Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 122

Chapter 122 The Imprint From The Flying Sword
Chapter 122-The imprint from the flying sword

The two of them left the secret room.

Su Clans Ah Shilu lead the way, while Song Shuhang followed behind, to the living room.

On the sofa, the Immortal Farming Sect uncle opened his eyes, gazing coldly at the two. So you finally came out. I already long since knew that you two had never left this apartment.

He had guessed that the two were somewhere in the apartment. If taking apart the building wouldnt have attracted the attention of all the normal people in this block, he would have long since started to take apart this apartment.

You shouldnt have stayed behind. Su Clans Ah Shilus voice was cold as she said indifferently.

Bullshit! Why shouldnt I have stayed behind! The Immortal Farming Sect uncle rose to his feet, roaring.

At the same time, his bones let out cracking sounds, and his hands became claws. Every finger was releasing True Qi, and were as sharp as the edge of a knife.

Su Clans Ah Shilus face was calm. She gently raised her right hand, using her palm as a sabre. Come then.

Compared to the Immortal Farming Sect uncle, her figure seemed small, and seemed so frail that it wouldnt even be able to block the wind. But when she raised her right hand, a tyrannically imposing manner seemed to emanate from her.

That jade white palm1 seemed to transform into the divine weapon that had split the heavens and the earth2, a radiant sabre light shining.

The Immortal Farming Sect uncle was pressured by her imposing manner, and roared as he leapt into the air. He was like a falcon who had spread his wings, attempting to use a rushing attack to break through Ah Shilus oppression.

When ordinary fighters entered close combat, what they were most wary of was being in mid-air with nowhere to leverage their strength. However, these actions of the uncle seemed to go against this common sense, and while his body was in mid-air, swift and fierce claw attacks continuously rained down, transforming into layer upon layer of illusionary claws that clustered over her head as it descended.

Su Clans Ah Shilu didnt make any flashy movements. Using her palm as a sabre, she used that sabre to chop at the layers upon layers of illusory claws.

In that moment, sabre light flashed, and the force behind that sabre was like the tempestuous waters of the Yellow River as it surged forward!

The uncles claw technique was definitely unordinarily fierce and swift. However, it was difficult to use the power of a persons claw attacks to resist the might of the surging Yellow River.


The swift and fierce claw attacks was forcibly broken through by that sabre light, and the uncles hands were covered by a bloody haze, and his figure was sent flying. He crashed into the household decorations on the way, heavily crashing onto the ground.

A Rank 3 Houtian was completely out of the league of a Rank 2 True Master. Even if the Houtian was heavily injured, as long as they could launch an attack, defeating a True Master was as easy as turning over their hand.

After Su Clans Ah Shilu had chopped out with this sabre, her face became pale, and her breathing became hurried.

The Immortal Farming Sect uncle climbed to his feet slowly, his hands trembling, and flowing with fresh blood.

Ive already held back with this sabre strikeIn three days time I will bring Su Clans Ah Qi over, and clarify matters with your Immortal Farming Sect to settle our karma. Before that, behave yourself. Go, I wont take your life for now. Su Clans Ah Shilu said in a low voice.

Impossible! As long Im not dead, I wont leave! The uncles gaze was ferocious. Ill bet my life on it to capture you! Alsoafter chopping out with that sabre, how much True Qi could you have left?

Su Clans Ah Shilu frowned, then said impatiently, Then go and die.
She detested this kind of stubborn old fogeys. That jade-like hand raised again, sabre light flashing.

Did he really think she was a rottenly good person like that Song Shuhang behind her? If he really wanted to court death, then shell grant his wish!

HAH! The uncle roared as he leapt forward, his legs bursting with True Qi, His body revolved, and was like a poison dragon making a drill attack on Su Clans Ah Shilu.


The two sides closed in on each other again, their True Qi both bursting out, creating terrifying booming and thunderous roars.

Ahahahah! Now, the uncles mouth began to make strange cries. Immediately afterwards, his entire body drew a strange arc as he shot towards the balcony.

Bang! The balconys decorations were smashed into pieces.

In the next moment, the uncle dragged his heavily injured body, and jumped off the balcony. He left a last parting shot, You wait Su Clan descendant! ILL BE BACK!

