Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Little Friend Shuhang Do You Want Some Benefits
Chapter 137- Little friend Shuhang, do you want some benefits?
There would be a pleasant surprise? Could the Tristar Flame Control Fan control the Heavenly Tribulation flames on the Moonsabre Sect boss?

Something as powerful as Heavenly Tribulation flames could be controlled by the Tristar Fame Control Fan?

While Song Shuhang was thinking, the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers controlled the sect giant guardian formation to continuously revolve, and found an opportunity with great difficulty. Laughing, he took to the skies using his sabre, and appeared above Song Shuhang and Su Clans Ah Shiliu.

Then, the treasure sabre under his feet spun in a circle. Sabre light in the shape of a half moon was formed and spun towards Song Shuhang and Ah Shiliu. The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers couldnt see the existence of the Big Dipper Spirit Phoenix Command!

The Big Dipper Spirit Phoenix Command was the same as Great Master Tongxuans flying sword. Both had concealing formations on them. Those with strength lower than Su Clans Ah Qi would be unable to see this Big Dipper Spirit Phoenix Command.

Song Shuhang and Ah Shiliu were being protected by the Big Dipper Spirit Phoenix Command, which was why they could see it and that layer of fiery red defensive layer.

But in the eyes of the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers, Song Shuhang and Ah Shiliu were just juniors with a lot of guts but no brains, and unexpectedly were standing at the back of the battlefield with no preparations.

The opportunity couldnt be lost, and wouldnt come back when lost!

This sabre would give a disability card to these two juniors for free!


The sabre light he chopped out with, slammed into the Big Dipper Spirit Phoenix Command, and was easily blocked.

The defense of the Big Dipper Spirit Phoenix Command was very high. If it wasnt, how would Su Clans Ah Qi be at ease leaving Song Shuhang and Ah Shiliu at the back?

The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers froze, but he immediately understood. These two juniors had a high rank defensive magical treasure.

Hmph. Defensive magical treasures are but dead things. They have an upper limit to how much it can withstand. Watch me break it! The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers thought secretly, and his figure jumped. His hands grasped a giant sabre.

The name of the sabre was Tyrantbreaker, and the sabre was 1.1 metres long, and made of Lightning Pool Heavygold. It was extremely yang attributed as well as extremely hard. Its toughness far exceeded magical sabres of the same rank. The sabre was extremely sharp, and capable of cutting the bodies of Rank 4 cultivator.

This was the sabre type treasure weapon passed down through generations in the Moonsabre Sect. It could be considered to be a quality item even among treasure weapons of the same rank.

[Moonwheel Chop]! The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers held the treasure sabre aloft, and traced out the shape of a full moon, chopping down!

At this time, all that could be seen was that young man opening a metal fan, then press a button on the fan six times. The young man stepped forward, pointed the fan at him, then lightly waved it at him!

Was it some offensive magical treasure?

The Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers made his mental preparations.

Then, after the wave, the expected attack never came.

Fan shaped magical treasures had two types of attacks, which were simply those of the wind as well as fire type attacks. But when this young man waved his fan, there wasnt any kind of attack.

While suspicious, he suddenly felt an acute burning pain on his back and arms.

Before he could respond, the Heavenly Tribulation flames began to burn, and made him into a burning fireball!

Within the blink of an eye, the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers had already burnt to ashes.

The magical robes, armour, command tally and medicinal pills on him all turned into flying ash. In addition, there was a fruit emitting a seven coloured radiance that was also destroyed by the Tribulation flames.

Even that Tyrantbreaker Sabre had a layer of pale golden flames on it.

Ding After its master turned into ash, the Tyrantbreaker Sabre fell to the ground.

Its position just happened to be in front of Song Shuhang. After dropping, the Tribulation flames gradually disappeared. It wasnt the target of the Tribulation flames, or else it would have become molten metal long ago.

Song Shuhang held the Tristar Flame Control Fan between his finger and thumb, and swallowed his saliva.

He was finished just like that? A cultivator who seemed so strong, turned into flying ash with just a light wave?

Speaking of whichhe had killed quite a lot these few days. Also, the ones getting killed all kept getting stronger than the previous one.

Flame Control Fan? Ah Shiliu looked at the fan in Song Shuhangs hand As expected, there werent useless magical treasures. There were only cultivators who didnt know how to use magical treasures!

Song Shuhang kept the Flame Control Fan, and looked at that sabre next to him. He kneeled, and gingerly extended his hand to touch that Tyrantbreaker Sabre.

This sabre definitely had its special points to survive the Tribulation flames.

After lightly touching it, Song Shuhang realized that after the Tribulation flames, its body remained cool. If not for a charred black layer on its surface, he would have thought the Tribulation flame he had seen was an illusion.

The Moonsabre Sect disciples were simply unable to understand the death of the Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers!

They saw the powerful and domineering Sect Leader leap high into the sky, and chop out with sabre light.

Then he used the Moonsabre Sects strongest technique, the [Moonwheel Chop].

Then, the Sect Leader had become a fireball, and had been burnt until not even ashes could be seen!

They were now a group of headless dragons, and the Moonsabre Sect disciples became chaotic. Without the direction of the Sect Leader, the sect giant guardian formation was unable to maintain its original state, and became chaotic. It completely lost its effectiveness.

