Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 114

Chapter 114 So It Was Actually An Experimental Edition
Chapter 114-So it was actually an experimental edition!

Song Shuhang happily opened the last folder, and soon closed it with a look of disappointment.

This set of [Temporary Remote Sword Art] was a failed product from a time where Great Master Tongxun had attempted to lower the rank requirements for arts to remotely control swords.

Later on, the Great Master had altered a bit more, to give disciples the ability to experience remote sword arts earlier.
First, Great Master Tongxuan would put a special formation into a flying sword, thus storing some of his own energy into the flying sword. Then, lower ranked disciples could use a set of activation passwords, incantations or hand seals to temporarily use and experience the wonder of remote sword arts.
But the amount of spiritual energy stored inside was limited, and this [Temporary Remote Sword Art] could not last for long. So it was then called [Temporary Remote Sword Art Experimental Edition].

This set of remotes sword art was really too temporary, and it wouldnt be useful for Song Shuhang even if he learnt it. He just read it from start to finish once, before closing the folder.

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. I already promised to treat Yang De, Tubo and the rest of them Ten Fragrances Fish Head tonight. Theres still six or seven hours left. I can get in a few rounds of cultivation in. Time is money. If you dont work hard during your youth, all you can do when you are old is regret!

For some reason, when starting this round of training of the [Vajra Foundational Fist Technique], that idiotic uncles face kept appearing in front of Song Shuhangs eyes.

So he struck out with more effort for every fist!

When the final set of punches were over, the amount of Qi and blood generated seemed to be greater?

Jiangnan No.4 Peoples Hospital, a sick ward.

Sima Jiang stood up from the sickbed, and lit a cigarette while gazing out of the window.

Mr Sima, weve brought the man. The suited man wearing shades outside the door said.

Sima Jiang grit his teeth. Bring him in.

The door was opened, and a bunch of muscular men brought the heavily trussed up thief into the ward.

Sima Jiang turned his head coldly glaring at the thief. Idiot, remember me?

The thief lifted his head to gaze to look at Sima Jiang, suddenly mischievously laughing. I remember.

Before, facing so many guns, his strength had been insufficient and he could only admit defeat. But now.. This small ward and the bodyguards outside couldnt block him!

To defeat the enemy first capture the king! As long as he could capture the handsome uncle in front of him, he could use him as a hostage to escape.

As for the ropes binding him, how could it actually bind and stop him?

All that could be seen was the thief slightly struggling, and the ropes on him coming off. With a flash of his body, his entire body shot out like an arrow towards Sima Jiang with terrifying speed.

His right hand became a claw, striking towards Sima Jiangs throat, attempting to capture and make him a hostage.

However, upon seeing the thief escaping his bonds, not a single trace of fear appeared in Sima Jiangs eyes.

At the door to the ward, that suited man pushed up his glasses. His right hand lightly pressed a remote control button.

Bang! Bang! Two barely heard blasts sounded out.

The eyes of thief who was in midair widened, and his knee was directly broken, blood flowing continuously.

These were the underhanded preparations Sima Jiangs underlings had done beforehand. Not only could it stop the thief from escaping, it could prevent any accidents.

AHHHHHH Sounds like those of a pig being slaughtered sounded out, and the thief fell down from the air, rolling on the ground in pain.

Sima Jiang nodded his head to give a signal, and two men who looked like doctors went forward, who calmly gave injections and began to dress the wound.

After a long while.

The thief was silently leaning on the wall, staring blankly into space. His legs, broken?

It was over. Everything was over!

Without his legs, what was the point of talking about cultivation?

His life, his everything, was completely over.

Sima Jiang extinguished the cigarette flame. Idiot, not going to continue jumping around already?

The thief had an expression that seemed to lack any life, and he said nothing.

Im too lazy to ask about your name and origin. I just want to ask, the package you stole from my hands, where is it now? Sima Jiang asked.

Ha ha. The thief showed a contemptuous look.

