Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 131

Chapter 131 What Does One Do When One Meets A Giant Demonic Beast
Chapter 131- What does one do when one meets a giant demonic beast?

Facing the sword light that was chopping towards his tail, Devil Monarch Anzhi suddenly made a weird smile. He loosened his tail, and tossed Song Shuhang away from a tall height.

No one knew what the thinking or logic of devil cultivators was Song Shuhang had originally chopped out with this sword in an attempt to force Devil Monarch Anzhi to throw him away, so that he could escape.

But he didnt expect that, when the sword light hadnt even landed yet, Devil Monarch Anzhi would voluntarily throw toss him away.

Or perhaps to the Devil Monarch, since Song Shuhang wasnt Su Clans Ah Shiliu, he had no value? Or did he have some other intention?

No one knew what he was thinking.

Immediately, Devil Monarch Anzhi clasped his hands together. The black coloured short swords that covered the sky shuttled back, forming a surging ball of swords in front of the Devil Monarch.

The ball of swords met the sword light from the talismans.


The black coloured ball of swords collided with that resplendent sword light. True Origin energy mutually exploded, and the shockwaves of Qi transformed into substance as they spread in all directions.

The Song Shuhang who was falling from the sky was struck by the blast, and like a rocket, accelerated towards the ground

At this moment, Rocket Song Shuhang had only one thought: Dont hit something hard!

Boom boom boom

In the sky, after the flashes and shadows of swords clashing and the shockwaves of Qi, Devil Monarch Anzhi continued to haughtily stand in mid air, a black coloured streak of light supporting him beneath his feet.

Not even the slightest bit harmed, and the airs of an expert were displayed at this moment without a doubt!

Woof woof! At this moment, the far off giant Pekingese gave two loud roars, and four wheels made out of fire appeared under its feet, looking extremely similar to Wind Flame Wheels1.

With the assistance of the Wind Flame Wheels, the speed of the giant Pekingese demon dogs running increased by not just one level. Like a hungry dog pouncing on food, it opened its mouth to take a bite at Devil Monarch Anzhi.

Fudge, why does this dog keep chasing me down relentlessly. Devil Monarch Anzhis airs of an expert didnt even last for two seconds before being broken.

He hurriedly withdrew those black coloured short swords that covered the sky, reforming it into smoke again. He then began to move about in midair, cutting a sorry figure as he avoided the giant Pekingese demon dog.


Song Shuhang finally fell to the ground. Fortunately, he didnt crash into rock. But even then, he still felt as if his internal organs were shattered into pieces. Acute pain continuously pounded into his mental state.

As of now, he felt that he was really right in all the hard work he had spent cultivating the past few days. Thankfully, his body has been strengthened to this point, or he would have died from this fall.

On the other side, the Immortal Farming Sect uncle and the other two Rank 3 cultivators were quickly dealing with their companions.

The Immortal Farming Sect cultivators could still be considered to be lucky. Although so many had fallen to the ground heavily injured, at least none had died.

Dog, wait for this monarch. When this monarch is free, Ill butcher you for some dog meat. In the air, Devil Monarch Anzhi roared angrily.

It looked like he had suffered a bit under the Pekingeses mouth.

Then, his body shot downwards, and like an eagle catching a chicksnatched away the Immortal Farming Sect uncle.

He didnt catch Song Shuhang, but instead caught the uncle. Then, the Devil Monarch fled far away

Maybe the Devil Monarch was nearsighted, and caught the wrong person again?

In mid air, the giant Pekingese spat away some black substance in its mouth. With contempt in its eyes, Woof woof!

Apprentice brother Justheart! The female cultivator among the two Rank 3 cultivators shouted in surprise after the uncle was snatched away. Immediately, she jumped and chased in the direction of Devil Monarch Anzhi.

So the adorably foolish Immortal Farming Sect uncle had the Daoist title Justheart.

The remaining Rank 3 cultivator also wanted to give chase, but when seeing the floor covered with injured apprentice brothers, he could only hiddenly grit his teeth. He forcefully held back the desire to give chase, staying back to treat their injuries.

