Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Could We Just Hold Hands
Chapter 115-Could we just hold hands?

Song Shuhang first ordered the shops specialty of fish head and beef soup as well as about ten dishes. He would let his roommates order the rest when they came.

The prices of this shop were rather value for money Also, he had recently earned some money from defeating that miniboss. He could treat something of this level.

It was just that this room was a bit stuffy. The air conditioner had been on too long, and the air was slightly dry.

Song Shuhang willed it, and adjusted his spiritual energy to slightly release cold air from the Spirit Sealing Ice Pearl. The rooms temperature became more comfortable.

Fifteen minutes later, his three roommates came together to the room with Gao Moumous loli girlfriend. There was also the tag along Zhuge Zhongyang.

Shuhang, I hope you dont mind a few more people. Gao Moumou pushed up his spectacles. Although It doesnt matter even if you mind.

After youve said that much, how am I supposed to respond? Song Shuhang laughed.

NoI was actually hoping youll mind a bit. Itll give me a good excuse to chase away this big bother. Gao Moumou heartlessly pointed at Zhuge Zhongyang.

This big bother was really too much. When he had finally gotten a chance to spend some time with his girlfriend, this fellow had come to be an unwanted third wheel.

Zhuge Zhongyang shook his head. Gao Moumou youre being a tsundere again. How could someone as handsome as me be a big bother?

Gao Moumous face twitched, and ignored this narcissist. He changed the topic, Also, Shuhang. Your big brothers have already helped you invited that little miss Lu Fei.

Huh? Song Shuhang froze.

Tubo patted Song Shuhang, No need to thank us, we can only help you this much. Work hard!

Song Shuhang laughed dryly. I have to thank you guys?

Li Yangde also patted Song Shuhang. Youre welcome. Just treat us at the Ten Fragrances Fish Head when you succeed.

As they were saying so, someone outside the room knocked on the door.

Please enter. Gao Moumou immediately called out, and gave a surreptitious wink to Song Shuhang.

The room door opened, and a girl with a rosy blush on her face and a well-developed body was standing there. She was shyly smiling at everyone. This was indeed that little miss Lu Fei.

She was T-shirt with black and white stripes. Her shorts showed her long legs. Her long hair was done up in a ponytail slanted to the left, the picture of youthful beauty.

Hello everyone! It seems Im the latest person here. She waved towards everyone.

Tubo gazed over, and discovered that this girl was actually alone. This amount of courage was really quite big. Or was it that she had a lot of trust towards Song Shuhang?

We just reached. Everyone here just reached. Come come! Sit down, and wait for the dishes. Gao Moumou enthusiastically waved towards Lu Fei, directing her towards the seat next to Song Shuhang.

Shuhang, good evening. Lu Fei tried her best to sit near Song Shuhang. Sure enough, she could immediately feel that cooling feeling.

Good evening. Song Shuhang smiled warmly.

However, he was sighing internally, he had already understood his roommates intentions in his heart. The unfortunate thing was, he had no time at all recently for a girlfriend. Cultivation was the number one most important thing as of now, and girlfriends or whatnot were temporarily of no interest to him whatsoever.

Come, lets dedicate a toast to Shuhang, the champion of the five kilometre race! Tubo raised his wine cup, and made a hint to Gao Moumou and Yangde.

The last time they all had drank together, they had all been drunk under the table by Song Shuhang. Today, they planned to take shifts, and wipe away their past shame.

The sounds of joy and happiness continuously rang out, and the laughter never stopped.

Under the guidance of the three roommates, Lu Fei was very quickly inducted into Song Shuhangs small circle of friends.

After three rounds of wine, Lu Fei clasped her small hands, formulating a plan in her heart.

After they had their fill of wine and their stomachs were full, Song Shuhang asked the service personnel for the bill.

Ah Hang, tonight I still have some matters to settle so Ill have to return to the rented apartment first. I wont be returning to the dormitory. Li Yangde stood up, and made some hints to his fellow accomplices with his eyes.

