Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369 How Could I Seek Death Like This?

1369 How could I seek death like this?

Before the start of the Demon Sage Speech, Senior White had reminded him that he had to pay attention to the script when holding the speech. Manuscripts that would be embraced with open arms in the main world would only lead to death if delivered in the Netherworld Realm.

After all, the creatures of the two worlds were different, their attributes were different, and their ways of thinking were completely opposite.

This was especially so for speeches of the Buddhist, Scholarly, or Holy Light systems. If they were used in the Netherworld Realm, there would only be one path left for the speaker.

The manuscript that Fairy Creation had handed him over was precisely for a speech that fell within the bounds of the scholarly system.

I cant use this!

How could I seek death like this?

Seeking death hugely depended on the occasion or situation. At a time like this, the Thrice Reckless Disease was definitely something that one should not fall victim to.

Song Shuhang immediately closed his mouth and stopped reciting this speech.

If he continued to use the scholarly manuscript, the feedback from those of the Netherworld would definitely be negative. At that time, the 365 days of fancy torture would find its way to him.

I should continue talking about the Demon Seed in Ones Heart, Song Shuhang said in his mind.

"Ahem!" He cleared his throat. "I will now explain the chapter that comes after the Establishing of Ones Willthe Building of Ones Demonic Intent."

The practitioners of the universe: ""

The demons of Netherworld Realm: ""

Just now, Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar had asked them two questions, what is filial piety and what is love. After that, everyone was looking forward to what would follow as they could intuitively tell that the latter part would be useful.

Unexpectedly, Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar changed his tone and returned to the previous content.

I was already getting excited, and now youre going to make me listen to this?

The people of the main world and the Netherworld Realm suddenly fell into all kinds of discussions.

However, Song Shuhang was a fake Eighth Stage Profound Sage, and he couldnt see any of the messages. As such, he had no idea what the practitioners in the universeand the demons in the Netherworld Realmwere talking about.

He simply continued to explain the Demon Seed in Ones Hearts second chapter, Building of Ones Demonic Intent.

After about five or six sentences

Song Shuhang yawned, and tears of weariness came out from his eyes.

Bouts of sleepiness continued to assault him.

He was really exhausted, both physically and mentally.

Although the current time in the outside world was already October 1st, Song Shuhang had been busy since the beginning of Doudous wedding all the way until now.

At the beginning of Doudous wedding, the consciousnesses of Soft Feather, Sixteen, Doudou, and himself had switched. Halfway through, there was the matter with the wedding crashers.

Then, there was the fight with the Flaming Eye. After that, he participated in the battle between the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts Sect and the Fake Deities, making a large number of the Fake Deities pregnant before being locked inside the Wielders small black room.

After that, he was dragged into the Heavenly Tribulation Realm by Skylark several times while he was gathering the materials for the Combined Magical Treasure, and then got pulled into the Demonic Tribulation Realm to transcend the demonic tribulation.

Afterward, he assembled two sets of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts Combined Magical Treasure, causing his main body and resurrected body to be squeezed dry while directly facing the Eighth Stage demonic tribulation. After he transcended the Eighth Stage demonic tribulation, the Demon Sage Show began, and the Demon Sage Speech took place right after that.

Even a body cast of iron would find this overwhelming.

He was truly as tired as a dog.

No, when a person felt that they were as tired as a dog, it was actually just a misconception. Because there was no way dogs could work and get that tired.

Currently, Song Shuhang was more tired than any dog.

With his Fifth Stage physique, it was already a miracle that he was able to hold it up till now.

He was in no state to deliver a speech with his mind being completely spent. As he continued to read out the lines of the manuscript, he only grew wearier, and there was no way of stopping it.

After yawning once, he tried to pump himself up.

However, although he was trying to do so, his body was simply too weak.

He yawned again and again; there was just no way of stopping it.

In this way, in a world-class event like the Demon Sage Speech, Song Shuhang yawned four times in a row, tilted his head, and then fell asleep.

Demon Sage Tyrannical Song had fallen asleep.

And he was sleeping soundly.

He fell asleep under the eyes of all the practitioners of the main world and Netherworld Realm.

Everyone was holding their breath as they watched [Profound Sage Tyrannical Song/Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar] sleeping live on the screen.

The main world and the Netherworld Realm went quiet.

Then, everyone fell into heated discussions once more.

"What happened to Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar, did he die?"

"Impossible, he was alive and kicking just now."

"I feel that Profound Sage Tyrannical Song seems to have fallen asleep"

"That cant be. How could he fall asleep at a time like this?"

"Are you crazy? Can someone really fall asleep while delivering a speech?"

"In the Profound Sage Speech, did something similar ever happen? Was there a Profound Sage that had fallen asleep while holding a speech?"

"I only remember that Profound Sage Eternity had used his Profound Sage Speech as an opportunity to confess to Immortal Fairy Biexue. Its my first time seeing someone directly fall asleep like Profound Sage Tyrannical Song."

"This years Profound Sages are showing more and more personality. One confessed, while another fell asleep. I wonder what other interesting things are going to happen in the future."

"Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was still very powerful when he first gave a speech. Could he have changed his strategy this time for the Demon Sage Speech?"

A demon of the Netherworld said, "Bad review, bad review! Im definitely giving this speech a bad review."