Not saying? I just like stubborn people like you the most! Sima Jiang gave a thumbs up. Then, from who knows where, he took out a steel rod, viciously striking the thiefs head, causing his head to bleed. Ill return this strike to you!

Then youll say everything you know, I promise!

Bring him down, and give him a taste of our methods!

Not even tens minutes later, the thief started to confess.

He confessed very frankly and forthcomingly. It was not because he was scared of the strength of Sima Jiang and the others. He simply wanted revenge!

He gave away the location and completely described the appearance of his senior apprentice brotherall that was left was to wait for Sima Jiang and the others to look for him!

His senior apprentice brother was an Inner Sect disciple of the Moonsabre Sect. With a Rank 2 cultivation, was there anything difficult in capturing ordinary people like these.

And even if senior apprentice brother was plotted against by these ordinary people, and suffered a miserable defeatthat was also something to celebrate joyously!

That bastard, stealing that godly invisible sword of his, and even fakely saying he would gift it to Sect Leader! If he didnt lack the strength, he would have fought him to the death long ago!

Sima Jiangs side and his senior apprentice brother were all targets of his hatred! The two sides biting at each other like dogs was something he would be happy to see! Both sides suffering mutual injuries couldnt be any better.

Naturally, he wouldnt be stupid to the point where he would tell them the identity and high fighting prowess of his senior apprentice brother. He only said that it was an accomplice staying with him, and that the delivery and everything else was with him.

Sima Jiang lit up a fresh cigarette, and viciously inhaled.

I hope that everything you said is the truth. If you dare lie to me, Ill make sure you suffer a fate worse than death! Sima Jiang said viciously. In a lawful society, killing someone was a big no no. After all, they were still good law abiding citizens.

Still, there were more than enough methods to make someone suffer a fate worse than death.

For example, throwing him into a special cell and locking it for a period of time. During this time change his views on romancethen let people line everyday to help him pick up his soap.

Using his description, hunt down his companion! Sima Jiang said quietly.

With such a detailed description, well be able to find this fellows companion by tomorrow latest. Leave it to us. The suited man pushed up his shades, full of confidence.

The faster the better! Sima Jiang nodded.

Hopefully no new problems would crop up..

Nighttime 4:30.

Song Shuhang had practiced seven rounds of the fist arts, and used two Qi and Blood Pills.

The quantity of Qi and Blood pills was getting less and less. However, the amount of Qi and blood in the Heart Acupoint was more and more now. There were about twenty strands of Qi and blood by now.

Now as long as he closed their eyes and paid attention, he would be able to feel that there were warm currents flowing in the Heart Acupoint! Now he just had to wait for the body to condense thirty more strands of Qi and blood, before the body could undergo another qualitative change. At that time, the amount of strands of Qi and Blood that could be formed in a day would become even more.

Seeing that the time was almost up, Shuhang ended his training.

Song Shuhang found a bathroom to take a shower, getting rid of the impurities and sweat formed from the training. He then changed to clothes he had already prepared in the morning.

Then, he ran in one shot to the Ten Fragrances Fish Head, reserving a table.

Yang De, bring Tubo and Gao Moumou to the Ten Fragrances Fish Head in a while. Ive already booked a room, Room 303! Song Shuhang called Yang De.

No problem, well reach soon! Yang De laughed, turning towards his roommates. Its ready, lets go to Ten Fragrances Fish Head. Ah Hang is treating.

Tubo, Gao Moumou and Zhuge Zhongyang were all by his side.

Ah Hang is treating us at the Ten Fragrances Fish Head? Gao Moumou eyes shined, and he took out his phone to dial a number.

Hey, is this Lu Fei? Its me Gao Moumou. Do you still remember Shuhang saying he was going to give a treat at the Ten Fragrances Fish Head? Thats right thats right, youve been invited as well. Could you come over when youre ready? Room? Mm, its Room 303! Gao Moumou pushed up his spectacles, the light of intelligence flashing