Tubo immediately responded, Lets go together. I just happen to have somethings on tonight. Ill sleep at Yangdes place tonight!

Ill be accompanying my girlfriend. Ill bring this fellow Zhuge Yangde away too. Gao Moumou pushed up his spectacles. Ah Hang, youll be the only one wholl be returning to the dormitory. Send Lu Fei back on the way. Its dangerous for a girl to be alone on the road at night.

Without waiting for Song Shuhangs reply, he put his arm around his companions shoulder, and quickly scrammed.

Song Shuhang laughed as he shook his head, saying to Lu Fei, Lu Fei, lets go.

Mm. Perhaps it was because she had drank wine, her small face was slightly red.

Leaving the prosperous Ten Fragrances Fish Head, and the two began to walk on the road shoulder to shoulder.

Shuhang, do you have a girlfriend? Lu Fei suddenly asked. Her voice was extremely soft, and if not for how good Shuhangs voice was, he would have missed it.

Not as of now. Song Shuhang replied honestly.

Lu Fei smiled, showing her dimples. She secretly sighed in relief.

After the two had walked for a short distance, Lu Fei gathered her courage again. ShuhangHow about we try dating?

Song Shuhang froze, staring at Lu Fei with shock.

For the first time in his life, he hadnt been given a good person card by a girl, but was confessed to? If Mama Song knew about this, then there would definitely be a family wide celebration.

After being dazed for a while, Song Shuhang asked a stupid question. You like me?

Mm! Lu Fei put strength into nodding her head-it was an extreme like. Especially summer, anyone who was there would know that Song Shuhang was a human shaped air conditioner!

Song Shuhang froze again.

Then he scratched his head, Thank youBut recently, because of various reasons, I have no plans to start a relationship. Its not you thats the problem, its really just some personal reasons on my side!

After all, all his free time from now on would be poured into cultivation. He had plans to spend over six hours a day cultivating As for time wasting things like girlfriends, he really couldnt afford any time for such things.

He was a complete novice when it came to relationships. However, even he knew that he couldnt drag his feet in such matters, and had to cut off problems at their root.

Ah? Lu Feis expression became dazed, and her face showed her lack of knowledge on how to continue the conversation.

Based on the gossip with her roommates this was completely wrong. Dont they say that if you wanted to chase a boy, all a girl had to do was confess? That saying was too unreliable!

Then, her mind flashed with inspiration, and she asked. Its fine not to date. However, could we hold hands on normal days?

Huh? This time it was Song Shuhangs turn to freeze, not knowing how to reply.

After a while, he gingerly replied, If its just holding hands, then there shouldnt be any problems.

Then its good! Lu Feis expression was happy, seemingly without any feelings of disappointment. Her primary objective had been obtained, as she really just wanted to hold hands with Song Shuhang every day.

The two of them could go to class together, leave class together, return to the dormitories together, and that was about enough already. At the times with Song Shuhang, she could just use an air conditioner. Although it was inferior to Song Shuhang, it could still work. She spent the majority of time in the room anyway.

Then lets go back! Lu Fei happily held Song Shuhangs hand, and seemed like a girl who was very content after she had received a toy. Her steps even sped up in her enthusiasm.

After sending Lu Fei back to her dormitory, Song Shuhang returned to his own dormitory.

He switched on the computer as usual, and refreshed the Nine Province Number One group.

The front part was all about the conjectures and analysis Medicine Master had made after examining the fellow Daoists and their Dao Children who had entered the Mysterious Island. However, a concrete explanation about the reason behind the memory loss had not been found yet.

At this time, a person who hadnt appeared in the chat group for a while showed up.

It was Su Clans Ah Qi, a well renowned battle maniac in the chat group.

Ah Qi, why havent you come online for the past two days? How are Ah Shilus injuries?

Loose Practioner Northriver had been muted yesterday for thirty days. He had actually unexpectedly been released earlier today?

Su Clans Ah Qi sighed. Ah Shiluhas run away from home.