Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Im Surnamed Song And This Is My Identity Card
Chapter 132- Im surnamed Song, and this is my identity card!

Song Shuhang looked at the hardcover notebook with some doubts. This thing wasnt any wise counsel. Could it really be employed here?

Found it. This paragraph: As a professional demon beast breeder, I will give you some of my personal experiences, as well as some experiences orally handed down by older generations of demon beast breeders. If hypothetically, right now you were to meet a large cat or dog race demon beast, what should you do? That disciple with childhood innocence on his face said excitedly.

Apprentice brother Justgreat youre the best! This is EXACTLY what we need!

Continuing to read on.

At this time, you must not panic. Maintain your calm. First, take note of the large demon beasts gaze. Is it lowering its head and staring at you, its gaze never leaving you for a moment? If so, you need to take note. I can guarantee you, this proves its already added you to its menu!

The Immortal Farming Sect disciple looked up to look at the Pekingese demon dog. Just as apprentice brother wrote on the notebook, the dog was glaring at them like it was eyeing its prey, coming closer step by step.

This was obviously the lead up to adding everyone to its menu.

Continue reading. Does apprentice Justgreat record a method to deal with large demonic beasts? Someone else called out.

The disciple with childish innocence continued to read. At this time, you must not panic. Maintain your calm. Keep in mind not to lower your head. Dont be submissive and show your vital parts either. This will make the demon beast think you are food that it can eat as and when it wants. Keep in mind not to run. Apprentice brother, you will never run faster than a demon beast. You would instead arouse its hunting instincts. Especially cat type demon beasts, they like to toy around with fleeing prey. Even if they are full, they still like to toy with prey until the prey dies.

Now, do your best to stand straight, with a stern gaze and your face must be filled with anger. Then spread your arms and shout loudly. For example, something like Screw your mother! If you have the guts come eat your grandaddy or If you dont eat me, then youre a dog***!. Show as much of a imposing manner as possible!

The childish disciple said to this point, and there was immediately an Immortal Farming Sect disciple who stepped out.

He spread his arms in front of the Pekingese dog, and with a stern gaze, roared. Screw your mother! If you have the guts come eat your grandaddy!

If you dont eat me, then youre a dog***!

A loud roar, and a powerfully imposing manner!

Song Shuhang was very skeptical. Would this really work? Wouldnt it enrage the giant Pekingese demon dog?

He remembered that in the Nine Provinces Number One group, a senior had mentioned while chatting that high ranking demon beasts had intelligence not one whit inferior to humans, and could even speak human languages.

However this method that left people speechless really was effective!

The airborne Pekingese demon dog really froze. It squatted in mid air, wagging its tongue as it stared at these Immortal Farming Sect disciples.

Its effective, its really effective. Quickly flip to the next page, what do we do next? How do we chase away this demon dog? That disciple with a stern gaze and a face full of anger asked, his confidence rising.

The disciple with childhood innocence nodded, and his heart bearing great expectations, flipped to the next page.

Only to see a single sentence on the next page.

This way, perhaps you may be able to die with some dignity

What kind of joke was this!

The disciple with childhood innocence immediately shut the notebook.

Apprentice brother Justgreat, screw your mother! How could you screw this apprentice brother of yours over!

Quickly say the next step! Ive already shocked this demon dog into stopping! Tell me what I need to do next! Or else we wont be able to keep it shocked for long! That disciple who had stepped out said agitatedly.

What to do? What to do?

The disciple with childhood innocence felt moisture in his eyes. He really wanted to cry.

The Pekingese demon dog squatted in mid air, looking at the Immortal Farming Sect disciples shouting. It had a hint of laughing ridicule in its eyes. Thats right, Song Shuhang could guarantee that he hadnt seen wrongly, and that there were vivid expressions in its eyes.

Seeing this kind of expression, Song Shuhang heaved a sigh in his heart. At least this Pekingese demon dog didnt have any malicious intentions towards humans.

After laughing, it shook the hair on its body, before stepping on air to make its leave. Before it left, it even gave a profound look to Song Shuhang.

After the giant demon dog left, the Immortal Farming Sect disciples all exhaled in relief. As for the disciple who had stepped out to shout at the Pekingese demon dog, he fell flat on his butt, no longer able to stay standing.

The method apprentice brother Justgreat recorded is really effective. That giant demon dog really left! That disciple didnt even know how close he was to deaths door just now. He still had excellent praise for that method recorded by apprentice brother Justgreat. The next time I meet a cat or dog type demon beast, I no longer need to be scared!

That disciple with childhood innocence hiddenly clutched at the notebook. He was considering whether to let this apprentice brother of his have a look at the last line from this notebook. Or else, what would he do if this apprentice brother recklessly scolded a demon beast the next time he met one, and ended up being eaten?

After resting at the same place for a while, the Immortal Farming Sect disciples had their wounds healed.

The Immortal Farming Sect disciples gathered into a circle. They were waiting for their pillar, that apprentice brother Justmight to rush over.

Song Shuhang was by his lonesome at the side, leaning on a tree.

What came next was finding a way to travel to Jiangnan University City. He had been thrown away in this desolate wilderness, and had to go see if there were any public roads nearby.

Apart from that, it was also best to make a call to Su Clans Ah Shiliu, to notify her he was safe.

Andthere was still the matter regarding the Immortal Farming Sect.

Song Shuhang looked at the Immortal Farming Sect disciples gathered together. He already owed them two favours.

If they hadnt attacked Devil Monarch Anzhi, Song Shuhang would never have even found a chance to extricate himself.

Then, that apprentice brother Justwords had fed him a medicinal pill for recovering injuries.

Thinking to this point, he rubbed his forehead.

The Immortal Farming Sect and Su Clans Ah Qi still had a enmity to settle. Although there were many suspicious points about this enmity, the Immortal Farming Sect had already seemed to identify the culprit as Ah Qi.

While thinking, the Immortal Farming Sect disciple with childhood innocence came before Song Shuhang. With great effort, he made a ferocious expression. Are you the Su Clan descendant?

His question attracted the attention of many of his companions. They too were suspicious over Song Shuhangs identity.

Im not you should have have heard the shouts from the uncle just now? Im just an innocent victim Devil Monarch Anzhi accidentally caught. Song Shuhang said seriously.

Do you have evidence? The disciple with childish innocence said.

Evidence? Song Shuhang never thought that there would be a day where someone would actually ask him to prove that he was himself.

Thinking through it, he took out his wallet. If you must have it can this do?

He took out his identity card from his wallet.

Name: Song Shuhang Gender: Male

Then it was his date of birth.

The Immortal Farming Sect Rank 3 cultivator apprentice brother Justwords lightly floated towards him, and received the identity card to check it.

Mm, hes surnamed Song. Hes indeed not the Su Clan descendant. Apprentice brother Justwords said seriously, then handed the identity card back to Song Shuhang.

The Immortal Farming Sect disciples were at once gratified, and yet disappointed as they lowered their heads.

Perhaps he follows his mothers surname? This disciple with childhood innocence seemed to be unwilling to let off Song Shuhang. Unwilling to let him off, he said, His father may be surnamed Su!

Song Shuhang couldnt help but speak out, I say, could you not just randomly change another persons ancestory?

Apologies. Because there were some issues with the mission, my apprentice brothers got agitated. Apprentice brother Justwords scolded that disciple with childhood innocence a bit, and let him return to his companions.

Then, apprentice brother Justwords himself sat down next to Song Shuhang.

Six days ago, Su Clans Ah Qi and an unfamiliar cultivator came to our Immortal Farming Sect as guests. Without caring about anything else, he started to narrate