediently follow us, and return all the things you stole, and your coming days in jail may be more comfortable. The policeman took a step forward, and gestured for the thief to extend his two hands.

The thiefs facial colour changedjust thinking of that delivery made his heart hurt.

He had originally come on the orders of the higher ups of the Moonsabre Sect, tasked to come to Jiangnan University City to keep watch on a Su Clan descendant. These kind of tough errands, surveillance missions, would only be passed on to Outer Sects disciples like him.

As an outer sect disciple, his strength wasnt great, and could only reach Rank 1 Second Eye Acupoint.

So that he wouldnt lose track of the Su Clan descendant, the sect had given him a one time use treasure talisman.

It was a treasure talisman in the form of a red paper, and when stuck on the body, it could allow the sensing of magical treasure auras above Rank 3 within 800 metres. Its usage time was one week.

In the Jiangnan University City area, only the Su Clan descendant would have magical treasures above Rank 3. So as long as he relied on this talisman, he could always lock onto the position of the Su Clan descendant.

But yesterday, as he was keeping tabs on that Su Clan descendant, he had sensed a magical treasure of above Rank 3 from the delivery car!

His first thought had been that the Su Clan descendant had brought yet another magical treasure, and set out with it on a delivery car.

So he had immediately chased after.

But after following for a while, he had realized the car only had a deliveryman, with no sign of the Su Clan descendant.

It was only a normal deliveryman? But he was carrying a high grade magical treasure!

His heart began to stir.

If this wasnt a heaven sent chance, then what was?

Immediately, evil thoughts began to form in his heart, and he found a chance to use a rod to knock out the deliveryman, before snatching away magical treasure in the parcel.

When he finally opened the package, he discovered what was inside was actually a godly invisible sword!

Naked eyes couldnt see it, and not even him who had opened his Eye Acupoint could see it. He wouldnt be able to even sense its aura without the treasure seal!

But it was something real that could be touched, and was something that could chop steel like it was dry wood.

At that time he had been unbelievably happy.

But at this time, the senior apprentice brother who had taken on this Su clan descendant surveillance mission had come over.

This senior apprentice brother was an Inner Sect disciple of the Moonsabre Sect, an elite figure. This senior apprentice brother coming together this time was in truth just to steal credit. All the dirty matters would be done by the pitiful him, while this senior apprentice brother would claim most of the credit for the results.

This senior apprentice brother had viciously scolded him for his dereliction of his duty, for not keeping track of the Su Clan descendant during his shift.

Thenduring the scolding, senior apprentice brother had discovered he was holding something in his hand.

And then this invisible treasure sword which hadnt even been warmed up by him yet, was thus seized by senior apprentice brother. And he even sprouted some lines about gifting it to Sect Leader?

If not for senior apprentice brother having Rank 2 strength, he would have fought him to the death there and then!

He had originally thought that this invisible treasure sword being snatched away was already unlucky enough. But the matter wasnt over yet. The treasure was taken away, but he was still the one who had to clean up the mess left behind in the end!

I cant be taken away by the police. If Im locked away without having completed the mission left by the Sect Leader, I may really have to serve the full sentence. He gritted his teeth.

And when the dirty goods had been taken away, how long would the him who couldnt hand back the goods be locked away for?

Thinking to this point, he pulled up his pants, and stood up, kicking towards the police! He still had a chance to escape, as long as he could kick these police away. He could use the window of time while the police outside were stunned, and squeeze out through the blockade using the strength of his body.

Whatever the case he was still a Rank 1 cultivator, and with one kick, the policeman in front was unable to resist, and were knocked away to the walls.

Assaulting the police! Before falling, that policeman grabbed his chest, shouting.

Assaulting the police in China wasnt a matter to play around withif the situation was serious, the police could fire back with their guns!

When the policeman in front had just fallen down, the policeman behind actually all raised up their guns together and pointed them at him. It was obvious they had long since been prepared. They werent flustered at all, and it was even possible they had actually just been waiting for the thief to make a move!

The thief immediately froze. He was just a cultivator who had opened his Eyes Acupoint, and was only slightly better to the complete rookie Song Shuhang. But he definitely didnt have the capabilities of blocking bullets and knives with his body. A bullet would still open a hole in his body like usual!

With so many bullets, wouldnt he becoming a sieve in the end?

So, he could only obediently raise his hands.

Then, he was handcuffed, and brought to the police station. He was questioned about his name, identity and address etc.

He reported all his legal information truthfully.

After everything was over, he was strangely then loaded onto a car, transported to some unknown place.

On the car, he didnt move as usual.

His entire body was tied up, to the point where he was trussed up like a dumpling. The surrounding four black suited man had traces of unkindness in their eyes, and were staring straight at him.

Jiangnan No.4 Peoples Hospital, a sick ward.

A man in a western suit wearing shades received a phone call, then turned towards Sima Jiang who was lying on the sickbed. Mr Sima, the thief has been caught, and the procedures to bring him out have already been carried out. Hes coming over now.

The convalescing Sima Jiang opened his eyes, nodding. Be more careful on the road. You definitely cant let him run!

Weve already secretly done some tricks on his body. If he dares run, well break both his legs. The man in a suit pushed up his sunglasses, saying blandly.

Then its fine, Ill first make a callYou all go out first. When that fellow comes, then come in and tell me. Sima Jiang said deeply.

Yes. The people in the ward packed up, then left the room.

Sima Jiang took out his handphone, organised what he wanted to say, then called Song Shuhang.

Medicine Masters five floor apartment.

Hi? Is it Little Jiang? Is anything the matter? Song Shuhang said weakly. The current him, had a look of suffering while charging the Tristar Ruleflame Fan.

Haha, student Song Shuhang. Its a slightly embarrassing matter. I have something I need to speak to you about. Sima Jiang continued. Yesterday, I was knocked out by someone, and robbed.

1:Deep fried twisted dough sticks. Personal opinion, tastes good.