Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Chat Photo Album Watch Senior Ah Qi Trample The Moonsabre Sect
Chapter 136- Chat Photo Album: Watch Senior Ah Qi trample the Moonsabre Sect

Remote sword arts? The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers couldnt not return a sabre attack, and blocked the rapidly incoming wooden sword.


The sabre and wooden sword clashed, causing a screeching sound, sparks, as well as shockwaves of Qi.

The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers knitted his brows. In that attack, his Heavenly Tribulation fire injuries had been aggravated, making him unable to help but retreat several steps. He had hiddenly taken a loss.

Taking advantage of this chance, Justmight rushed over and grabbed the heavily injured sect leader, and quickly jumped out of the field of battle. That wooden sword seemed to have spirituality, and withdrew to defend its owner. It spun around near Justmight, slaying enemies, and attacking nearby Moonsabre Sect disciples.

Retreat! He shouted.

The other Rank 3 cultivator Justwords immediately brought away Immortal Farming disciples with tacit agreement, quickly retreating.

Only, the several Immortal Farming Sect elites who had been with the sect leader were still trapped in an encirclement, with no chance of escape. They all roared, and gave their all to tie up the Moonsabre Sect disciples, in order to give Justmight and the sect leader a chance to escape.

Tear tear tear!

After being plotted against by the strange formation of the Moonsabre Sect, the elites of the Immortal Farming Sect had long since become exhausted. However, it was difficult to face off against greater numbers, and they were very quickly slaughtered by the Moonsabre Sect disciples.

Ahhhhhh! Kill, kill, kill! The murderous natures of the Moonsabre Sect disciples surfaced, and they wanted to chased down and kill Justmight, the Immortal Farming Sect sect leader, as well as the defeated troops.

No need to chase. At this time, the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers shouted in a low voice.

According to the plan, he needed to let the Immortal Farming Sect sect leader escape.

Then, hell wait for the spy already planted in the Immortal Farming Secf to obtain the method of usage of the Sevenshine Wonderfruit for him.

The Heavenly Tribulation injuries that had been plaguing him for years finally saw hope of being healed!

When the Heavenly Tribulation injuries were healed, then he would have the confidence of being able to form a Gold Core and charge towards the realm of Rank 5 Spirit Emperor!

On the other side, Su Clans Ah Qi was riding on the streak of light again.

This time, Song Shuhang felt slightly better, and at least his legs didnt feel like jelly.

Thats right, Shuhang. Ill return your phone to you. Ah Shiliu took out the phone, saying, I also received a phone call on the way. After Loose Cultivator Northriver got your number through Medicine Master, he contacted you. He said he can arrange one week of lessons for an aeroplane license for you, and asked if you want to take the opportunity to learn to fly? With him, itll be quick obtaining a license.

Song Shuhang received the phone, and laughed dryly. Regarding this, wait for me to learn to drive first.

Su Clans Ah Qi had listened to this point, and asked suspiciously. Little friend Shuhang, why do you want to learn how to fly an aeroplane? Work hard to cultivate to Rank 4, and settle the matter in one go. Isnt it better to fly through swords?

Flying through swords was incomparably free. Unlike aeroplanes, one didnt have to make an application to the country every time one wanted to fly.

Song Shuhang dryly laughed, and replied. True Monarch White.

Ah Qis face twitched.

In that moment, Ah Qis tone was incomparably heavy. Work hard!

Song Shuhang,

Senior, this feeling of heaviness as if youre sending me off to a crematorium, how many meanings are there behind it! Exactly how scary is senior True Monarch White, that all of you cant wait to avoid him!

Just as Song Shuhang was about to ask about the achievements of True Monarch White, Ah Qi suddenly shouted loudly. Found it!

Right below, a giant valley that was enveloped in a faint blood coloured mist could be seen.

Prepare to go down. Ah Qi laughed, riding the streak of light downwards into the giant valley.

Senior Ah Qi, arent we going to find a few helpers? Song Shuhang asked. Whatever the case the enemy was an entire sect!

What is there to be scared of? Su Clans Ah Qi confidently laughed. If we really cant win, well immediately run away. Its not too late to find a few helpers then!

After descending to a certain height, a thick smell of blood entered Song Shuhangs nose.

Below, the eldest disciple of the Immortal Farming Sect Justmight had saved the sect leader, and were giving their all to retreat

Behind them was a ground full of corpses. There were those of the Immortal Farming Sect, as well as those of the Moonsabre Sect.

This was a fight between two cultivator sects

At the back, the Moonsabre Sect Sect Leader, the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers, raised his right hand, and the victorious Moonsabre Sect disciples let out wave after wave of cheers.

Hmph. Su Clans Ah Qi coldly harrumphed.

Whoosh! In a flash, the streak of light arrived and landed in front of the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers.

Then, Ah Qi tossed away a metal command tally with a phoenix engraved on it. It floated above Song Shuhang and Su Clans Ah Shilius head, transforming into a layer of fiery red light. The two of you stay here, and dont leave the defensive perimeter of the Big Dipper Spirit Phoenix Command.

Having finished speaking, he took big strides towards the Moonsabre Sect disciples.

Senior Ah Qi wants to challenge the entire Moonsabre Sect all alone? Song Shuhang was slightly excited as he saw the scene in front of him. One man facing off against an entire sect by himself. That was really exciting and hot blooded when you thought about it.

Mm. Ah Shiliu nodded slightly. Ah Qi does this kind of thing often. Dont worry, nothing will happen.

In a split second, Ah Qi had already stepped into the crowd of Moonsabre Sect disciples.

Sabre Qi exploded, and sabre light fell like rain!

Every step Ah Qi took, there would surely be Moonsabre Sect disciples who fell, dead or injured, and lost their battle power.

Although it was just a single explosion of sabre Qi, and Ah Qi hadnt even made an actual move yet, there were already so many injured Moonsabre Sect disciples!

Young Master Hai, still not out yet? Su Clans Ah Qi laughed at the top of his voice, the imposing presence of a Rank 5 Spirit Emperor crushing towards the Moonsabre Sect disciples.

The remaining disciples were stricken with fear. They retreated without pause, their morale greatly diminished.

The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers had a cold expression on his face. Him, the Moonsabre Sect sect leader, had actually seemed to have been ignored?

Dont look down on others!

Activate the formation! the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers shouted.

The altered sect giant guardian formation was activated once again. The Moonsabre Sect disciples also skillfully coordinated and came together as a giant formation. That was the basis of their resistance against the mighty pressure of Su Clans Ah Qi.

Inside the Big Dipper Spirit Phoenix Command, Song Shuhang took out his phone to take a few photos.

Then he posted the photo to the Nine Provinces Number One Groups group space.

This was the result of his recent habit of posting his experiences on his space. Alas, this photo wasnt suitable to send into his own space. So he could only send it to the chat space.

In the photo, Su Clans Ah Qi had his hands clasped behind his back, and his magical sabre roamed around next to him, chopping down enemies. Moonsabre Sect disciples were unendingly falling down around him. Trembling with terror, they formed a giant formation under the direction of their sect leader Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers.

Song Shuhang then added a caption: Sitting down to watch Senior Ah Qi trample the Moonsabre Sect.

It was once again proven. The Nine Provinces Number One Group had many bored seniors, who were frequently keeping track of the news in the group. It was just that they didnt speak out as often as Loose Cultivator Northriver.

Just as Song Shuhang uploaded this photo, his phone rang non stop with notification alerts. Within a few seconds, there was a whole stream of likes by seniors, and there was an especially large stream of messages.

Loose Cultivator Northriver, Madsabre Threewaves, True Monarch Mt.Huang, Venerable Seven Cultivations, Da Luo Sects True Monarch Rainmoon, True Monarch Oldriver Viewing, Roamcloud Monk Tongxuan, Immortal Master Copper Trigrams, Resident Drunkmoon, Medicine Master, Talisman Master Sevenlives, Spirit Butterfly Islands Soft Feathersetc.

Basically every senior and member who had ever spoken in the chat group all liked this photo.

