Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 129

Chapter 129 The Attacking Weaklings
Chapter 129- The attacking weaklings!

Su Clans Ah Qi said, What happened? Tell me all the details.

Ah Shiliu started from how she had suffered an attack from the Immortal Farming Sect uncle at the hospital, to how Song Shuhang had stepped out to help. Then, there was the assassination attack, and finally how she and Song Shuhang had been about to go to the Jiangnan delivery service headquarters to search for leads on the assassin. Then, that strange ball of smoke had kidnapped Song Shuhang Oh right, there was also that Pekingese dog which chased after the ball.

After finishing, Ah Shiliu asked, Ah Qi, did you really snatch the treasure of the Immortal Farming Sect, and injure their people?

I wouldnt do this kind of thing. Ah Qi shook his head.

But, a few days ago I indeed did go to the Immortal Farming Sect. Saying this, he frowned. At that time, I had met a friend I got along with very well. When he found out I was searching for medicines that could cure Heavenly Tribulation injuries, he recommended me the Sevenshine Wonderfruit from the Immortal Farming Sect. The Immortal Farming Sect is a small sect that specialises in growing various types of spiritual plants. In the cultivation world they can be considered to have a bit of fame. That friend went with me to the Immortal Farming Sect, and enquired about whether they would part with the Sevenshine Wonderfruit. However, we were rejected by the Immortal Farming Sect. The Sevenshine Wonderfruit was their precious treasure, and they werent willing to sell it. I thus got rid of this notion, and continued searching for other medicines.

It now seemed likesince the time he and his friend went towards the Immortal Farming Sect, they were locked onto by this Moonsabre Sect. And after they had snatched away the Sevenshine Wonderfruit, they pushed the blame to him! They were trying to incite conflict between the Immortal Farming Sect and him, and get some benefits from the side?

As long as you dont court death you wont die! Why were there always some people who didnt understand that?

Ah Qi, what should we do now? Song Shuhang has been snatched away. Ah Shiliu said, and it was also her fault he had been snatched away.

Do you know where they brought him? Ah Qi asked.

Ah Shiliu shook her head. She had seen the direction the ball of smoke had fled in, but the other side had kept changing directions. It had also cut off its aura to avoid being tracked. After so long had passed, there was no way to chase even if they wanted to.

She was slightly worried about Song Shuhangs safety. If the enemy suddenly realized halfway that the one he had caught wasnt the Su clan descendant, he may just end up directly killing Song Shuhang. The longer the time that passed, the more danger he was in!

Dont be impatientwe still have a lead. Su Clans Ah Qi considered for a moment, then explained. The companion of the assassin that Song Shuhang mentioned is a lead. Well go and meet him now!

As he was speaking, the phone in Ah Shilius hand rang.

She swiped it open, and coincidentally, it was the deliveryman Little Jiang.

Ah Shiliu accepted the call.

Hey, student Shuhang, Ive already reached the Jiangnan University City East Gate! Where are you? Sima Jiangs voice sounded from the phone.

Ah Shiliu considered her surroundings, and quickly discovered a seven seater delivery car not far from the East Gate. Mr Jiang, I see you, Ill be going over now.

Sima Jiang froze when he heard a female voice. Suspiciously, he asked. You are?

Im Song Shuhangs friend. The one who needs to see the robber is me. Ah Shiliu replied. At the same time, she approached the delivery car with Su Clans Ah Qi.

Wheres student Song Shuhang? Sima Jiang felt suspicious when he saw Ah Qi and Ah Shiliu, but no sign of Song Shuhang.

At this time, Ah Qi opened his mouth, and said gently. He has something urgent on so he left first. He wont be accompanying us to see the robber. Relax, you just need to bring us to see the robber.

Ah Qis voice seemed to have some strange quality in it that seemed to made people relax.

When Sima Jiang heard him, he nodded. He actually no longer suspected him, and started up the car to drive to the delivery service headquarters!

The robber was being closely guarded, and he was boredly sitting in the underground room. He had sunk into a stupor.

