Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 126

Chapter 126 The Little Miss Doesnt Have Much Longer
Chapter 126- The little miss doesnt have much longer

Then sect leader, Ill go and make the arrangements. After enacting the second plan, Moonsabre Sect will need to lie low for a while until the thing blows over. After all, the Skyriver Su Clan isnt something we can use forcibly go against Well have to temporarily abandon the several centuries of legacy of our Moonsabre Sect. Young Master Hai said softly.

Several centuries of legacy is but a dead thing. What does it matter if we abandon it temporarily? The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers laughed. Alsoonce this matter blows over, we can make a comeback! Now, all the matters in the Moonsabre Sect will be left to you, elder, to manage.

The sects legacy was but a dead thing. How could it compare to the importance of his Heavenly Tribulation injuries?

Young Master Hai slightly nodded, and left the Moonsabre Sect main hall.

He withdrew that strange smiling intent in his eyes. All the sect disciples could see was the very image of a gentleman as refined as jade.

From far off, a female cultivator raced towards Young Master Hai. Both her cheeks were blushing as she came to a stop beside him. Elder Hai, all the Moonsabre Sect disciples have already finished their preparations. Appropriate preparations have already been made for everything that can be brought away from the sect. Things that cant be brought away have already all been hidden in the hidden storage deep within the sect.

Very good. Elder Yao Yan1, pass down the order. All Moonsabre Sect disciples are to gather in one hour. We need to complete the migration today and head to Blue Origin Valley, to stay there temporarily. Young Master Hai caressed the longsword on his waist, saying in a soft voice.

Yes, Ill arrange it. Yao Yan nodded slightly.

She reluctantly left to arrange the Moonsabre Sect disciples gathering.

Young Master Hai stood at a high spot and overlooked the busy Moonsabre Sect disciples. That strange smiling intent surfaced in his eyes again.

At this time, a clump of smoke appeared in his sleeve. That clump of smoke let out a weird laugh. Jiejie, Elder Hai you really are popular with the ladies. I think that Elder Yao has had affections for you for quite a long time. As long as you say something, even if its to pluck her to supplement yourself2, shell probably be willing. She may even take the initiative to run into your embrace?

Does Devil Monarch Anzhi feel I have the will to do this kind of thing? Young Master Hai smiled slightly.

Jiejie. The clump of black smoke used a volume that only Young Master Hai could hear to laugh eerily.

Devil Monarch, I need your help now. Young Master Hai said softly. Your true body has already reached the Jiangnan area right? Could you please help me capture that Su Clans Ah Shilu?

Leave it to me. Isnt it a matter as simple as flipping my hand? The black smoke in his sleeve laughed.

Then Ill have to make a request to Devil Monarch. Young Master Hai said.

Its all for our mutual benefit. The smoke in the sleeve began to quieten down.

Young Master Hai hand stretched towards the sky, and lightly grabbed at it. The posture was as if he was about to become an Immortal and ascend to Heaven. Such a posture bewitched several of the female disciples of the Moonsabre Sect.

Suddenly, a High Mountains and Flowing Waters3 melody began to play. Even though it was a BGM, it actually quite suited the posture of Young Master Hai.

Young Master Hai calmly withdrew his hand, and from his white robes, and took out an Iphone of the same model of the Lord of a Thousand Soldiers, and lightly swiped.

A cold and emotionless female voice sounded. Elder Hai, Ive found Su Clans Ah Qi.

Good, use some methods to stall him. The longer the better. Young Master Hais voice was gentle.

Yes, elder. Even if I have to put my life on the line, Ill complete my mission. The female voice was cold as usual, but it was resolute as she spoke.

NoI want you to retreat. Compared to the mission, you are more important to me. You must come back alive. Young Master Hais voice was soft.

Yes, Elder Hai. The females cold voice trembled as it hung up.

Hehehe. Young Master Hai kept his phone.

Everything was ready.

Now all that needed to be done was reel in the net!

Time flew by.

It was already one thirty in the afternoon.

