Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Its You
Chapter 119- Its you?

Song Shuhangs hand had two Stink Pills,. It was originally meant for use against Altar Master. However, it hadnt been used in the end when slaying the Altar Master.

Hopefully the realm this uncle was in hadnt reached Rank 3 yet, or else the Stink Pill wouldnt have any effect.

At the same time, Song Shuhangs other hand quietly held onto a Armour Seal.

He flicked his finger, and used strength to throw the pill!

The Stink Pill struck the ground, and the outer shell broke. In that moment, a black smoky haze began to envelop the room. What quickly followed was an intense smell that was a combination of all the bad smells in the world.

A normal person who smelled just a bit would feel the acid in the stomach starting to surge up. As for cultivators who had opened their Nose Acupoint and had a sense of smell ten or even a hundred times greater than normal people, as long as they smelled a little, that feeling simply wasnt too good.

ArghWhat is thisblergh!! the adorably foolish uncle stopped midway, and grabbed his throat. He was just like those land ducks that slipped and fell into water, and was very anxious to get rid of the smell that he had inhaled into his windpipe.

Taking advantage of this chance, Song Shuhang ferociously jumped out, and it was if there were springs attached to his legs as he jumped to the bed, and picked up the Su Clans Ah Shilu on the bed together with the blanket.

After body tempering and building his cultivation foundation, there wasnt much difference between a normal humans weight and a wooden rock to Song Shuhang anymore. It wouldnt affect his movements.

Immediately, without even turning his head, Song Shuhang rushed towards the door. He originally wanted to escape through the window, and also thus avoid passing in front of the uncle again.

But it was the fifth floor, and Song Shuhang knew, if he were to jump down from the fifth floor, then itll really be Game Over. So, he could only force himself to pass through the uncle, and escape through the door.

BleurghBleurgh YouYOU SCAMMER! The adorably foolish uncle wasnt really THAT stupid, he just lacked a bit of general society knowledge.

When he escaped the smoke, and saw Song Shuhang running off while he carried off the Su Clans descendant, he understood Song Shuhangs intention. This scammer, he had kept saying he wasnt a scammer! And he had actually believed him! Abominable!

The uncle was enraged!

When Song Shuhang passed in front of him carrying the Su Clans descendant, the uncle exerted force to grab towards Song Shuhang. Stop there for me!

This claw, could gouge out five finger shaped holes in the wall in the sturdy hospital walls. If it grabbed onto Song Shuhang, it would give five holes to Song Shuhang as a memento.

Armour! At the critical moment, Song Shuhang didnt hesitate to activate the Armour Seal. The spiritual energy in the seal gushed out, and formed a layer of defensive armour around his body. This weak looking layer of light armour, could defend an all out attack from a cultivator below Rank 3!

Ding! That claw of the uncle could open a hole in stone struck out in full force on the Armour Seal defence, but could only cause some sparks to appear.

Instead, it was the Armour Seal defence that sent out a rebounding force, and sent the uncles entire body flying backwards and heavily slamming into the wall.

And Song Shuhang borrowed the force from that claw of the uncle, and shot out of the sick ward like an arrow. When he was in the sick ward, he had left the door closed on purpose, to facilitate his escape.

The uncle shook his head, and it took a while before he managed to lift himself up again. That sudden rebounding force, had not only caused his arm to become numb but it had also made lose his best chance to catch Song Shuhang.

When he had climbed up again, Song Shuhang had already run far away.

Abominable! The uncle roared lowly,enraged, and his body moved explosively as it chased after the traces of Song Shuhang.

This time, I will definitely not let that Su Clans descendant get away! Because ths could be his last chance, as the Su Clan would not let this junior wander about for too long!

Hey, Ive said it before, dont run about anyhow in the hospital doorways! The nurse Shan Shan had come late, and shouted towards the distant uncles back.

The uncle sure didnt have time to attend to the nurse now, and instead sped up, disappearing from her line of sight.