Had Sima Jiangs men and his senior apprentice brother clashed yet, and what was the conclusion? Did his senior apprentice brother suffer, or were Sima Jiangs men annihilated?

Actually, would the Moonsabre Sect send people to save him?

While in a stupor, someone opened the door to the underground room.

Sima Jiang brought in a man and a girl into the room.

The one who robbed me that time was this fellow. Sima Jiang introduced.

Thank you. Ill take it from here. Su Clans Ah Qis voice was still gentle. It continued to bring a safe feeling to people as usual.

Sima Jiang silently nodded his head, and left his secret room, closing his door on his way out.

When he left, Su Clans Ah Qi raised his finger, and the magical sabre rose into the air. There were lines on the sabre that begin to emit light. In that instant, an isolating formation that prevented spying from outsiders as well as cut off sound was erected.

When the robber saw this, he already knew that things werent so good.

Say it. Your name, origin, and what are you doing here? Su Clans Ah Qi said in a low voice. Even if he hadnt done anything, his body still had a terrifying aura suppressing the robber, pressuring him to the point he had problems breathing.

Im called Zhao Bul1, an outer sect disciples of the Moonsabre Sect. Zhao Bul didnt even have the thought of resisting. He basically said all the details he knew completely. I just received orders from the higher ups several days ago to keep watch on the Su Clan descendants position. Im just an outer sect disciple. Ill do whatever the higher ups tell me to do. Thats all I know.

He was a member of the Moonsabre Sect as expected. And he had been monitoring Su Clans Ah Shiliu position from a few days agoAnd it was even before he himself had went to the Immortal Farming Sect.

If so then the friend who had brought him to the Immortal Farming Sect deserved some contemplation!

Su Clans Ah Qi would admit himself that he was a boorish person. He wasnt good at hidden plots, and didnt have a way with words. From the time he had begun his journey of the Dao, he had encountered many conspiracies. What he relied on was his body as well as this magical sabre in his hands!

Final question. Where is the Moonsabre Sect. Su Clans Ah Qi asked in a low voice.

In China, an area with high mountains and untouched forests. The specific location is xxxx. Zhao Bulu said everything he knew in great detail.

How sensible. Su Clans Ah Qi turned to Ah Shiliu. Lets go to the Moonsabre Sect.

Ah Shiliu silently nodded.

The two left. Zhao Buls sweat was floating endlessly, and his breath was ragged. Facing Su Clans Ah Qi had made him feel as if he could die at any moment.

At the exit of the underground room, Sima Jiang was waiting for Ah Qi and Ah Shiliu.

Yes, weve already gotten the answers we wanted. Thank you Mr Sima. Ah Shiliu smiled. A lot of thanks need to be given to you for this matter. When this matter is over, Ill prepare a thank you gift.

Its alright. Sima Jiang quickly said.

We still have some things to attend to. Well make a move first. You can continue on. Goodbye. Su Clans Ah Qi waved.

Sima Jiang took a while before he nodded. He followed their departure with his eyes.

When Su Clans Ah Qi had left far away, Sima Jiang scratched his head suddenly. Was I possessed today?

He felt he had been too obedient to that man just now. Not even sons listened to their fathers as much as he did.

On the other side.

Devil Monarch Anzhi carried Song Shuhang and flew a distance, before stopping.

Before him, appeared a group of Immortal Farming Sect cultivators with scorching gazes.

Behind him, was a Pekingese dog that relentlessly pursued him!

Hand over Su Clans Ah Shiliu! That group of Immortal Farming Sect cultivators said viciously. These Immortal Farming Sect disciples didnt specialise in fighting, were yet so aggresive today.

Jiejie, a bunch of weaklings. You want to block me? Devil Monarch Anzhi had long since had a belly full of fire because of that demon dog behind him.

Now, even these Immortal Farming Sect cultivators who only had a power level of five2, were underestimating him as well?

1: His name means lawless in Chinese. Dont ask me what his parents was thinking when naming him

2: This is a meme about how when Raditz came to Earth in Dragon Ball, he looked down on a farmer because he only had a power level of 5, which is low considering Dragon Balls power levels. Tldr: The Immortal Farming Sect members are weak.