Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Bloodbath In The Blue Origin Valley
Chapter 135-Bloodbath in the Blue Origin Valley

Many years later, a junior of the Nine Provinces Number One group would ask Song Shuhang, what feelings were there for the first experience of using a sword(sabre) to achieve flight

Song Shuhangs reply only had five words: My legs felt like jelly!

With a whoosh, Su Clans Ah Qis streak of light carried him and Ah Shiliu soaring into the sky, and that speed was simply indescribable with words.

With a blink of an eye, they had already flown high into the sky.

While usings swords to fly, Song Shuhang only felt the empty air around, and just a streak of light below his feet. There was no sense of security at all.

Actually, there was a layer of invisible force surrounding them, that blocked the wild winds caused by the sword(sabre) flight. This was prepared by senior Ah Qi for Song Shuhang and Ah Shiliu.

If not, when a powerful cultivator used swords to fly, why would they care about this little bit of wind? This could be seen by the exaggerated Mohaw hairstyle Medicine Master would have after flying through swords to cross provinces.

However, this invisible force could neither be seen nor touched. This couldnt bring any sense of security to Song Shuhang. If he could have four railings magically appear, Song Shuhang was sure in his heart that he would have a greater peace of mind.

Thenlooking down, he saw houses, mountains, roads and rivers that had shrunk to become even smaller than matchboxes.

High. Its very high. Its WAY too high!

Song Shuhang felt himself briefly afflicted with vertigo. His legs involuntarily began to feel like jelly. He subconsciously grabbed in front of him, firmly grasping onto Su Clans Ah Shiluif he didnt grab onto something, he suspected that he would kneel over.

Your first time using swords to fly? Su Clans Ah Shiliu glancingly looked straight at Somg Shuhang.

Hahaha. Song Shuhang felt as if he had started to talk a bit slowly and indistinctly already.

Everyone would more or less have a fear of heights. Some people never felt it as they just hadnt climbed high enough yet. Or some had only a very slight fear, that could be easily overcome with their willpower.

Then slowly overcome it. If you dont, you wont be able to use swords to fly in the future. Su Clans Ah Shiliu comfortingly encouraged him.

The blue skies that good boys dream of, was always accompanied by sweat and effort in the process.

With whooshes, the flight using swords became explosively fast.

Following that description of the location by the Moonsabre Sect disciple Zhao Bul, Su Clans Ah Qi quickly found the sect grounds of the Moonsabre Sect.

The giant Moonsabre Sect was hidden among high mountains and forests, and also had a formation concealing any traces of it, which was why it was not discovered by the secular world.

Of course, this level of formations couldnt fool Su Clans Ah Qis eyes. He rode the streak of light and descended in front of the sects entrance. His gaze directly pierced through the giant sect guardian formation.

Ah Shiliu lightly jumped, and landed on the ground.

Song Shuhang lightly jumped, and kneeled over on the ground. His legs really felt too much like jelly

Su Clans Ah Qi neared the Moonsabre Sects giant shielding formation, and lightly shouted, Open!

He didnt even draw his sabre. Following his roar, the spiritual energy between Heaven and Earth formed a Heaven and Earth splitting giant sabre. It viciously chopped at the giant sect guardian formation.



That giant sect guardian formation of the Moonsabre Sect was as weak as glass, and easily shattered into pieces that fell to the ground.

Huh? Song Shuhang and Ah Shiliu looked, but saw that the Moonsabre Sect was empty inside, without any sign of anyone inside.

No one was controlling it, and thus this giant formation that shielded the sect was so weak.

Not even a sign of anyone here. That Zhao Bul tricked us? She knitted her beautiful brows. Ill kill him when we get back!

Song Shuhang asked. Who is Zhao Bul?

Its the fellow who robbed Little Jiangs delivery. After you were captured, Ah Qi and I went to delivery service Jiangnan headquarters to find that Zhao Bul fellow. It was from him that we found the Moonsabre Sect location. Ah Shiliu replied.