The injured farming sect disciple all half sat up with his help. They sat cross legged and adjusted their breathing, recovering from their wounds.

Lightly sighing, this Rank 3 cultivator looked at the far off body of Song Shuhang that was lying down.

After thinking it over, he still went over. Half supporting Song Shuhang, he fed him a medicinal pill that helped recover injuries.

The Immortal Farming Sect specialised in growing various kinds of spiritual herbs and immortal medicines. The amount of medicinal pills the sect had wasnt little, which was why they were willing to spare a medicinal pill that healed injuries to a stranger.

Also this was the style of the Immortal Farming Sect. Their sect had the style of being simple and honest. The vast majority of the sect disciples had kind dispositions. If not for their sects most precious treasure, the Sevenshine Wonderfruit, being snatched, they wouldnt have been so angry.

It was also thanks to how it was relatively peaceful for the past few hundred years in the cultivation world. If not, a sect full of good guys and had poor fighting strength would have had it hard to pass on its Daoist traditions.

After Song Shuhang took this pill, he could clearly feel a refreshing feeling spread from his mouth into his internal organs. His originally painful internal organs became very comfortable after the refreshing feeling passed through.

Several breaths later, his internal injuries were already healed.

Thank you. Song Shuhang took a deep breath and climbed up from the ground.

This Rank 3 had a complicated gaze, and in the end sighed. No problem.

After speaking, those Immortal Farming Sect had finished adjusting their breathing, and gathered.

That uncle named Justheart had been caught, and another female Rank 3 cultivator chased after. The current member of the Immortal Farming Sect amongst those here who had the strongest strength and highest identity was this Rank 3 cultivator beside him.

There was a disciple with childhood innocence on his face who now looked bitter. Apprentive brother Justwords, what do we do next?

Su Clans Ah Shiliu hadnt been caught, but instead their apprentice brother Justheart had been caught by that monster, and even apprentice sister Justjoy had also chased after. This was really losing ones wife as well as ones soldiers, an extreme loss.

Thinking about all this, the disciple with childhood innocence viciously glared at Song Shuhang. He felt that all this was caused by Song Shuhang.

Next well just wait for apprentice brother Justmight to come before making a decision. Theres apprentice sister Justjoy following apprentice brother Justheart. Maintain contact with her. The apprentice brother Justmight he spoke of was the Rank 4 cultivator of this times small reinforcements team. He was also the strongest battle strength of the current Immortal Farming Sect.

At this time, the members of the Immortal Farming Sect were all filled with distress.

Suddenly, Song Shuhang raised his hand into the air and asked softly. Um Excuse me, can I just ask a question?

Hmph. That disciple with childhood innocence coldly harrumphed.

Please speak fellow Daoist. Apprentice brother Justwords spoke.

I just wanted to know, if a powerful demon beast is charging towards us, what do we do?

That giant Pekingese demon dog had had its fun chasing Devil Monarch Anzhi, and it made a round on its Wind Fire Wheels. Wagging its tongue, it changed its direction towards the direction of the Immortal Farming Sect crowd.

The Immortal Farming Sect disciples blankly stared at the giant Pekingese demon dog slowly drifting towards them. No one could answer Song Shuhangs question.

Is it carnivorous? Someone said softly.

Definitely. Song Shuhang replied. Have you ever seen a giant dog that doesnt eat meat?

Should we run? Another person asked an idiotic question.

Who could run faster than this Pekingese dog? Also, it flies!

Could they only leave it to fate, or hope the Pekingese dog was full?

Thats right before I left the sect, apprentice brother Justgreat gave me a manual to deal with various dangers. It may be useful here! That disciple with childhood innocence suddenly remembered something. He quickly reached into his clothes and pulled out a hardcover notebook.

Apprentice brother Justgreat was the professional in the Immortal Farming Sect in charge of rearing demonic beasts. He also travelled far and wide, and was very experienced. Perhaps he had recorded a method to deal with giant fierce beasts!

The disciple with childhood innocence quickly flipped to section on demonic beasts.

1: A magical treasure belonging to Nezha in mythology.