Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Uncle What About The Basic Trust Between People
Chapter 118-Uncle, what about the basic trust between people?

Song Shuhang took a step back, lifting his head to look at the sick ward room number. It was number 570!

His mind remembered the patient Doctor Li had once introduced to him. A patient with no external wounds, but her internal organs and the tissues in her body had traces of carbonisation. That special patient, was in room 570.

Inexplicably weird injuries, and together with a relationship with Su Clans Ah Qi.

Then it could only be that Su Clans Ah Shilu, who had undergone tribulation in H City and ran away from home later on. That weird injury where she was fine on the outside but burnt inside should be a result of the lighting tribulation of that day June first.

Forgive Song Shuhang for not thinking of this at firstbecause he had never thought this Su Clans Ah Shilu would be a girl!

When he had heard the seniors chatting in the group before, he had always thought of Su Clans Ah Shilu as a boy.

A name like Ah Shilu, as well as a battle maniac personality like that of Su Clans Ah Qi, how could he link it to a girl?

Wait, this wasnt the time for that.

What was more important was, this uncle who was the self-proclaimed representative of the Immortal Farming Sect, had ill intentions on Su Clans Ah Qi.

What should he do now?

The uncles strength was obviously above his. He may not necessarily be able to win even if he used his treasure seals.

Should he notify the senior Su Clans Ah Qi in the group?

No good, distant waters couldnt put out nearby fires.

In the sick ward.

Hmph, theres no need to go to so much trouble! The uncle grit his teeth, and his right hand grabbed towards the wall. With this grab, his fingers directly stabbed into the wall, leaving behind five deep holes.

The Jiangnan University Affiliated Hospitals construction was definitely done well, and the building protection was very high. And this uncle, had casually managed to leave five finger-shaped holes like he was stabbing into tofu.

Although he was adorably foolish, but his strength was very scary however!

As long as I catch you, the Su Clan junior, then I can force Su Clans Ah Qi to appear. When that time comes, we of the Immortal Farming Sect will definitely clearly settle all our accounts with him. The uncle came closer to the girl on the sick bed, his hands in the shape of a claw again. His fingertips was still covered with dust from the wall. That wasnt too hygienic, was it?

Relax, I wont kill you. I only need to break your four limbs, then let that Su Clans Ah Qi voluntarily come to us! The uncle raised his claw-shaped hands, ferociously roaring.

When that claw fell, Su Clans Ah Shilu would be given a handicapped identification for free.


Now, sick ward 570s door was once again opened by someone!

The uncle subconsciously retracted his hand, and withdrew his ferocious expressioncultivators would always try their best to avoid showing the strength of a cultivator. Even if it was at this time, even the uncle would subconsciously withdraw his killing intent.

Then, he saw a man with delicate features rush into the sick ward.

That man raised his head to look at the uncle, panting, but let out a smile. Found you, uncle!

The uncles hand stiffened , and so did his facial expressionwhy did he have to meet this scammer again? After eating one of his punches yesterday he still hadnt learnt his lesson yet? He still had the guts to come and find him?

And the girl on the bed secretly turned her body, using the blanket to cover herself.

Dont do anything at all, let me explain first! Or else, dont blame me if I flip out! The young man looked at the uncle who had a pained expression, and sighed. He withdrew one hundred and fifty dollars from his pocket. Uncle, its not that Im scolding you! But you as a person lack the most basic trust between humans! Come, accept the money. If youre not confident, check whether the money is real! After accepting the money, then theres no need to worry if Im scamming you right?

Then, this time youll properly sit down in front of me, and listen to me speak! Look at me! I have normal features, a righteous looking face! Which part of me looks like a scammer? Also, Ive already explained to you a lot of times, but this is money you yourself dropped! Why wont you believe me? Now, go and properly think back to that time. Even if youve forgotten whether you dropped money, but you should be able to remember at that time before I called out to you, were you taking out your phone from your pocket? You dropped one hundred and fifty dollars at that time. I was only picking it up to return it to you at that time!

I just dont get it! Why the heck do you think Im a scammer? Why do you keep misunderstanding me? Is there a scammer as kind hearted as me? Trying to repeatedly return your money after picking up your money?

Papapapa Song Shuhangs mouth was just as if it was a firecracker, incessantly talking after entering the room.

The uncle received the one hundred and fifty dollars. He looked at it, it was real money indeed.

And when he saw that grand and magnificent lecturing attitude of Song Shuhang, he knew that perhaps he really had misunderstood this youth.

Because he had done something wrong, and with the aggressive lecturing of the other side, the uncles original momentum couldnt help but weaken.

Come to think of it, after he had repeatedly misunderstood the other side, wouldnt the other side be nursing many grievances in their heart?

And he had even used one punch on him yesterday.

The adorably foolish uncle felt very guilty inside.

And yesterday, I originally wanted chase after you to return the money, and you actually one punched me! It really hurt you know! And because of your one punch, the Uncle PKs youth in one punch thing has already spread to my circle of friends. My face has already been thrown all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Do you know! At least for one month I wont have the face to see anyone!

Papapapa and yet it continued! Song Shuhang mouth was still moving, and from the most basic trust between humans, to the recently society needs more love and it even dragged on to doing good things is an olden tradition passed down from ancient times of China to now. It even dragged on to recently after doing good things, you need to have evidence, or else you may be cheated instead after doing good things.

Song Shuhang exerting all his brain juice to think of anything that could be said. His mouth was already dry.

The uncle who knew he was in the wrong could only be moved to the point where he kept nodding. Every sentence Song Shuhang said, he nodded once. Now, he already listened to the point where he was getting drowsy.

And that is to say, uncle. If it wasnt someone like me who picked up your money, if it was someone else, they wouldnt have returned it! Song Shuhang cleared his throat.

But his heart was extremely anxious.

Its over, Im running out of things to say. Ive already said the five virtues and the four points of beauty.1 What can I still say about the basic trust between humans?

Do I actually have to start talking about the three obediences and the four virtues of women in ancient times?2

Why havent Doctor Li or the nurse come yet? Even if Im widely read, Im still running out of things to say

He had to try his best to drag it till the doctor or nurse came over to change the medicine. This was his plan. Because if a doctor or nurse came, there was a chance the uncle would temporarily retreat.

Unfortunately, Doctor Li didnt have any desire to comply, and still hadnt come yet.

And the button to call the nurse was blocked by the uncle. Song Shuhang couldnt find any chance to press it. Or else with a light press he could summon a pretty doctor, with a pretty and innocent nurse in tow.

Theres no choice, he really couldnt make up anymore.

If he really started on the three obediences and the four virtues of women in ancient times, no matter how adorably foolish the uncle was he would still smell a rat.

So, he could only use the second method.

Song Shuhang was holding a pill pellet in his hand, the Stink Pill!

This extremely frustratingly named pill, was named by its creator Medicine Master. As long as it met a force, the outer shell would break apart and the stinky smoke inside would be released.

According to Medicines Masters introduction, if a cultivator had opened their Nose Acupoint, but hadnt reached Rank 3, and were unable to control their Nose Acupoint, this stink would be a nightmare to cultivators.

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1: The five virtues are order, trust, integrity, wisdom and compassion. The four points of beauties are beautification of the mind, language, behaviour and environment.

2: In ancient China a woman was required to obey her father before marriage, and her husband during married life and her sons in widowhood and four virtues fidelity, physical charm, propriety in speech and efficiency in needle work