Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Incantation Abbot Tongxuan Is The Most Handsooommmmeeee
Chapter 123- Incantation: Abbot Tongxuan is The! Most ! HANDSOOOMMMMEEEE!

This Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother had obtained information on the Su Clan descendant from the higher ups of the Moonsabre Sect. Su Clans Ah Shilu, Rank 3 cultivation and heavily injured from a failed Heavenly Tribulation.

After waiting for so long, the Immortal Farming Sect fellow has finally made contact with Su Clans Ah Shilu.

The time for him to complete his mission had finally come!

This Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother stroked the guitar case. With this recently acquired godly invisible sword and together with the treasure talisman the sect had given him, assasinating Su Clans Ah Shilu would be easy as stretching his hand, and the entire matter would be settled.

Very quickly, he reached the Ande Block nineteenth floor.

Without hiding, he walked calmly to Su Clans Ah Shilus apartment like an ordinary passer-by.

In the long hallway, as the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother walked, he retrieved the guitar case from his back. When the guitar case opened, what was revealed was an ordinary inside of a guitar case as well as a godly invisible sword!

He lightly grasped the godly invisible sword, and closed the guitar case before slinging it on his back again.

Lifting his head, then adjusting his breathing. The True Qi in his dantian was activated, slowly gathering in his legs. When he neared his target, he would stab out with his strongest sword attack!

Step step step suddenly, hurried steps sounded out. The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother lifted his head, and saw a youth carrying a large cardboard box as he approached him.

The cardboard box was very large, and covered half of the head of the youth.

It was an ordinary person. None of the aura of a cultivator could be sensed on him. Was he a resident here?

The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother maintained his strict caution, and shifted to the side. He only had one target now, Su Clans Ah Shilu. Now wasnt the time to cause other problems!

The cardboard box carrying youth brushed against him

The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother continued to maintain his strict caution, approaching Su Clans Ah Shilus apartment.

After walking for five or six metres, the youth behind him gasped for air, and his whole face was full of sweat. He placed the cardboard box on the floor.

The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother paused, and no longer took note of the youth behind, because he had seen his target! Ah Shilus face was pale, and was sitting on her sofa recovering her True Qi.

Ah Shilu was completely unprepared!

This was a true heaven sent chance!

The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brothers eyes shined. He grasped the godly invisible sword, and threw the guitar case to the side.

His killing intent exploded!

The long since gathered True Qi in his legs exploded, and his body tilted to the front. He was about to pierce out with a magnificent sword attack and seize Su Clans Ah Shilus life!

But, he didnt notice that that cardboard carrying youth behind him made a series of complicated hand seals, and was at the same time silently chanting an incantation

When the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother shot out, that youth shouted out, Abbot Tongxuan is The! Most ! HANDSOOOMMMMEEEE!1

The voice reverberated in his ears

What nonsense is this?

The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brothers mind felt some suspicion rise.

But at this moment, the godly invisible sword in his hands suddenly radiated out a pale golden sword light. Then, the sword suddenly began to tremble madly in his hands!

A powerful force was transmitted from the sword, and the godly sword came to life. It wanted to extricate itself from his grasp!

Suddenly pulled by this unexpected force, the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother almost got dragged along on the ground. He hastily manipulated the True Qi gathered on his legs to stabilise his figure.

Feeling something wrong, he immediately let go, letting the godly invisible sword fly out of his grasp.

At the same time, he looked back, looking at that youth who had brushed against himIt had been after he had shouted that the godly invisible sword had changed so!

What he saw now frightened him out of his wits.

He saw the youth clasping one of his hands on his chest, making a remote sword hand seal. His other hand used a finger as a sword, lightly slashing towards him, Chop!

In mid-air, the godly invisible sword couldnt be seen as usual, and only the pale golden light it emanated could be seem.

The sword light flashed, and like lightning, the sword violently chopped down towards the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother.

Remote sword arts!

Rank 4 cultivator!

The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother shouted.

Only after a Rank 4 cultivator condensed all their True Qi in their body into a True Origin, could they remotely control flying swords, and use swords to achieve flight! This seemingly ordinary youth was actually a Rank 4 cultivator senior?!