Song Shuhang nodded.

At this time, Ah Qi spoke out. Its not false news. The Moonsabre Sect people have all moved away. Also they havent been gone for very long.

While speaking, he entered the Moonsabre Sect. He slowly climbed up a perfectly straight set of stairs.

Only then, did Song Shuhang and Ah Shiliu see a white clothed figure on that perfectly straight of stairs.

A longsword on his waist, as refined as jade, and his demeanor was transcendant. He seemed as if an Immortal who had walked out from an ancient painting.

It was you as expectedYoung Master Hai.

Young Master Hai. He was someone Ah Qi had met a quite a while ago while adventuring in ruins left behind by an ancient Immortal. Although he had only had a Rank 4 cultivation at that time, his sword arts were brilliant and exquisite. He had sparred with the battle maniac Ah Qi, and had won Ah Qis respect despite losing.

Several days before, Young Master Hai had heard Su Clans Ah Qi was searching for medicines to heal Heavenly Tribulation injuries. He had recommended to him the Immortal Farming Sects Sevenshine Wonderfruit. He had also accompanied him to the Immortal Farming Sect.

If the mastermind was Young Master Hai, then everything was understandable. He had adventured and lived together with him for almost a year. He had also witnessed Ah Qi using [Skysabre Buries the Starsea] once while adventuring.

With this foundation, Young Master Hai could easily fool the Immortal Farming Sect disciples after becoming Su Clans Ah Qi.

As for the [Skysabre Buries the Starsea], Young Master Hai was naturally unable to learn it. However, to fake the stance of [Skysabre Buries the Starsea] to trick the people of the Immortal Farming Sect was something easy.

Brother Ah Qi, youre here. That white clothed man turned around. He was handsome, and his smile warmed peoples hearts.

Su Clans Ah Qi neared Young Master Hai step by step. Since when did you start to plot against me?

I didnt. Actually I didnt start plotting against you in the beginning. Its just that your circumstances happens to fit the requirements to be the main character for my plan. Young Master Hai smiled slightly.

If there was no Su Clans Ah Qi, he could still find a Wang Clans Ah Ba or a Zhao Clans Ah Jiu.1 It was fine as long they fulfilled the requirements of being strong and had a relative injured by the Heavenly Tribulation.

Hahahaha. That really fits your personality and sword arts. Su Clans Ah Qi laughed loudly. Then, he said in a low voice. Then, did you think what would be the end result of plotting against me?

Of course Ive thought of it. Everything is all in the palms of my hands. Young Master Hai gave a thumbs up to Su Clans Ah Qi. Theres no need to worry about me, Brother Ah Qi. Do whatever you want to do! What cultivators cultivate is to be free and unfettered. Live naturally and unrestrained. Do whatever you want to do, drink the alcohol you want to, and play with the women you want to! Is this not what Brother Ah Qi taught me?

Hahahaha, you said it very well! Ah Qi suddenly drew his sabre, and chopped out towards the Young Master Hai in front of him.

Dazzling sabre light as resplendent as the rising sun. It made one unable to keep their eyes open!

The sabre passed

Young Master Hai was cut into half, and fell to the ground with a thud.

He died just like that? Song Shuhang felt that this Young Master Hai had appeared in such a cool manner. Who would have thought he would have died so easily?

Hes not dead. Lets go and seize this fellows true body. Well sacrifice him to this sabre of mine! Su Clans Ah Qi didnt even turn his head, and began to leave the Moonsabre Sect.

Behindthe two pieces of Young Master Hai suddenly floated up with the wind, and became a paper person who had been cut into two pieces.

It wasnt a clone, but just something similar to 3D virtual human projection type of magical art. This paper man was just a medium for a spell. From the start, Young Master Hais true body wasnt here.

Ah Shiliu unhappily asked. What is this Young Master Hai up to?

