Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Temporary Remote Sword Art
Chapter 113- [Temporary Remote Sword Art]

After returning from Luoxin Street and separating from Tubo, Song Shuhang had come to Medicine Masters place to use his free time to rest.

Then, he had received this call from Sima Jiang.

Huh? Where was it stolen? Song Shuhang subconsciously asked.

Soon after receiving your delivery, while on the way to the delivery point, someone blocked my car. I was then knocked out, and your deliverywas stolen by the thief. Sima Jiang said haltingly.

.. Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang really didnt how to put what he wanted to say into words to comfort this pitiful Little Jiang.

Sima Jiangs voice then changed, saying, But dont worry student Song Shuhang! Right just now, we already caught the thief. Were now in the process of bringing him back, and I will definitely get your package back! If you still trust me, then Ill definitely send this package to the end!

The thief was caught?

Although he had already long knew that Little Jiang wasnt just any ordinary deliveryman, but he hadnt expected his abilities to be so great.

Alright. Then Ill have to trouble you for this matter, Little Jiang. Song Shuhang replied.

Sima Jiang exhaled in relief. Then Ill contact you again after Ive retrieved the package.

Alright, no problem. Song Shuhang laughed.

After hanging up, Song Shuhang considered. It would still be best in the end to send a message to Medicine Master, and report what had happened. It wasnt that he didnt trust Sima Jiangit was just that the flying sword was a good Medicine Master borrowed from Great Master Tongxuan. It was best not to hide this kind of thing from the real people involved.

Also, according to Medicine Masters introduction, the flying sword had Great Master Tongxuans insurance measures on it. Even if it was lost, the imprint Great Master Tongxuan had left behind on it could be used to find it.

At the same time, he could ridicule that stupid idea of senior Medicine Master to use a delivery service to return a flying sword!

A long time after his message had been sent out, Song Shuhang finally received the laborious reply of Medicine Master. Little friend Song Shuhang, Ive sent flying swords out using delivery services tens of times and nothing has happened beforeyour luck is just really bad!

Senior Medicine Master, you can just use voice messaging you know. Just thinking of the image of you trying to type, even I feel tired.

But, if speaking of my luck, then it really isnt that good today. Song Shuhang laughed dryly, thinking of that Uncle PKs Youth incident that was trending among circles of friends nowTime to change this topic!

My stomach hurts a lot.

After another long time, Medicine Master replied again. I called Great Master Tongxuan about this matter. That monk is now training silent meditation. Everytime I call theres no sound or reply. I thought I was chatting to the air.

Song Shuhang

Song Shuhang honestly felt that Medicine Master and Great Master Tongxuan were of the same kind. The way the two conversed in the chat group, the people inside the chat group could only rely on mostly guessing.

The worst part was, Medicine Master and Great Master Tongxuan may sometimes only use a single word or emoticon to start a conversation, and the rest would have absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

Perhaps it was because their brainwaves were on a completely different frequency that couldnt be understood by other people?

Shuhang, after a while someone would contact you from Great Master Tongxuans side. After a long while, Medicine Master finally sent another message.

But as soon as his message came, there was immediately someone with the ID Little Monk Threedays who added Song Shuhang as his friend.

This was absolute proof of how slow Medicine Masters typing was.

Song Shuhang accepted the friend request.

Is this fellow Daoist Great Pressure of Mt Books? Your Daoist title is rather strange. Little Monk Threedays asked.

This is just a nicknamejust directly call me Song Shuhang! Song Shuhang felt that it would be best to quickly come up with a Daoist title soon, or else there would no longer be any hope when his Daoist title was recognised as Great Pressure of Mt Books by others.

I heard youre still a student? Then Ill be a bit shameless, and call you junior apprentice brother Shuhang. I am the sixth disciple of Great Master TongxuanMm although Ive already returned to my parents home. Master originally already said that our destiny already came to an end, and kicked me back out to my parents home. You know my Master is a bit of an eccentric, and no one knows how many years he hasnt spoken for already. So, us disciples will take charge whenever theres a need to communicate with anyone. Little Monk Threedays laughed. Right, I have some files to send you, accept it using the chat software.

Whats that? Song Shuhang asked with some doubt.

Its a spiritual energy technique. Using the imprint left behind by Master on the flying sword, it allows the flying sword to be sensed. With your current spiritual energy, you should be able to sense imprints within several tens of metres around you. Accept it, and learn it whenever you are free. Perhaps youll have the opportunity to use it next time. Little Monk Threedays explained.

If that delivery company takes too long to find back the flying sword, this technique may have some use. Mm, if within a month, this flying sword hasnt been found back, then junior apprentice brother contact me again. Ill go there when Im free and help you look for it. Its just a spare flying sword for book delivery anyways. If its lost, at most Master will feel slightly regretful. Theres no need to worry. Little Monk Threedays said as he sent a compressed folder to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang pressed accept.

For minor cultivation techniques where there were no worries if it leaked out, it would all sent out online directly. Only those kind of secret martial arts would be sent out using flying swords.

The compressed folder wasnt that big. Upon accepting it on his phone, it completed downloading within ten seconds.

After opening the folder, three files appeared on his phone.

[Spiritual Imprint Art]

[Imprint Sensing Art]

[Temporary Remote Sword Art]

Why are there so many things? Song Shuhang had some doubts, but still replied Little Monk Threelives, Received.

Confirm it, is there an [Imprint Sensing Art] among them? There are many compressed folders in my computer. Little Monk Threedays said.

Mm, theres an [Imprint Sensing Art]. Song Shuhang confirmed. Then he typed, But theres also a [Spiritual Imprint Art] and.

Before he had even finished typing, Little Monk Threedays had already replied, Good. Then theres no problem. Learn it when youre free, it may be useful. If theres news about the flying sword, notify me. I come online every few days.

Finished, Little Monks Threedays went offline.

And [Temporary Remote Sword Art]. As Song Shuhang finished typing, Little Monk Threedays went offline. He could only bitterly laugh, how could this apprentice brother Threedays be as fleeting as the wind?

He could only send these words offline to Little Monk Threedays.

Then, he opened the three folders.

[Spiritual Imprint Art]..According to the introduction it was a technique a senior with poor memory created.

The trait of poor memory was common among ordinary people, but an anomaly among cultivators. With their brains undergoing enhancements multiple times, basically all of them had good memories.

As for this senior, after tossing something to the side, he would often times forget where he had thrown them to, and waste a lot of time looking for them.

After much headache, he had invented this [Spiritual Imprint Art], and left a spiritual imprint on all his important things. And the [Imprint Sensing Art] was its complementary technique.

This way, no matter where he threw his things to, with a mere sensing he could find it! How convenient!

Later on, this spiritual imprint technique was freely spread by this senior to fellow members of the cultivation world, becoming famous. Slowly, it had become the [Spiritual Imprint Art] of today.

Just like Great Master Tongxuans flying sword, it was paired with a special tracking treasure, and could easily be found no matter where it was in the world.

These two techniques were a set, so apprentice brother Threedays sending them together was understandable. But what was the final [Temporary Remote Sword Art]?

He could understand what a remote sword art was. It should be a technique something similar to flying sword book deliveries, and using flying swords to achieve flight.

But the problem was, did remote sword arts have a division between permanent and temporary?

Harbouring curious feelings, Song Shuhang opened this file.

Even if it was a temporary one, it was still a remote sword art.