Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 133

Chapter 133 What Each Conspiracy Needs
Chapter 133- What each conspiracy needs

That day, Su Clans Ah Qi met our sect leader. He is a Rank 5 cultivator who has been famous for a very long time, and our Immortal Farming Sect naturally treated him with due respect. Ah Qi and our sect leader interacted for a very long time, and at first both the host and guest were enjoying themselves.

Then, Su Clans Ah Qi enquired about the Sevenshine Wonderfruit. Because a junior of his had failed a tribulation, he was searching for medicines to help heal this junior. Through recommendations, he had come to our Immortal Farming Sect. The Sevenshine Wonderfruit is the most precious treasure which has been passed down for generations through our Immortal Farming Sect. For some reason, it was discovered by several fellow Daoists, and it was even hailed as some divine medicine by them. Finally, the medicinal effects became more incredible the more it spread, and it was actually thought that the Sevenshine Wonderfruit could heal Heavenly Tribulation injuries. What was interesting was that we ourselves didnt know that the Sevenshine Wonderfruit has such godly effects. Saying this, apprentice brother Justwords poked fun at himself.

Rumours stopped when it came to wise men. However, the world just had to run amok with fools. Especially for those who had sunk into despair, it was easy for them to believe otherwise.

Song Shuhang didnt know why apprentice brother Justwords was saying all this to him. However, since it was related to senior Ah Qi, he just silently listened.

Then, Su Clans Ah Qi asked us whether we would part with the Sevenshine Wonderfruit. He would use valuable treasures to make an exchange. Our sect leader rejected him, as the Sevenshine Wonderfruit is the most valuable treasure of our sect. It also has no ability to heal Heavenly Tribulation injuries, and thus it had no basis for a trade. Su Clans Ah Qi also didnt force the issue, then left the Immortal Farming Sect with his companion.

Saying to this point, Justwords paused, then frowned as he said. However, what no one expected was that that night Su Clans Ah Qi would barge into our Immortal Farming Sect, and continuously injure eighteen of our Immortal Farming Sects disciples. He snatched away the Sevenshine Wonderfruit!

This was the enmity between Su Clans Ah Qi and their Immortal Farming Sect.

That was why the adorably foolish uncle tailed Ah Shilu, and hoped to capture her alive to force Su Clans Ah Qi to appear.

Song Shuhang frowned upon hearing this much.

He thought about that assassin who tried to assassinate Ah Shilu. Behind the enmity of Su Clans Ah Qi and the Immortal Farming Sect, there was actually someone who was intentionally trying to sow discord.

Thinking about this, Song Shuhang tried to make his tone gentle. Excuse me, but can you be sure that the person who barged into the Immortal Farming Sect was indeed Su Clans Ah Qi?

Of course were sure. That night, our sects strongest apprentice brother Justmight as well as thirty apprentice brothers were in charge of guarding the secret grounds of the sect. Su Clans Ah Qi suddenly appeared, and with one sabre attack defeated apprentice brother Justmight and heavily injured eighteen disciples. My sects disciples personally witnessed his looks, and there was also that unique sabre art of his, the [Skysabre Buries the Starsea]. Apprentice brother Justmight explained.

The edges of Song Shuhangs mouth twitched. There were so many suspicious points, he didnt even know where to start ridiculing it!

Su Clans Ah Qi went to someones place to rob them, and actually revealed his real face?

Also, he took advantage of the night to do bad things, but still showed a secret art unique to him? Was he afraid people wouldnt recognise him?

How stupid, or exactly how wildly arrogant would Su Clans Ah Qi have to be to do this?

I think you have some friendship with the Su Clan descendant, which is why Im telling you all this. I hope you wont interfere with the enmity between the Immortal Farming Sect and Su Clans Ah Qi. Apprentice brother Justwords said.

He wanted to advise Song Shuhang not to enter this conflict of right and wrong.

