Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 130

Chapter 130 There Are Many Things Wrong With This First Experience Of The Blue Sky
Chapter 130- There are many things wrong with this first experience of the blue sky!

The ambushing Immortal Farming Sect backup had a strength of seventeen men. They all had great momentum, and were full of fighting spirit. What was a pity was thatthat was the only thing good about them. Their strength was too weak, and among the backup of seventeen men, two were Rank 3 cultivators, while the rest were all Rank 2.

And also, the Immortal Farming Sect had fame in the nearby cultivation world for being weak in combat power. The amount of power these seventeen could unleash were extremely suspect.

At this time the figure of the Immortal Farming Sect uncle rushed in from behind. He was wearing a pair of blue shoes, which was actually a magical treasure. Only with this magical treasure could he chase tightly behind Devil Monarch Anzhi, and acually be slightly faster than the giant Pekingese demon dog!

Of course, there was also the reason that the Pekingese demon dog wasnt going all out to catch up. For a demon of such rank, its intelligence wasnt inferior to humans. It saw that there was conflict between the Immortal Farming Sect uncle and Devil Monarch Anzhi, and it was happy to reap benefits from the side, and let the uncle be the vanguard.

Before Immortal Farming Sect uncle even reached, his voice reached. Go! Its the fellow in the black smoke that kidnapped Su Clans Ah Shiliu! Beat him up!

Then, the uncle bellowed in rage, and leapt into the air. His body spun and transformed into the horn of a poison dragon, drilling towards Devil Monarch Anzhi. His first move was already a big move.

All the seventeen Immortal Farming Sect members followed suit with their own attacks, executing various methods of their own.

Because only Rank 4 cultivators could remotely control swords, apart from three who used bows and arrows, the rest of the Immortal Farming Sect cultivators could only leap high into the air, side by side!

With the addition of the uncle there were eighteen Immortal Farming Sect cultivators. All jumped to a height of five floors, vigorously attacking. They raised their hands and fists, and True Qi fluctuated. There were various light effects, and this was a sight even more magnificent than modern day wuxia shows.

Then, they collectively gave Devil Monarch Anzhi0 points of damage.

The airborne Devil Monarch just laughed coldly.

Ding ding ding, the attacks of the Immortal Farming Sect cultivators could only futilely produce sparks on that circular defense.

Then, under the effect of gravity, these cultivators all fell to the ground.

Devil Monarch Anzhi had never even put these weaklings in his sights. He gazes swept towards the distance, where that giant Pekingese dog was wagging its tongue, quickly closing the distance.

Within another ten breaths, that giant Pekingese would be able to bite him again.

I need to get rid of these weaklings within five breaths! Devil Monarch Anzhi said hiddenly in his heart.

Hah! He shouted, and that circular defense suddenly exploded, transforming into over a hundred black coloured short swords.

Go! Devil Monarch Anzhi roared in a low voice, and those hundred over black coloured short swords seemed to be as lively as piranhas, scattering to separately rush at the Immortal Farming Sect cultivators.

Swish swish swish swish A succession of sounds of sharp swords cutting open flesh. Fresh blood spurted and there were continuous wails.

One breath later

Apart from the uncle and the other two Rank 3 Immortal Farming Sect cultivators, all the rest of the Immortal Farming Sect members were lying sprawled on the ground, each person having over ten sword wounds on their body.

As soon as they had met, more than half of them were defeated. It could only be said as expected of the Immortal Farming Sect!

Rank 4 and above cultivators, are difficult to deal with as expected. The Immortal Farming Sect uncle grit his teeth.

Remote sword techniques and Rank 4 cultivation. Rank 4 cultivators had been called Pseudo Core Cultivators in ancient times, and were just one step away from forming a Gold Core and becoming a Rank 5 Gold Core Spirit Emperor.

They had so many people, and yet still werent a match for the enemy.

Damnit, their Immortal Farming Sects strongest back up still wasnt here yet. That person still needed time before he could rush here!

They had to hold on, at least until apprentice brother Justmight could rush here.