Song Shuhang was giving his all to rush downstairs, while his mind kept thinking, Whats a good place to escape to?

His first thought was senior Medicine Master. Originally, running there was undoubtedly the best haven. Unfortunatelysenior Medicine Master had left to far away, and going along was Jiang Ziyan to carry the bags.

Apart from Medicine Masters help, Song Shuhang also had two Sword Seals, and once it was used, it was sufficient to deal with Rank 2 cultivators. But this adorably foolish uncle wasnt the Altar Master, and Song Shuhang didnt have the thought of killing him.

Perhaps, he should find a sick ward to hide a bit?

No, in case that uncle just stayed downstairs to guard the door, he couldnt just keep staying in the hospital! Also, he didnt know if the uncle had any companions. Hiding in the sick ward would make it easy to be caught like a turtle in a jar.

Forget it. First, Ill run out from the hospital, then find a good place to hide. If possible, Ill quickly find senior Su Clans Ah Qi. He should almost be at the Jiangnan area already. Song Shuhang thought in his heart.

At this time, the Su Clans Ah Shilu who was in his arms rang out coldly. I didnt think the world really still had good people who were such busybodies like you.

Just now, across the wall it had been hard to hear clearly. Now that the girl was in his arms, this voice why was it so familiar?

Song Shuhang lowered his eyes to look at the girl in his hands. Short hair, and a pretty face despite no makeup. Because her stature was small, and she didnt look old, this was a girl who was adorable and beautiful at the same time.

Eheheh? The running Song Shuhang couldnt help but let out a surprised sound.

This lady was the one he had met twice, and had been harassed by unsavouries both times, but had explosive martial power.

Its you? Song Shuhang recognised this girl. He thought, and tested out, This time, did I intervene unnecessarily again?

This lady had very high battle power, and was it possible she had feigned weakness, and was waiting for the uncle to get near, before hitting the uncle?

Humph. The short girl turned her head, like a proud rooster.

But immediately, the girl in his arms used a weak and almost unheard voice. This timethank you.

This time she had just been injected anaesthesia. And her entire body lacked strength. If that uncle wanted to do something malicious to her, she wouldnt have any ability to resist. Shuhang had really saved her this time.

What did you just say? Song Shuhangs head was all focused on thinking of an escape route, and he couldnt hear clearly.

He hadnt used the lift. That uncles speed was much greater than that lift, and he could just wait outside for him to come out.

Thankthank you. The girls voice was still extremely soft.

This time, Shuhang really heard it clearly.

You can actually thank someone else? Song Shuhang laughed.

The girl in his arms grit her teeth, and felt as if talking to Song Shuhang was extremely stressful. It made her feel as if even saying thanks was wrong. She just didnt like to speak much, and it wasnt like she didnt know manners. Where are you going to?

The places to that can be escaped to are too far. Well take it step by step. Shuhang replied. The defence from the Armour Seal on his body was becoming weaker and weaker, and could be extinguished at any time.

I can hear that Immortal Farming Sect uncle coming. At most fifty seconds, then hell chase up to us. The short haired girl said softly.

Which meant to say, he himself could be sprawled on the ground in fifty seconds?

He definitely couldnt let himself be chased up to!

Song Shuhang ran madly, and the long sections of the stairs were all jumped in one step.

When ten seconds hadnt even passed, Song Shuhang had already reached the ground floor.

What was coincidental, was that a free taxi was slowly coming to a stop at the car waiting area. It was waiting for passengers to enter, and the driver hadnt had time to let the engine stall yet.

Taxi! Song Shuhangs heart felt joy in it, and carrying Su Clans Ah Shilu, he rushed out towards the taxi.

Opening the door and getting on the car had only taken three seconds.

The two of youwhere to? The taxi driver gave a weird gaze to look at Song Shuhang, and the young lady wrapped up in a blanket. What was this, a scene of elopement?

Song Shuhang couldnt think of where to go so fast.

Now, Su Clans Ah Shilu opened her mouth, Fortune Street!