Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Put Down The Su Clan Descendant
Chapter 127- Put down the Su Clan descendant!


When the driving centres theory lesson ended, Song Shuhang and Tubo went to sign up for the Driving License Subject One theory test.

To him and Tubo, the test had zero difficulties.

Before five minutes had even passed, they had already completed the test.

Then, the two of them retrieved the theory test results from the examiner, and left the testing area.

Shuhang, Ive already found a driving instructor. After we go pay the fees for cancellation of driving lessons at the driving centre, well wait afterwards for him to notify that we can start to learn driving. In at most half a month we can take the Driving License Subject Two Test. Tubo laughed quietly. The driving instructor he had found was the one who was the most efficient, and could arrange the Driving License Subject Two Test the fastest.

Sure. Tell me when its time to pay the fees. Song Shuhang then said, Thats right Tubo, I have to go out at night for something. Dont wait for me for dinner.

I see. Tubo replied.

The two of them waved goodbye at the driving centre.

When Song Shuhang left the driving centre, the Ah Shilu who had been waiting outside for him all this time came to greet him.

Where should we go next? What is the lead you said that time? She asked curiously.

Song Shuhang patted the iron sword that was hanging slanted at his waist. The lead is this flying sword of Great Master Tongxuan.

Because of the concealing formation, Ah Shilu couldnt see the flying sword. She remembered that Song Shuhang had relied on this flying sword to chop off the assassins head.

This flying sword was a lead?

Eh wait! Hadnt this flying sword been brought by that assassin at first?

This flying sword had been left behind by Great Master Tongxuan after a flying book delivery. Later on senior Medicine Master asked me to send it back to Grand Master Tongxuan by delivery service. Song Shuhang explained. However, yesterday the deliveryman Little Jiang called me to say he had been knocked out by someone and had the delivery stolen.

This matter was truly very coincidental.

No one would have expected that the assassin would bring the iron sword to assassinate Ah Shilu. In the end he had been counter killed by Song Shuhang with the flying sword.

Ah Shilu asked, The flying sword was robbed by the assassin?

Song Shuhang shook his head. No. The one who robbed the delivery wasnt the assassin. According to Little Jiang on the phone, the robber has already been caught, and is with him as of now. I think that the robber and assassin are very likely companions.

So, we can go and look for the robber now. Perhaps we can obtain the information we want from him. As long as we can ascertain his identity, everything will be revealed.

Song Shuhang suspected that the Immortal Farming Sect matter was related to the power behind the assassin. It was obvious that they wanted to create conflict between the Immortal Farming Sect and Su Clans Ah Qi, and somehow gain benefits through that.

Then well go over to Little Jiang now? Ah Shilus eyes shined.

Ill give a call first, and ask Little Jiang where he is. Song Shuhang opened his phone, and called Little Jiangs number.

Very quickly, Sima Jiang answered.

Without waiting for Song Shuhang to say something, Sima Jiang quickly said, Song Shuhang, you wanted to ask for news about the delivery right? Dont worry, weve already gotten from the robber a description of his accomplice and his location. Ill definitely get the delivery back tonight!

Song Shuhang looked at the flying sword on his waist, and laughed. Haha, theres no need to look for that delivery anymore. Because of some coincidences, the delivery item has already come back into my hands. Ill tell you the details next time. I need you to do me a favour now Little Jiang. I want to meet the robber, and ask him some questions.

Sima Jiang froze, but he immediately replied. No problem. Im now at the Jiangnan delivery service headquarters. Where are you now? Why not I drive to you immediately to pick you up!

That works too. Then pick me up at the Jiangnan University City East Gate to pick me up. Song Shuhang responded.

Ill be there soon. Sima Jiang replied.

After hanging up the phone, Song Shuhang said Lets go. Well go to the schools East Gate to wait for Little Jiang.

Mm. Su Clans Ah Shilu made a sound of agreement.

The two went along the river of people in the school grounds towards the schools East Gate.

Ah Shilu, why isnt Ah Qi here yet? Song Shuhang asked.

After originally saying that hell reach in ten minutes, hadnt several hours passed already?

Who knows? Ah Shilu asked

Ill ask in the group. Song Shuhang opened the Nine Provinces Number One group, and sent a message there.

Great Pressure of Mt.Books: Senior Ah Qi, you still havent reached yet?

Loose Cultivator Northriver replied, I dont have any reply from Ah Qi on my side either. Maintain contact, when I have news from Ah Qi Ill immediately contact you.

Alright maintain contact. Ill be going on a trip to the Jiangnan delivery service headquarters later. If senior Ah Qi replies, then tell him to go directly to the headquarters to meet up. Song Shuhang replied.

Loose Cultivator Northriver: Alright, take care of your safety.

Ah Shilu sighed. Forget it. Let me ask. Lend me your phone Shuhang, Ill give Ah Qi a call to ask him where he is.

That cant be better. Song Shuhang turned, and gave her his phone.

Ah Shilu lowered her head to input the number.

After a moment, she frowned. Ah Qis phone ran out of battery? The phone is off.

Then we can only wait for him to contact us himself Huh? Whats that? Song Shuhang pointed at the distance, and asked suspiciously.

In the direction he pointed, there could be seen not far off in the sky, a ball made of black smoke flying quickly through the sky.

And behind this ball, was a five metre Pekingese dog1, wagging its tongue as it chased, unwilling to stop.

A ball and a dog were chasing each other around in midair.

But, of the students below, not one could see this ball and this dog, as if they didnt exist.

A demonic beast? Ah Shilu asked.

Demonic beasts had special bodies, and ordinary people couldnt see them.

While talking, the ball suddenly changed course, and shot towards Song Shuhang and Ah Shilu.

One of Song Shuhangs hands went onto the flying sword, and the other grabbed a Dispel Evil Talisman in his pocket, ready to activate it any moment.

When the ball of black smoke neared, it suddenly expanded, and trapped Song Shuhang and Ah Shilu inside.

A cold voice resounded from the smoke, Jiejie, Su Clans descendant, I found you!

Who is it? Song Shuhang shouted.

When his voice had just finished sounding out, he could only feel a giant hand grab his entire body. He felt as if he was riding the clouds and flying on the mist as he floated up!

And the Su Clans Ah Shilu behind him was pushed away by an invisible force.

Jiejie, my name is Devil Monarch Anzhi! The ball of smoke let out a weird laugh. Su Clan descendant, would you go on a trip with me? Relax, I dont want your life!

The assassins companion? Song Shuhang asked.

Also, Im not the Su Clans descendant.

Devil Monarch Anzhi, you probably caught the wrong person?

Devil Monarch Anzhi didnt reply to Song Shuhang, because that giant Pekingese dog let out an enraged roar, and quickly neared, and bit at the smoke.

Screw this dog. Devil Monarch Anzhi grabbed tightly onto Song Shuhang, soaring quickly into the sky.

Woof woof! The giant Pekingese dog continued in hot pursuit, not giving up.

Just as Devil Monarch Anzhi grabbed the Su Clans descendant who was surnamed Song, a figure raced out from a corner of the school grounds, chasing after the ball. Put down the Su Clan descendant! Bastard! Shes OUR target!

This was the adorably foolish uncle, and his hands were tied up in bandages.

The ball that was Devil Monarch Anzhi, a dog, and an uncle were chasing each other. They quickly disappeared.

The main character of this act, Su Clans Ah Shilu was rubbing her stomach in pain after getting up. Speaking of which, she was the real Su Clan descendant right?

What exactly were these people playing at, catching Song Shuhang instead?

1. Heres the google image search of it. I suggest you look at it, because the imagery is part of why the scene is so ridiculous.