Hes trying to incite conflict. Hes trying to create enmity between the Immortal Farming Sect and I, then use me to destroy the Immortal Farming Sect. This is definitely one of his goals. But based on my understanding of him, this is just his plot on the surface, and a cover for others to see. Whether I can destroy the Immortal Farming Sect or not, it doesnt matter to him. As for what he really wants I cant guess it. Su Clans Ah Qi felt his teeth hurt.

He liked to happily avenge enmities, and chop apart all enmities with his sabre. He didnt like this kind of people who used strategies and conspiracies the most. His heart felt stifled!

So, any kinds of conspiracies or plots he couldnt understand, he just wouldnt think about them.

Hell capture Young Master Hai, and send him off with one sabre. That was the best answer.

If he felt really angry, hell just chop him up into eight or ten pieces. That way his anger would be vented.

Where should we go now? Song Shuhang asked.

To find that fellow. Su Clans Ah Qi grit his teeth.

Young Master Hai had left behind a projection art. He could follow the traces from this projection art to find Young Master Hai!

But, upon thinking that this was likely a lead left behind by Young Master Hai, Ah Qi felt his teeth itch.

Outside the Blue Origin Valley.

The sounds of battle echoed through the air, and explosions of True Qi could be heard without end.

This had already become a bloodbath.

The Immortal Farming Sect had more or less sent out all their elites, and crazily attacked the Moonsabre Sect. These Immortal Farming Sect cultivators who usually didnt specialise in battle all showed off terrifying battle strength.

The number of casualties of the Moonsabre Sect disciples werent few, but the casualties of the Immortal Farming Sect was even worse!

There was something off. The Immortal Farming Sect sect leader felt anything but reassured in his heart. They had the determination to risk their life in this battle, with the thought of teaching Su Clans Ah Qi a lesson.

But now, before even a sign of Su Clans Ah Qi could be seen, they were tied down by the Moonsabre Sect of the Blue Origin Valley. Then, a strange battle to the death begun. Not long after the battle started, all the Immortal Farming Sect members seemed to have gone crazy, and didnt know how to retreat, only knowing how to bloodthirstily go all out.

The Immortal Farming Sect sect leader faintly felt that this was a secret formation of the Blue Origin Valley. It made cultivators crazy and bloodthirsty, unable to control their state of mind.

The more people died, the more blood shed, the greater the power of this formation!

But by the time the sect leader felt something was off, it was too late. Even he himself was unable to control his body. His eyes reddened, and his rationality disappeared bit by bit.

The elites of the Immortal Farming Sect fell one by one, their life and death unknown. Very soon, apart from the sect leader, only five or six elites with higher spiritual energies and were less affected by the formation were left.

Over. Its over. The Immortal Farming Sect sect leader sighed. The centuries of legacy of the Immortal Farming Sect would end due to him.

The entire matter was simply too strange.

Master!! Quickly, rescue the sect leader! At this time, his ears distantly heard a familiar voice.

Opening his eyes to look, he saw his eldest disciple Justmight bringing a team of Immortal Farming Sect disciples and rushing over.

It was Justmight.

A look of gratification appeared in the Immortal Farming Sect sect leaders eyes


At this time, the Moonsabre Sects Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers suddenly appeared next to the Immortal Farming Sect, and broke through his defense in one sabre attack, impaling him.

Haha. The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers laughed ferociously, and there was the smell of something charred in his breath.

Bastard, stop harming my master! Justmight screamed. That wooden sword broke through the air, remotely chopping towards the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers.

1: The Qi in Ah Qi means seven. The Ba and Jiu mean eight and nine respectively. This is basically the other two names following the same naming style as Ah Qi. Basically, hes saying any Tom, Dick or Harry would have done.

TN: So, after seeing so many comments and responses for the random game that I created on the spur of the moment for this chapters teaser, I realized I may have raised your expectations a little too high for the answer. Whoops. As apology for the let down As a participation prize, will release a fourth chapter this week. Hope you guys had fun guessing.