Meanwhile, after Song Shuhang fell asleep, the phenomena projected by his whale core also began to disappear. The [self] in everyones eyes changed back to Tyrannical Song.

This made some of the veteran Profound Sages and the Tribulation Transcenders lose interest in researching his speech.

Senior White Two: ""

Song Shuhang could always somehow manage to refresh Senior White Twos impression of him again and again.

He actually dared to fall asleep during such an important occasion?

Not only did he dare to do so, but hes even sleeping so soundly

Now, even if the virtuous lamia, the Ancient Holy Ape Projections, and Fairy Creation all tried to desperately save his face, they wouldnt be able to do it.

Senior White Two made up his mind. "When the time comes, Im absolutely going to make him suffer the cruelest punishments for 365 days."

The Demon Sage Speech was related to him as he was the ruler of the Netherworld.

Song Shuhang was simply not giving him any face.

He wanted to make it such that sleep would entirely become a luxury for Song Shuhang in the following year.

Song Shuhang fell deep into sleep, relaxing both physically and mentally.

His exhausted body and mind were restored in sleep.

It was unknown how much time had passed, but at some point later, he opened his eyes.

When he woke up, he found himself sitting cross-legged, with four incense burners beside him emitting smoke.

Where am I? How did I fall asleep? Right, wait I was in the middle of the Demon Sage Speech. F****CK, I fell asleep while I was delivering a speech? Im dead, Im so dead.

Song Shuhang felt his heart become very stifled.

He had actually fallen asleep while holding a speech in front of the main world and the Netherworld; not a single Eighth Stage big shot would have ever dared to do such a thing.

Has my speech ended? Has the Demon Sage Speech concluded?

In that case, am I already done for? Are the 365 different kinds of torture already coming my way?

Song Shuhang hurriedly got up and tried to contact Senior White.

However, as he was about to get up, he found that he couldnt move his body.

It cant be that the [torture] is already here, right?

Song Shuhang felt uneasy.

At this moment, the front gate of the hall opened.

A figure stepped into the hall. It was a scholar with an exquisite and lustrous body.

"Teacher is about to start his speech, are you not going?" the lustrous scholar said with a slight smile.

Song Shuhang found himself saying, "I was just waiting for Senior Brother to call me." The voice was a sweet female voice; it was pleasant to the ear, just as if the speaker was singing.

[A dreamland!]

Song Shuhang immediately understood that he had entered another dreamland.

Moreover, corresponding to the scene at this time, he was quickly able to infer as to who the subject of the dream was this time.

It was Fairy Creation.

The scholar with an exquisite and lustrous body was the lustrous scholar, one of the 13 Tribulation Transcenders under the Scholarly Sage.

It was the one who borrowed Song Shuhangs first ghost spirit.

The teacher he was talking about should naturally be the Scholarly Sage.

Fairy Creation leapt down and landed beside the lustrous scholar with a smile.

The lustrous scholar stretched out his hand and patted her head.

After that, the two walked side by side to a large hall in the distance.

Inside the large hall.

The rest of the 13 Tribulation Transcenders disciples of the Scholarly Sage were already there. In addition to them, there were also several young men and women.

The Scholarly Sage did not only have the 13 Tribulation Transcenders as his disciples, but also people that had yet to reach that level.

After the lustrous scholar and Fairy Creation entered the hall, they went to their places and sat down cross-legged.

Sitting on the altar was the ultra amazing Scholarly Sage.

He raised his head slightly and looked at the disciples below him. "Since everyone is here, todays lecture will now begin. Daozi, you will be the one responsible for recording this one."

Daozi, the head of the 13 Tribulation Transcenders, respectfully asked, "What topic is Teacher going to talk about today?"

"Todays content is Filial Piety." The Scholarly Sage smiled slightly.

The Scholarly Sage had a middle-aged appearance at this time. Of course, he could maintain a younger form with his strength, but because he had taken the position of a teacher, he had eventually fixed his image in a middle-aged state.

The Sage smiled slightly.

In the eyes of his disciples, this was an amiable smile. However, Song Shuhang only felt a faint pain in his abdomen after hearing the word Filial Piety. At the same time, he seemed to see some evil light in the Scholarly Sages left eye.

Filial Piety it cant be that one, right?

"What is filial piety?

"What is love?"

After Scholarly Sage began his lecture, he asked these two questions.

When the Sage spoke, every sentence was accompanied by the power of heaven and earth.

His questions went straight to peoples minds.

Isnt this the opening line of the manuscript that Fairy Creation has given me?

Did Fairy Creation give me the speech for Filial Piety?

However, that speech should be copyrighted, and the copyright should belong to the Scholarly Sage as he had once talked about it in the scholarly faction.

A copyrighted speech like that could not be used for a Profound Sage Speech or Demon Sage Speech, right?

At this time, the Scholarly Sage said, "What is maternal love?"

Its really the same speech

Is the Sage going to have his disciples experience the pain of pregnancy and childbirth?

Fairy Creation is definitely on the list of those who are going to experience it at this time.

I am currently attached to her and will feel what she feels

Song Shuhang suddenly fell into panic.

He had already experienced it in the body of a man; now, he had to experience it again in the body of a woman?

At the same time, in the Demon Sage Speech state.

Song Shuhang, with his head down, suddenly said, "What is maternal love?"