Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 124

Chapter 124 A Valuable Lead
Chapter 124- A valuable lead

The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother laughed wretchedly, and shook his head, not answering.

Since you know my name, you should know my identity Su Clans Ah Shilu said indifferently. Even if you dont answer, I just need to bring you back to the Su Clan There are methods to make you spit out everything. Even if you die, I have methods to extract your soul, and get the answers to the questions I have!

Her words werent a threat. As an ancient cultivator clan, the Su Caln possessed many methods that even gods or ghosts couldnt fathom.

The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother felt unease. The might and methods of the Su Clan was something he naturally knew.

But he was still hesitating. He had had his four limbs cut off, and if he were to expose information about the Moonsabre Sect now Even if Su Clans Ah Shilu let him off, the Moonsabre Sect sure wouldnt!

He would die anyways no matter what!

Su Clans Ah Shilu seemed to be able to read his mind, and said again. Say everything you knowand Ill let you have a simple death.

Death had its differences between a simple death and an agonising and very painful death.

The result wasnt important, but the process.

Song Shuhang collected the iron flying sword, and said to Ah Shilu. He should be trying to frame them right? Just as the Immortal Farming Sect uncle had come into contact with you, he immediately prepared to kill someone. If he succeeded, and did a little covering up, then at that time everyone would think the Immortal Farming Sect uncle killed you.

If the matter was covered up, then senior Ah Qi would definitely seek revenge against the Immortal Farming Sect. When the kingfisher and clam fight, the fisherman woild have a chance fo benefit. I think that him or the power behind him has some grudge against the Immortal Farming Sect. Or perhaps they want something from the Immortal Farming Sect?

As for why Song Shuhang knew so muchdidnt shows always have this kind of plot? When one thought through it, those shows all had similar answers.

The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brothers expression became uglier.

Looks like you guessed correctly. A small palm sized pocket knife appeared in Ah Shilus hands. With the rest just now, she had recovered some of her True Qi.

She neared the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother. Ill ask you one last time. Your name, origin, and your reason to assasinate me.

As Su Clans Ah Shilu neared the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother, he suddenly burst out laughing. Hahahaha!

Immediately, he spat out a paper talisman from his mouth.

The paper talisman flashed in mid-air, transforming into a blood coloured sabre!

A putrid smell of blood began to waft out, and that evil sabre hacked at Su Clans Ah Shilus head.

This was the talisman his sect had provided him, in order to kill Ah Shilu! He had endured for so long, just to wait for her to enter the attack range of the treasure talisman!

However, Ah Shilu had long since been prepared, and when she lightly waved that palm sized pocket knife, she blocked that blood coloured sabre.

Ah Shilu said, I already long knew you still some tricks up your sleeves.1

After the blood sabre shattered, the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother seemed to receive some kind of feedback, and let out a continuous shriek, AHAHAHAH!

Ah Shilu frowned, feeling something off. Her body flashed, and the pocket knife in her hand stabbed towards the other sides head!

But before her knife could plunge in, abnormal changes occurred.

AHAHAHAH! The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brothers shrieks became even more piercing. At the same time, the shattered blood coloured talisman spell extended a thread of blood, connecting to his body.

The senior apprentice brothers spirit, Qi and blood flowed through the blood thread, unceasingly being fused into the blood coloured sabre.

The shattered sabre regenerated, and with one tremble, chopped towards Ah Shilu!

The situation had changed extremely quickly. Ah Shilu could used her knife to defend.


This blood sabre was much faster and vicious and before!

Although Ah Shilu blocked this sabre, she was forced to retreat several steps

Bloodsabre Evil Sects secret technique, the [Bloodgod Sabre]? She recognised this blood coloured sabre talisman spells origin.

Bloodsabre Evil Sect, that was a long exterminated evil sect.

The sect disciples used blood as the source of their strength, using blood essence and souls as the foundation of their innate evil sabres. Every time they used one of these innate evil sabres, they would oftentimes have to do the life sacrifice of several hundred peoples lives.

And for the breakthroughs in rank for the disciples of the Bloodsabre Evil Sect, countless slaughter was needed, to raise the rank of their innate evil sabres.

In the end, that evil sect had enraged too much of the public. The sect had been exterminated, its legacy cut off, and all its evil secret arts had been destroyed cleanly.

It was unexpected that traces of that Bloodsabre Evil Sabre Sect continued to exist!

The spell inside the talisman was a portion of the [Bloodgod Sabre] secret technique. As long as it had sufficient blood and spiritual energy, the [Bloodgod Sabre] wouldnt dissipate.

AhahahahGo dieGO DIE FOR ME! The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother raved madly, his body continuously becoming more emaciated and skinny.

With each collision between the [Bloodgod Sabre] and Ah Shilu, that evil sabre would continuously drew out his blood essence and soul energy to repair itself from the damage it had taken.

Every draining brought about indescribable pain and despair. But as the [Bloodgod Sabre] absorbed more and more, it became stronger as well.

If this continued, the originally heavily injured Ah Shilu may not be able to hold on!

Kill you kill you The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother raved madly.

This was a true life for life exchange.

It all depended on whether he was drained dry of his blood essence or soul; or was Ah Shilu chopped by the [Bloodgod Sabre] first!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ah Shilu continuously received seven attacks, unceasingly retreating.

The intense battle left her no abilty to suppress her internal wounds, and her face was pale.

Finally, when resisting the eigth strike, her small knife was wrenched out of her grasp!

I WON! Ah Shilu! The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother laughed madly, he voluntarily sent his own blood essence into the [Bloodgod Sabre], and immediately, the [Bloodgod Sabre] expanded by one fold!

As long he chopped Ah Shilu, he had hope to live. Whether severed limbs or expended blood essence, all could be healed by the sect during the rewarding!

As long as Ah Shilu was killed!

The Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother had a vile look on his face, carrying hints of hope and being pleased.

Ah Shilus face was pale, and could only face the expanded [Bloodgod Sabre].


At this moment, a black flying sword drew an arc of sword light, and the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brothers headwas chopped off by a sword.

He had a large amount of his spiritual force and essence blood drained by the [Bloodgod Sabre]. As soon as his head was cut off, his vitality was completely extinguished, and he was completely dead.

The change was sudden, and the hideous smile and pleased expression that the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother had right before his death was still on his face.

It was Song Shuhang. Unknowingly, he had crept behind the Moonsabre Sect senior apprentice brother, and his sword had descended, and sent his head flying.

Cultivators had countless methods to protect their lives and go all out. Song Shuhang had never forgotten what Jiang Ziyan had said at that time.

Even if he had crippled the other sides arms and legs, he had never relaxed his guard.

After losing the support of its master, the [Bloodgod Sabre] produced by the spell in the talisman shattered? And the talisman became ash.

Thank you. Ah Shilus face was pale as she said softly. Once againshe owed him.

No problem. Song Shuhang replied as usual. As the same time he exhaled deeply, settling his emotions, and adjusting his mental state.

Ah Shilu picked up her knife, and returned to the corpse to examine it.

He has nothing to identify him on him; his soul has also dissipated already. Itll be troublesome to discover his origin. Ah Shilu said gloomily.

Theres no problem ascertaining his identity. Song Shuhang had an outline in his head. The iron flying sword had a valuable lead

But before that, they had a small problem.
1: See what I did there! He has no sleeves! Or even hands! Hahahaha sorry lousy joke.