Having said so, he escaped into the distance without even turning his head back.

He had fled. He had fled just like that?

He had been so lofty and heroic before, welcoming death unflinchingly. In the next moment, he had ran off after delivering a parting shot.

Amazing! Song Shuhang sighed internally. Just now when the uncle and Ah Shilu had fought, he couldnt even make out the moves made out by both sides clearly. That speed had far exceeded the theoretical limit of the human body.

The sabre light on Ah Shilu flickered unstably, and she had a look of suspicion on her face.

In the second attack, her attack had only lightly brushed against the uncles legs. The uncle had then detonated his own True Qi, creating fierce collision sound effectsthen he had let out a miserable shriek as he had retreated, and escaped from the balcony.

Was the uncle bluffing and blustering, and taking the opportunity to escape?

Or, was there a scheme?

Do you know any spiritual energy detection techniques? Ah Shilu neared Song Shuhang, and used a soft voice only the two of them could hear.

If it was possible, secret arts of the secret sound transmission type would have been more suitable.

But unfortunately, it was a pity that her current state wasnt good. Even standing was taking a lot of effort. Now, even activating a spiritual energy detection technique was beyond her, to say nothing of a secret sound transmission.

Song Shuhang nodded slightly, activating his spiritual energy. He used an omnidirectional detection technique to spread out his spiritual force.

After detection, there were no abnormalities and no gains from the scan.

ButSong Shuhang hearts suddenly felt a sense of unease. This unease was very strong, and he was unable to ignore it.

Song Shuhang frowned, and used detection techniques and alert techniques again.
There wasnt any gains again. His spiritual energy was very weak, and the radius he could detect within was very small.

The more it was like this, the more unease he felt in his heart.

Are there any abnormalities? Ah Shilu asked in a low voice.

I cant sense anything, butSong Shuhang stopped halfway, and his mind flashed.
His spiritual energy revolved in a different way, and a different spiritual energy technique was used.

[Imprint Sensing Art]

This was the technique sent to him over the internet by Great Master Tongxuans disciple apprentice brother Threedays, which could sense that stolen flying sword of Great Master Tongxuan.

When this [Imprint Sensing Art] was spread out, Song Shuhang immediately sensed the coordinates of the imprint.

On this blocks third floor, a seemingly ordinary resident was walking up the stairs. He had a guitar case on his backwhich contained the stolen flying sword of Great Master Tongxuan!

The figure was climbing up the stairsneither slow nor showing any flaws.

His body actually had some aura concealing technique or treasure. If not for the imprint on the flying sword, Song Shuhang would never have noticed him.

Was it a partner of the Immortal Farming Sect uncle?

Orwas it the oriole stalking the cicada from behind?

What did you discover? Ah Shilu sat on the sofa, trying her best to recover the spent True Qi.

Someones coming. Song Shuhang said softly. Hes nearing. Can you still make a move?

At the same time, he took out his handphone and quickly typed. No longer in the secret room, his signal was no longer blocked. Wasnt this the time to call for backup?

He quickly left a message to senior Northriver, giving a summary of the situation as well as his position. He asked senior Northriver to quickly contact Su Clans Ah Qi, just in case.

Because of my internal injuries, my True Qi wont recover so fast. Ah Shilu bitterly laughed.

Thenshould I go ask the seniors in the group how to prepare a last will? Song Shuhang laughed as he closed his phone.

As he spoke, various thoughts appeared in Song Shuhangs head.

The man carrying the flying sword who was hiddenly approaching, was the senior apprentice brother from the Moonsabre Sect! This was the Moonsabre Sect disciple who had seized the godly invisible sword from his apprentice brother who led a hard life.

That apprentice brother who led a hard life now even had his legs broken, and was being detained by Sima Jiang.

That fellow from the Immortal Farming Sect and the Su Clans Ah Shilu have already come into contact and exchanged moves. Its time to act. A chance has come. The smiling expression of the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother was that of one who completely had the situation under his control. He slowly got nearer to Ah Shilus and Song Shuhangs position.

There was only one order he had received from the higher ups of the Moonsabre SectWhen the people from the Immortal Farming Sect had come into contact with the Su Clan descendant, kill the Su Clan descendant!