Song Shuhang frowned. Senior Northriver had said Ah Qi would reach in ten minutes. Why hadnt he reached yet?

In comparison, Ah Shilu had a satisfied expression. She would rather Ah Qi not appear.

After resting on the sofa for half an hour, her injuries had been suppressed, and her small face was no longer white, but rosy.

Thats right Shuhang, you said before that you could find out the assassins identity? Ah Shilu looked at Song Shuhang expectantly.

I have some leads, and should be able to find out his identity. But I still have some things on. Well act when its evening? Song Shuhang replied.

Ah Qi still hadnt come, and he couldnt wait any longer. He had to go swipe his card at the driving centre at two, then go send Zhou Yaya to the station.

He opened the Nine Provinces Number One group, and sent a message to Loose Cultivator Northriver.

But Loose Cultivator Northriver didnt reply him.

What is it? Su Clans Ah Shilu stood up, and said, Since Ah Qi still isnt here, why not we go settle your things first? You can use the Nine Provinces Number One group to contact Ah Qi anyways!

No way, you just wait here for senior Ah Qi. I can settle my matters myself! Song Shuhang rejected righteously.

What kind of joke was this? If Ah Shilu went with him to send Zhou Yaya off, what kind of changes would the script about his life have?

Two oclock in the afternoon.

Song Shuhang had a bitter expression as he swiped his card at the driving centre.

Then he turned his head to look behind him.

Ten metres away, Ah Shilus gaze intersected with him. She coldly snorted, then turned her head away.

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly.

There was nothing he could do. Her legs belonged to her, and if she wanted to come, Song Shuhang couldnt stop her.

Two seventeen.

Song Shuhang returned to the hospital again, to send Zhou Yaya to the station.

When one looked back, there was Ah Shilu following ten metres behind.

Their gazes intersected again, and with another cold snort, she turned away again.

What was that supposed to mean?!

Another thing that exceeded his expectations was that Zhou Yaya didnt ask much. She just let him carry two bags, then walked together with him to the train.

Zhou Yaya could take the train to the motorcar station. Then, shell change to the the three oclock motorcar to go home.

Zhou Yaya finally lowered her voice and asked on the road, Is the miss behind your girlfriend?

No. Shes a junior of a friend of mine. I only just found out today. Song Shuhang lowered his voice.

Oh. Zhou Yaya nodded, then was silent again.

When Song Shuhang sent her onto the train, she lightly patted his shoulder. I wont ask you so much about why you carried her away from the hospital. But the little miss doesnt have much longer. if you have the time, go and have some fun with her. Dont let her have any regrets. Anyways, thats something youre good at.

Eh? Song Shuhang didnt know how to reply.

I think shes just playing at being difficult with you. Give in to the little miss, as shes still young and not very sensible yet. Zhou Yaya said sincerely.

She finally waved and got on the train.

Still young? Not very sensible? Song Shuhang looked at Ah Shilu.

Alright perhaps Ah Shilu was petite, and looked a bit young. But Song Shuhang was sure that she was probably older than him?

Still, Zhou Yaya was right Ah Shilu perhaps no longer had much time left.

Hiddenly sighing, Song Shuhang bought two ice creams from next to the train station.

Then he went to Ah Shilu and gave one to her.

Can you eat it? It wont affect your injuries right? Song Shuhang asked.

Ah Shilu silently accepted it, and lightly licked it.

Lets make a trip to the driving centre from just now. I need to participate in a Driving License Subject One theory test. Thenwell investigate that assassins identity. Song Shuhang said.

Mm. Ah Shilu nodded, quietly following behind Song Shuhang.

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1: Yao Yan means beautiful face in chinese.

2:Caibu () can be translated as Plucking to Nurture. The idea was that a person could greatly increase their cultivation by plundering the vital energies of their partner during sex. A male doing this to his female partner (as was usually the case) was said to be Plucking Yin to Nurture Yang (). It added a connotation of rape to dual cultivation, since it was victimizing and especially since young girls were seen as prime targets to plunder. From an article on dual cultivation: