Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Sevenshine Wonderfruit And Immortal Farming Sect
Chapter 117- Sevenshine Wonderfruit and Immortal Farming Sect!

Song Shuhang headed to the resting room to find Zhou Yaya.

He met a bespectacled female doctor at the door. She just happened to have finished her word and had come over to the resting room. When she saw Song Shuhang, she waved in greeting. Hello student Song Shuhang.

Hello doctor Li. Song Shuhang smiled shyly. He had to be slightly shy, or else this doctor Lis gaze would have long since had pressure.

In the resting room, Zhou Yaya had already prepared her items. She waved, Shuhang, youve come.

When Song Shuhang saw her smile, he actually felt slightly flusteredZhou Yaya wouldnt have had seen the headline of Uncle PKs youth in one punch yet, would she?

What time is the ticket for? He purposely changed the topic. He couldnt let Zhou Yaya bring the topic to that of the Uncle PKs youth in one punch.

Zhou Yaya took out her handphone and checked her booked ticket, replying, Three oclock in the afternoon.

Then big sis Yaya, Ill go to the driving centre to sign something first in the afternoon before bringing you to the train station. Ill be going out for a walk now! Song Shuhang resolutely decided to scram.

Without waiting for Zhou Yayas reply, he had already disappeared without a trace

What kind of show is your little brother playing? Doctor Li looked at Zhou Yaya with a look of incomprehension. Song Shuhang had so hastily come, then just as hastily ran away again.

Im also not sure. Zhou Yaya was also confused, then asked. What about you? Have you settled the patient at block 8B room 570?

I just gave her another two shots of anaesthesiaThe times shes coming is starting to get more and more frequent, and the effectiveness of the anaesthesia is starting to lessen as well. Doctor Li rubbed her temples.

Everytime she saw that little miss and her strong determination, she couldnt bear it as she thought of how the little miss was getting to death closer day by day.

Why exactly would she have suffered such serious injuries. Also, in this long period of time, why hadnt any of the little misss family visited?

Song Shuhang wandered around the hospital for a while, before suddenly stopping.

He saw in the distance that there was an uncle dressed as an office worker, heading towards the hospital in the distance in a hurry. This uncle, who looked like he was being crushed by the pressures of life, was extremely familiar to the eyes.

Song Shuhang sucked in a breath, and couldnt help but silently give a like to the bad taste of the Heavens to show his appreciation ill fate, it was just this stubborn!

Was there a mistake? Why did he have to see the uncle everyday?

He now had the impulse to rush forward and give one punch to the uncle. But at the same time, he was afraid that there would be replay of the Uncle PKs youth incident in the hospital. If that happened he really wouldnt be able to continue living!

By the way, the last time I saw the uncle at the hospital, he seemed to be looking for someone? Could he have a relative at the hospital? Song Shuhang felt his heart tremble. Perhaps this was a chance?

If the uncle really had a relative, then perhaps he could explain what had happened to the uncle in front of the relative? Even if the uncle was truly idiotic, surely his relative shouldnt bethat idiotic either right?

Thenhe himself would definitely prepare a ten thousand word script, properly let his saliva fly as he scolded the uncle, and let him truly understand the importance of the basic trust between humans!

Just think of the uncles foolishly adorable face when he was ashamed, and him obediently sitting on a small stool. Then just as unceasingly as a tumbling river, his saliva would fly! That would be a beautifully vicious scene!

So, Song Shuhang gingerly followed the uncle.

The uncles senses were very strong. If he watched him for too long, he might be discovered. So, he had to be careful while following him. He couldnt even stare at him for too long.

The uncle quickly followed after the aura of the Su Clan descendant. At that time at Luoxin street, he had been interrupted by that scammer, and had lost track of the Su Clan descendant.

This time round no one would bother him!

Today, he would definitely capture the Su Clan descendant! The uncle thus roared in his heart.

Today his luck was particularly good. The Su Clan descendant hadnt been able to hide her aura in time. The uncle followed along the traces of the aura, and finally stopped outside the door of block 8B room 570.

It was indeed here!

This time, you have nowhere to hide, Su Clan descendant!

The uncle suddenly felt his eyes began to feel some heat. Then, he extended his hand to open the door.

Just when he was about to open the door, the door was suddenly opened.

He was discovered?

The uncle was shocked, and hurriedly lept back.

In the sick ward. A nurse was just coming out, and was badly startled by the uncle jumping back.

What is it! Dont jump here and there in the hospital, its very dangerous! The nurse frowned as she reprimanded.

Sorry. The adorably foolish uncle frankly admitted his faults.

Take note, this is a hospital. What happens if you accidentally crash into an emergency patient? The nurse reprimanded the uncle again. Only when she saw that the uncle had admitted his faults, did she let him go and turn around to leave.

The adorably foolish uncle exhaled, and waited for the nurse to leave far away. Then, he surreptitiously crept to sick ward 570, and opened the door to enterJust now the nurse had opened the door as she had left, and the door wasnt locked yet.

Inside sick ward 570, a young girl was lying on the bed. She had just been injected with anaesthesia, and her whole body was weak.

Found you. The uncle let out a ferocious smile, and looked like the big bad wolf in red riding hood.

Who are you? The girl looked at the uncle who had entered through the door, and said coldly.

I finally found you, junior of Su Clans Ah Qi. The uncle bit his teeth, and roared lowly, as his face distorted.

Is the uncles relative here? Song Shuhang saw the adorably foolish uncle open the door to enter a sick ward, and his heart trembled.

He quietly got closer to the sick ward. However, he didnt enterHe wanted to ascertain the relationship between the uncle and the sick person in the sick ward, before he made his decision.

At this moment, a cold voice sounded from the sick ward. You and Ah Qi have a grudge?

Su Clans Ah Qi, he goes too far in bullying people! The uncle raised his voice as he bit his teeth. Six days ago, he barged into my Immortal Farming Sect. He seized our sects treasure, the Sevenshine Wonderfruit, and heavily injured eighteen disciples of my Immortal Farming Sect!

Its true that my Immortal Farming Sect is just a small sect. It cant compare to your Su Clan. But my Immortal Farming Sect isnt a weakling that anyone can just invade as they want! Even if we must stake our everything, we will make your Su Clan pay a price!

Six days ago? Ah Qi snatched away your sects treasure? And even hurt your people? The cold girl frowned. She knew why Ah Qi would want to obtain the Sevenshine Wonderfruit. It should be to treat her injuries that she had obtained from the Heavenly Tribulation, right?

But, this uncle saying that Ah Qi had snatched away another sects treasure, and even heavily injure other sects disciples, she didnt quite believe it!

The girl faintly sighed, then answered, Although I believe that Ah Qi wouldnt do something like snatching your sects treasure. But if things really turn out to be done by Ah Qi, I will make Ah Qi return your treasure to your Immortal Farming sect! All of the losses incurred by your Immortal Farming Sect, we of the Su Clan will pay it back. How about it?

Su Clans Ah Qi? The Song Shuhang hiding outside felt his heart skip a beat.

The Su Clans Ah Qi from the uncles mouth, could it actually be the one from the Nine Provinces Number One group?

If those two Su Clans Ah Qi were the same person, then who would this girl in the sick ward be? Based on her tone, it seemed she roughly knew Su Clans Ah Qis movements?

Im really an idiotits Su Clans Ah Shilu! Song Shuhang rubbed his forehead.