Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Have Anything To Eat
Chapter 120-Have anything to eat?

Mister, could you go faster? Song Shuhang looked at the hospital, worried that the Immortal Farming Sect uncle could come rushing over at any time.

In that moment, the taxi uncles mind immediately came up with many melodramatic plots of how A pair of youthful lovebirds were deeply in love, but when the families of both sides were against it, they decided to meet at the hospital in order to elope.

Sit tight! The taxi uncle stepped on the accelerator, and the taxi quickly charged out

In the hospital, Doctor Li had finished her work again and was going to the resting room. She just happened to see the scene of how Song Shuhang carrying Su Clans Ah Shilu into a taxi.

Huh? The one who just ran out is Zhou Yayas younger brother right? He also seemed to be carrying someone? And that blanket belongs to our hospital right? What happened? Doctor Li had a face of bewilderment.

While she was wondering, an office worker uncle jumped down from upstairs. In his one jump, he actually managed to leap down about a dozen steps of the staircase?

Hey, dont jump about anyhow in the hospital. Its very dangerous. Doctor Li called out to stop him.

But how could the uncle have anytime to care about such things now? He was regretful to the point where he wanted to grit his teeth until they shattered. He raced towards the taxi, chasing after it.

There were many obstacles on the road that blocked the uncles way forward, such as flowerbeds, railings, and stationary vehicles. But none of it could stop him. He was just like a parkour expert, moving with great ease at he advanced in a straight line.

Woah, cool! Many people took out their handphones, recording this splendid parkour display by an expert.

Before three minutes had even passed, the taxi had already stopped at Fortune Street.

Song Shuhang carried Su Clans Ah Shilu off the car, taking out a note of fifty dollars to give to the taxi uncle. Thanks uncle. No need for change.

He didnt dare to waste time. Who knew when that Immortal Farming Sect uncle would chase to here? Without waiting for the taxi uncles reply, he carried Su Clans Ah Shilu and made his way into the deepest parts of Fortune Street.

Make a turn to the right, my residence is the nineteenth floor of the Ande complex block A. Theres a place we can temporarily hide ourselves inside there. Su Clans Ah Shilu said lightly.

She had concealed her aura on the way. She previously had been unable to do so because of the acute pain, which was why the Immortal Farming Sect uncle had been able to lock onto her position.

But the problem was that Song Shuhang didnt know to conceal his aura.

Song Shuhang carried her into the Ande Complex Block A. Their luck was not bad and the elevator door just happened to open at this time. This block only had one lift, and if their luck had been bad they would have been stuck here for very long.

They travelled to the nineteenth floor in one shot. Ah Shilu opened the door, and said weakly, Put me down. Just stay here and dont move first.

Then, she entered the room, and took out a bottle of medicine from the wine cabinet. She then returned and sprinkled some of it onto Song Shuhangs body.

This medicine fluid was able to conceal a persons aura and smell temporarily. After sprinkling it, Song Shuhangs aura and smell stopped at this doorway. But it would last for only a very short time of a few minutes.

Come with me. Su Clans Ah Shilu brought Song Shuhang to the bedroom, and then opened the clothes cupboard. She pushed aside the clothes and after fiddling for a while, a hidden door appeared.

This was in between the bedroom and restroom. This was quite the ingenious design, as it simply didnt seem as there was any secret room from the outside.

Go inside. Ah Shilu said.

Song Shuhang and her entered the secret room together.

Ah Shilu placed the clothes in the clothes cupboard back neatly again, and pressed the switch, closing the clothes cupboard door and the secret room entrance.

Before this was even done, she took out a small scroll from the secret room, and pasted it on the entrance door. There was a formation drawn on the scroll that could block off auras and sounds, creating a perfect hideaway.

Song Shuhang saw Su Clans Ah Shilu appearance of having long since prepared for this, and asked suspiciously, You already knew the uncle would look for you long ago?

Ah Shilu shook her head, saying, Our Su Clan has a lot of big businesses, so our enemies arent few. This secret room is just a precautionary measure. This used to be the previous residents storeroom. I just modified it abit.