Song Shuhang thought for a while, before replying. I dont know much regarding the enmity between you all and senior Ah Qi. So I dont have the right to say anything. However. Theres something that happened not long ago that I think its better to let you know. When that uncle from the Immortal Farming Sect tried to capture Su Clans Ah Shiliu, he failed, then retreated. But not longer after the uncle left, there was suddenly an assassin who attempted to assassinate Su Clans Ah Shiliu. If I hadnt been there, Ah Shiliu may be dead already.

Song Shuhang stopped speaking after this, and didnt explain any further.

If the other side trusted him, it would properly consider his words. If the other side didnt trust him, his explanation would only have a negative effect.

Justwords frowned, and began to ponder deeply.

China, the Blue Origin Valley.

The Moonsabre Sect had already had their migration, left their sect and made their way to the Blue Origin Valley.

This Blue Origin Valley was a refuge secretly constructed by the Moonsabre Sect many years ago. The valley had all kinds of preparations ready, and could be considered a second sect base for the Moonsabre Sect.

As there had long been preparations made, the Moonsabre Sect had migrated very fast. Before three hours had even passed, they had already completed the migration.

Under the arrangements of the various elders, the disciples used their identity and positions to chose their residences in Blue Origin Valley to settle their belongings.

Then, the Moonsabre Sect disciples began to prepare a giant guardian formation for the sect.

The sect guardian formation was one modified by Elder Young Master Hai after research, and could for a short time allow the Moonsabre Sect disciples to double their battle power.

The Moonsabre Sect disciples believed that with this formation, they could block even a Rank 5 Spirit Emperor who had formed their Gold Core if one came attacking!

Once everything was settled properly, Elder Young Master Hai went to the Sect Leader, the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers, to report the current state of affairs. Once he left the Sect Leader, he returned to the private residence in the Blue Origin Valley.

His residence was very clean, with only a purple coloured bamboo lonelily growing in a pot.

Young Master Hai entered the room, and activated a defensive formation, which could temporarily block outsiders spying.

Then, his right sleeve moved, and that clump of black smoke that was Devil Monarch Anzhis clone came out, letting out a weird laughter of jiejie.

At the same time, that purple bamboo began to tremble slightly.

The mission to assassinate Ah Shiliu failed? That purple coloured bamboo trembled and let out a very robotic voice.

It failed. What a pity. Even the [Bloodgod Sabre] talisman couldnt kill the Su Clan descendant. These junior cultivators who come from famous clans really arent easy to deal with. Young Master Hai put his hand on the longsword on his waist, smiling slightly.

Its really troublesome. Now we wont be able to lure Su Clans Ah Qi to deal with the Immortal Farming Sect. That purple coloured bamboo was dissatisfied.

Jiejie, from the start, we already predicted this might happen. Devil Monarch Anzhis black smoke clone laughed weirdly. Anyways even if the Immortal Farming Sect attacks the Moonsabre Sect, we can also achieve our goal.

Hmph. You two would naturally be fine. I on the other hand, need to expend extra effort. Then Ill settle for the next best thing. The second plan-has the Su Clan descendant been captured alive? If not, we wont be able to lure Su Clans Ah Qi over. The purple coloured bamboo continued.

Young Master Hais eyes slightly sunk. Devil Monarch Anzhis true body has personally gone to catch the Su Clan descendant. I also let a cute tool stall Su Clans Ah Qi. Devil Monarch. You should succeeded already right?

Er. Devil Monarch Anzhis clone paused. How do I say this. Because a big dog interfered, in a haste, this Devil Monarch caught the wrong person As you all know, to this Devil Monarch humans and monkeys are more or less similar, and all look the same. How can this Devil Monarch tell them apart?

The purple coloured bamboo mocked him. Which is to say, the second plan failed as well?

Its not necessarily a failure. Actually we just need to make a move against the Su Clan descendant. Even if we didnt capture her alive, as long as he finds a lead, Su Clans Ah Qi will come to the Moonsabre Sect to seek vengeance for his junior given his personality. If Ah Qi doesnt come at that time this Devil Monarch will personally act and lure him here. Devil Monarch Anzhis clone grit his teeth.

You said it yourself. We didnt force you to. The purple coloured bamboo laughed coldly. Just dont get chopped in half within one sabre strike by Su Clans Ah Qi when the time comes.