What was more important wasthe flying sword in his hand belonged to this Rank 4 cultivator?

That stupid apprentice brother screwed me over!

All these thoughts were just the thoughts that appeared in his mind in just a split second.

Then, the small iron sword that had been mistaken as a godly invisible sword chopped viciously into his chest.

Neither able to avoid nor resist.

Because the sword was so fast that it had no equal! When Song Shuhang had just finished saying chop, it had already landed on its target!

Fresh blood sprayed out and blood splattered all over.

The small iron sword cut halfway through his body. That one strike had caused all his ribs to be cut through, and his internal organs to be heavily injured. With just the fleshy body of a Rank 2 cultivator, it wasnt possible to block the sharpness of a flying sword.

The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother landed with a loud crash, painfully wailing, Senior let me off! I know my wrongs seniorlet me off!

Song Shuhangs face was peaceful, and didnt seem to care about the other sides miserable shrieks. The other side vastly surpassed him in strength, and wasnt any weaker than Altar Master. Song Shuhang couldnt help but be careful. His left hand maintained the connection with the iron flying sword, while he used his right hands finger as a sword, waving it four times.

The iron flying sword withdrew from the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brothers wounds, and fresh blood splattered. Then, the flying sword chopped out four times, severing his four limbs.

AHAHAHAAAAHHHH! The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother continuously wailed, and turning into a human stick, but had no ability to resist.

Return. Song Shuhang said lightly, and the small iron sword flashed, scurrying back to him and stably floating in mid-air.

Song Shuhang extended his hand, and the small iron sword landed softly in his hand.

[Temporary Remote Sword Art]. This was the revised work from a time Great Master Tongxuan had failed.

When Song Shuhang had brushed against the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother, he had confirmed whether the iron flying sword had the [Temporary Remote Sword Art] formation of Great Master Tongxuan on it. If there hadnt been, he would have been forced to use his remaining two Sword Talisman. However, he lacked the confidence to finish him off with two sword talismans. He had needed three on a poisoned Altar Master that time after all.

Fortunately, this small iron sword had the ability of the [Temporary Remote Sword Art] on it!

As for that line Abbot Tongxuan is The! Most ! HANDSOOOMMMMEEEE!, that was the incantation to activate the [Temporary Remote Sword Art].

To think that this shameless incantation would come from the Great Master Tongxuan who was training silent meditation. Or perhapsbecause he had been silent for so long, he had become outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside?

Lightly stroking the small iron sword, the spiritual energy left behind by Great Master Tongxuan had been almost exhausted. It could no longer activate the [Temporary Remote Sword Art].

Song Shuhang recalled that beautiful experience of controlling the sword. The ability to sever the head of an enemy from a thousand miles away, that was simply too beautiful to be described with words.

His heart involuntarily formed an incomparably ardent wish.

Rank 4 cultivation, and remote sword arts!

After experiencing the [Temporary Remote Sword Art], it was just like watching a spectacular movie advertisement, where one only felt an itch in their heart to watch the movie immediately.

Song Shuhang truly wanted to immediately become a Rank 4 cultivator, remotely control swords, and step onto sword light and soar into the sky!

In the apartment, Ah Shilu rose to her feet, her pale face having recovered some colour.

She came before the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother, saying, Out with it. Who are you? Why did you want to kill me?

She had felt clearly that moment of killing intent.

She had originally thought that the enemy was together with the Immortal Farming Sect uncle. Now it seemed that this wasnt the case. The Immortal Farming Sect had wanted to capture her alive, and seek redress from Ah Qi.

But the assassin before her wanted to kill her.

1. The most direct translation would just be Abbot Tongxuan is the most handsome! However, I felt that this wouldnt convey how ridiculous the incantation was and how it wasnt as particularly funny as it should be like this. Since the whole point was to translate the humour, I didnt just literally translate it, and I took the liberty to play around with the punctuation. However, Im not particularly satisfied with it yet. Any better suggestions, that could make it funnier and more ridiculous?