Song Shuhang nodded. It seemed large cultivator clans didnt have it easy either.

The secret room wasnt big, and the two sat facing each other and could even hear the other sides breathing.

Will that uncle be able to find this place? Song Shuhang asked softly.

I hid my aura on the wayhowever, as long as he isnt an idiot hell be able to find this apartment. Su Clans Ah Shilu gazed at Song Shuhang.

On the way Song Shuhang hadnt concealed his aura. Even without Su Clans Ah Shilus aura, the uncle could still find Song Shuhang through his smell.

Then the question would bewas the uncle an idiot or not?

The uncle may have been adorably foolish, but he wasnt an idiot.

He followed Song Shuhangs aura, and successfully found Ande Complex Block A.

Its here! Theres still the residual smell from that scammer here! The uncle laughed coldly. Cultivators had noses even more sensitive than dogs, and he would never forget the smell from that scammers body.

He used strength to open the main door. No matter how resilient the anti-burglary measures were, it was incomparably fragile before a cultivator.

You wont be able to escape, you despicable scammer and Su Clans descendant! The uncle rushed into the apartment, his enraged voice deafening.

Howeverthe entire apartment was empty, without any traces of any person.

And that scammers smell and aura had been cut off at the doorthe air still had a faint aroma of some medicinal liquid.

I was taken for a fool again? The uncle flew into a rage.

He began to search madly in the room, breaking items, shattering flower vases. Every that could be a hiding place was searched by him, but he couldnt any traces of the two anywhere.

Dammit, where did they escape to? The uncle roared, ran out from the apartment, and left running away.

Song Shuhang heard that it had quietened down outside. He asked, The uncle has left?

How could it be so easynow we can only hope he doesnt take apart the apartment. Ah Shilu shook her head.

This time she had brought too few things out when she ran away from home.

Otherwise if she had brought some treasure seals, powerful magical treasures, or pills that could temporarily suppress injuries, the Immortal Farming Sect uncle would definitely not be a threat to her.

As she expected, after a short while, a soft sound was transmitted from outside.

That Immortal Farming Sect uncle had made a return.

The uncle may have been adorably foolish, but he still understood how to use the tactic of doubling back and catching others off guard.

Dammit, did they really escape? The uncle muttered to himself.

A good while later, the outside returned to silence again, and there were no longer any sounds of movement.

The uncle left again? Song Shuhang asked. Because he was afraid of being found out by the other side, he didnt dare to use his spiritual energy to check.

Ah Shilu shook her head. She had methods to monitor what was going on outside the secret room. That fellow from the Immortal Farming Sect is just staying in the living room now, and is adopting the posture of someone waiting by a stump for a hare to bump into it, leaving it to luck.

Then what should we do now? Wait for the uncle to leave? Song Shuhang laughed bitterly.

If he leaves thatll be for the best. But if he keeps staying here, then at night when my injuries wont flare up temporarily, Ill beat him with one palm. Ah Shilu said indifferently.

My god, I forgot this missys true identity was a genius figure on par with Soft Feathers. She was already challenging the Rank 3 Heavenly Tribulation at such a young age.

According to the naming conventions of some ancient cultivation sects, Rank 1 was known as Body Tempering, Rank 2 to Rank 4 was Qi Tempering, and Rank 5 was Grand Dao of the Gold Core. This miss had already trained her Qi to a very high level, and was close to the peak of Qi Tempering, an expert close to forming her Gold Core.

As long as she could temporarily suppress her injuries from her Heavenly Tribulation, taking care of that uncle would be as relaxing as playing around?

And thus temporarily both sides could only waste their time.

Bored, Song Shuhang started training the [True Self Meditation Scripture] to train his spiritual energy.

Time passed very quickly, and it quickly became noon.

Song Shuhangs stomach emitted rumbling sounds. Since entering the cultivation world, his body would need large quantities of Qi and blood when cultivating. So, he would eat a lot and get hungry fast.

Have anything to eat? Song Shuhang asked.

If it was a secret room, then there should be some food prepared, right?

I can fast. Ah Shilus eyes raised slightly as she said indifferently.

But miss, what about me? I still cant fast!