Then there was a long row of replies.

Loose Cultivator Northriver with a [Foolish Smile emoticon], Ah Qi went to trample on someone elses sect again?

Loose Cultivator Northriver was always the first to boredly reply or give likes. As expected of the num

Da Luo Sects True Monarch Rainmoon, Hes someone who will feel uncomfortable all over for each day he doesnt pick a fight.

Talisman Master Sevenlives, Speaking of which, what the heck is this Moonsabre Sect? Are they qualified to be trampled by our Ah Qi?

Madsabre Threewaves, I think it should some small sect, from some small place, that doesnt have eyes which offended Ah Qi. Lately Ah Qis temper has been rather big.

Wasnt senior Threewaves looking for the mysterious island? He still had time to go online?

Immortal Master Copper Trigrams, Big temper+1. Also, @True Monarch Mt.Huang, True Monarch, its about time to let me out right? Ive been banned for so many days already, its really uncomfortable!

True Monarch Mt.Huang, Big temper+1. Also @Immortal Master Copper Trigrams: HAHA!

Spirit Butterfly Islands Soft Feathers, [Crying emoticon] Its really been lively over there at Senior Song these few days. How great, he can go play at so many places. I too want to go see senior Ah Qi go trample other sects with Senior Song!

This missy Soft Feathers she had lately been forced to stay in Spirit Butterfly Island, and was completely bored. Now she was completely envious when she saw Song Shuhang these few days dealing with some Altar Master and following senior Ah Qi to trample the Moonsabre Sect.

At this moment, Medicine Master appeared. @Great Pressure of Mt.Books, take another photo. Aim at the big one carrying a sabre. Hes obviously the boss of the Moonsabre Sect. His body seems to have some problems.

Even Medicine Masters replies werent slow.

The corners of Song Shuhang twitched.

Ah Shiliu saw that Song Shuhang kept swiping on his phone, and curiously leaned her head over. What are you doing?

I just sent a photo to the chat group. Song Shuhang sighed. The seniors in the group are very bored.

Mm. Apart from the closed door cultivation, theyre always very bored. Ah Shiliu seriously nodded.

As senior Medicine Master had a request, Song Shuhang adjusted the phone camera, and aimed at the Moonsabre Sect boss Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers. He took quite a few photos.

Oops. I accidentally left the flash on.

The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers had been about to step forward bravely. Borrowing the sects giant formation, he had been about to forcefully go against Su Clans Ah Qi. As long as he stalled Ah Qi for a while, Young Master Hai would be able to prepare properly, and activate another giant formation. They could then beat back Ah Qi!

At this moment, his eyes saw a series of flashes. He was terrified out of his wits, and thought Su Clans Ah Qi had unleashed some kind of finishing move.

But when he looked over, he saw a youth behind Su Clans Ah Qi holding a phone. He had a stupid smile on his face as he furiously took photos.

Fudge, did he think he was filming some kind of movie?

The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers was enraged. At the same time, he secretly willed the sect giant guardian formation to revolve faster. He would let the disciples temporarily tie down Su Clans Ah Qi.

As for him, he secretly crept towards where Song Shuhang and Ah Shiliu were. He wanted to deal with these two fellows first!

Song Shuhang selected a clear photo of the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers, and sent it to the group space.

Great Pressure of Mt.Books, @Medicine Master, senior, how is this photo?

Medicine Master then replied, Medicine Master takes too long to type, I cant take it anymore! Ill type for him!

This was evidently Jiang Ziyans tone of speaking. Shuhang, Medicine Master said, That Moonsabre Sect boss has injuries on his bodies. Its Heavenly Tribulation flame injuries, just that he forcefully suppressed them. Do you have that Tristar Flame Control Fan on you? Is it charged with electricity? If so, try waving it a few times in his direction, set to the maximum power. There will be a pleasant surprise..

Tristar Flame Control Fan?

Song Shuhang grabbed at a long trouser leg pocket and took out this magical treasure. Because this was the first magical treasure he had come into contact with in his life, he treasured it a lot despite how it needed to be charged with electricity, and kept it with him at all times.