As he was thinking this, the uncles eyes widened at the black smoke. Huh?

Because the defensive black smoke had transformed into a school of fish-like swords, the black smoke had parted and revealed Devil Monarch Anzhis true appearance. He was a crimson armoured muscular fellow with short hair. His features were covered with black smoke, making it difficult for people to see how he looked like.

But that wasnt the important part. What was important was the one behind Devil Monarch Anzhi. Behind Devil Monarch Anzhi was a giant tail, which had transformed into a giant hand to grasp someone.

Logically speaking, the one being grasped should be the little miss Su Clans Ah Shiliu.

But, the one the uncle was currently staring at was a man with a young fair face.

Scammer! The uncle pointed at Song Shuhang, Bastard, why is it you, wheres Su Clans Ah Shiliu?

Haah? Devil Monarch Anzhi also froze, turning his head to look at the human shaped thing grasped in its tail.

HahaBlergh Song Shuhang made a tragic laugh.

Once upon a time, there was a Song Shuhang who had dreamed of soaring through the blue sky.

In his fantasies, he was either flying a plane, soaring through the sky, sweeping unhindered through the Heavens and the Earth.

Or he had mastered using swords to achieve flight. He would step on sword light to soar through the air, haughtily laughing at the nine provinces and four seas!

What kind of free and unrestrained picture would that paint?

But he had never expected that his first time flying through the sky would be him riding through the clouds and on the mist while kidnapped.

There are many things wrong with this first experience of the blue sky! It had in but a short time shattered his fantasies of how good boys should charge towards the sky!

Fantasies were so plentiful. Alas, reality was yet so cruel.

Youre not Su Clans Ah Shiliu? Devil Monarch Anzhi asked suspiciously.

Haha. Song Shuhang used a taunting manner to laugh tragically, to show his complicated feelings.

If youre not Ah Shiliu, why did you run out and shout nonsense when I called out Su Clans descendant? Devil Monarch Anzhi raged.

Haha After a moment of silence, Song Shuhang decided to use a taunting manner to laugh tragically again. Your granddaddy, I just shouted a Who is it at that time alright? You kidnapped me, thinking I was Su Clans Ah Shiliu just based on this?

Theres something wrong with the target. RETREAT! The Immortal Farming Sects adorably foolish uncle made a resolute decision, and shouted out.

As for this damnable scammer? What did he have to do with it whether he lived or died? He only cared about Su Clans Ah Shiliu!

Devil Monarch Anzhi froze for about two breaths

Jiejiejie, interesting, very interesting! Suddenly, Devil Monarch Anzhi started to laugh loudly. No one knew what he was laughing about. What was so funny here?

Hehe! Sword! At this moment, Song Shuhang held the talisman in his pocket between his finger and thumb with great difficulty. He activated it.

Before, he had been grasped too tightly by the Devil Monarchs hand. He used a lot of effort before being able to once again hold the Sword Talisman between his finger and thumb. Taking advantage of when the Devil Monarch was astonished, he finally found an opportunity to use the Sword Talisman.

When the Sword Talisman was activated, a dignified and lofty illusory figure appeared behind Song Shuhang. It gazed at Devil Monarch Anzhi.

Then, following Song Shuhangs will, that figure used a finger as a sword, chopping out towards Devil Monarch Anzhis tail.

Resplendent sword light flashed, firmly locking onto Devil Monarch Anzhi. To Devil Monarch Anzhi, nothing else seemed to exist in the world except that sword.

This was a treasure talisman created by a Grandmaster of the Dao of Talismans, and this sword light was a spectacular sword art!

But, that Dao of Talismans Grandmaster didnt have a high cultivation. At the very least, when he had been creating this talisman, he hadnt formed his core and ascended to a Spirit Emperor yet. So, the sword created by the talisman only exhibited the power of a Rank 3 cultivator.

But Devil Monarch Anzhi didnt dare to disregard this sword light. Although it had only Rank 3 strength, this was a spectacular sword art. Perhaps if he wasnt careful, he might suffer an unexpected failure here!