Hmph. You can be at ease. This Devil Monarch naturally has his own methods. Devil Monarch Anzhi laughed coldly.

Young Master Hai sat on the chair, and one hand supported his chin. A slight smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Then, well continue to follow the second plan Now. First lure the Immortal Farming Sect people over, and let them have a taste of the might of the grand formation I painstakingly made changes to. Itll also boost the confidence of the Moonsabre Sect disciples. After all, they are about to face the powerful existence known as Su Clans Ah Qi.

The purple coloured bamboo trembled slightly, saying. Alright. Ill think of a way to lure the experts of the Immortal Farming Sect over. At that time, we must kill several important members. As for their sect leader, well leave him alive for a few days so he has time to go back to the Immortal Farming Sect and arrange his funeral arrangements. This will give us the chance to obtain the secrets of the Immortal Farming Sect.

Young Master Hai nodded. Quickly act. We need to do this before Ah Qi comes. Let the Immortal Farming Sect come to the Blue Origin Valley.

Relax, Ill immediately prepare. The purple coloured bamboo said.

At this time, Devil Monarch Anzhi made a weird laugh. Jiejie, thats right. Although I didnt catch Su Clans Ah Shilu, on the way I met the people of the Immortal Farming Sect. There seemed to be one called Justheart. He seemed to have some importance in the Immortal Farming Sect. I thought he may have some use, so I caught him.

Justheart of the Immortal Farming Sect? If its him, he may really have some use. Temporarily leave him alive, just in case. The purple coloured bamboo replied.

Alright, then well take action separately. I pray that everything will go smoothly. Young Master Hai rose to his feet.

Itll definitely go smoothly. Devil Monarch Anzhi laughed ferociously.

Well definitely succeed. The purple coloured bamboo trembled slightly, then calmed down.

Devil Monarch Anzhis clone burrowed back into Young Master Hais sleeves.

Young Master Hai undid the defensive formation in the room, then rested for a while, before making his way to where the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers was again.

As usual, the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers was sitting on the chair made of Cold Frostmetal, staring in a daze at the Sevenshine Wonderfruit. This was the treasure that could heal him. Unfortunately, it couldnt be orally ingested, and they still lacked the method of usage.

After seeing Young Master Hai enter, the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldierss eyes flashed. Elder Young Master Hai, has the second plan started yet?

Young Master Hai nodded slightly. Yes Sect Leader. I just contacted our spy in the Immortal Farming Sect. Hes already begun to act, giving the information to the Immortal Farming Sect about how Su Clans Ah Qi and the Sevenshine Wonderfruit are at the Moonsabre Sect. Next, we need to find a place to ambush the Immortal Farming Sect, and kill all their important figures. At that time, our spy will be able to inherit everything of the Immortal Farming Sect, and obtain the recipe for the usage of the Sevenshine Wonderfruit. At that time, the Heavenly Tribulation flames that have been bothering Sect Leader for years can be healed.

If so thats good! The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers sighed. He was tormented day and night by the Heavenly Tribulation flames. Even if there was only a sliver of hope to heal, he wouldnt let it go!

Its a pity. If the first plan was successful, we wouldnt have even needed to act ourselves. We could have borrowed Ah Qis power to crush the Immortal Farming Sect, and the spy we planted into the Immortal Farming Sect would have been able to obtain all the secrets of the Immortal Farming Sect. The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers sighed.

Man proposes, Heaven disposes. Young Master Hai said smiling.

Youre right, elder. The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers propped his body up. But we should still scheme a bit more. I dont believe the Heavens wont let us succeed time and time again!

Young Master Hai smiled as he nodded.

Leave it to the Heavens for success? Haha!

Everything is in the palm of my hands. What need is there for the Heavens to allow things to succeed?

At the other side, at the location of the Immortal Farming Sect disciples.

Apprentice brother Justmight is here! A disciple said in happy surprise.

In the distance, there was a man wearing blue coloured garments of the Immortal Farming Sect, stepping on a streak of light and speedily coming here