Hahahaha. Su Clans Ah Qi laughed loudly. The edge of sabre moved, and the Moonsabre Sect disciples blocking in front of him were all sent flying with a bang.

Moonsabre Sect disciples littered the ground!

In the Blue Origin Valley, Young Master Hai had a high vantage point, and had been watching the battle outside throughout.

Jiejie, Sect Leader Tyrant of a Thousand Soldiers has finally become a martyr. Its earlier than we planned, and the method of death surpassed our imaginations. The Devil Monarch Anzhi clone in his sleeve laughed weirdly. I remember that he kept the Sevenshine Wonderfruit by his side at all times right? That was his hope to heal the Tribulation flames, and he never let it leave his side. Was it destroyed also?

Haha. Young Master Hai flipped his hand, and a fruit emanating a seven coloured radiance appeared in his hand. The Sevenshine Wonderfruit has been in my hands from start to finish.

Devil Monarch Anzhis heart felt cold. His clone had always been in Young Master Hais sleeve. He actually didnt know when Young Master Hai had made a switch of the real Sevenshine Wonderfruit!

Its about time. If we let Brother Ah Qi continue to chop them down, the number of Moonsabre Sect disciples wont be enough to maintain the new sect guardian formation. Young Master Hai unsheathed the longsword on his waist, and it silently floated to his feet.

Young Master Hai stepped forward, and stably stepped onto the sword light. The sword light flashed, and brought him to the air outside of the Blue Origin Valley.

All of the disciples maintain your calm. From now on listen to my instructions. Young Master Hais gentle voice reverberated throughout the entire Blue Origin Valley.

After the Moonsabre Sect disciples heard Elder Young Master Hais voice, their hearts calmed down.

Very quickly, under the direction of Young Master Hai, the disciples gathered to form the sect giant guardian formation. Their morale gradually recovered, and they slowly used the formation to surround Su Clans Ah Qi once again.

You finally came out, Young Master Hai. Su Clans Ah Qi laughed out.

Young Master Hai smiled slightly, not giving the impression of weakness. Ive been waiting for you all this time, Brother Ah Qi.

While saying so, he raised both his hands, and a giant formation in the Blue Origin Valley was activated. The blood mist above their heads became thicker.

The battle was on the verge of breaking out any moment!

Song Shuhang opened his chat space again, then added some news to the picture of the Moonsabre Sect boss.

Great Pressure of Mt.Books, @Medicine Master, senior. I fanned the other side a few times. The other side burnt to ashes.

Medicine Masters account quickly replied. Hahahaha. Its just as this old man expected. The Heavenly Tribulation flames has been on this fellow for too long. After also undergoing many medical treatments, the Heavenly Tribulation flames are no longer pure. Thus, it can be slightly controlled by the Tristar Flame Control Fan. It doesnt need to be too strong. As long as it can ignite the source, itll burn him to ashes in an instant!Thats what Medicine Master said.

Song Shuhang grabbed the Tristar Flame Control Fan To be able to see so many things from just a photograph, all the seniors were really unfathomable.

Just as Song Shuhang was sighing with emotion, that picture Sitting to watch Senior Ah Qi trample the Moonsabre Sect got a few more comments.

Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives, @Great Pressure of Mt.Books, Ive just taken a closer look at the picture. I keep feeling that theres something wrong with the formation the Moonsabre Sect disciples formed. Little friend Shuhang, do you have a way to take a clearer photo? Try your best to take an approximate appearance of the formation!

Talisman Mansion Master wasnt just a master of the Dao of Talismans. He also had profound attainments in formations. This was because the Dao of Talismans and formations naturally supplemented and complemented each other after all.

When Song Shuhang saw this message, he replied. Understood. Ill take a few clearer ones. Thats right if this formation is dangerous, will senior Ah Qi be in danger?

Talisman Mansion Master, Thats not necessarily true. If Ah Qi goes all out, he can fight above his rank Also, Im only guessing as to whether there are any abnormalities to the formation. Take a picture of everything first before anything else.

Ill immediately take a photo and upload it. Song Shuhang replied.

Then he grabbed his phone, and pointed it in the direction of the Moonsabre Sect. He tried to put all of the disciples in the formation in the photo, and took a few pictures. Then he sent these photos to the group space.

Ah Shiliu neared Song Shuhang, and silently looked at the contents on the phone.

Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives, There really are weird points about this. The formation that these disciples formed can indeed explosively increase battle power in a short time. But in truth if I didnt guess wrongly, the side effects of this formation should be very big right? @Venerable Seven Cultivations, Venerable can you take a look? With the shape of this valley, I keep feeling something is off.

Venerable Seven Cultivations, Correct. With the shape of this valley and the concealed second formation the one using this formation really does have a vicious enough heart!

Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives, With Venerables words of assurance, then Ill be more confident. Little friend Shuhang, let me ask you, do you want some extra benefits?

Great Pressure of Mt.Books, What benefits?

Talisman Mansion Master, If youre luck is good, you should be able to obtain a valuable training material. Then, it can also let your body strengthen to a certain extent, and may actually let you open your Heart Acupoint early, and complete your Hundred Days Foundation Establishment. Of course, there is danger But with Su Clans Ah Qu, you definitely wont die!

What do I need to do? Song Shuhang immediately asked.

Completing the Hundred Days Foundation Establishment and strengthening his body was indeed a current desire for Song Shuhang.

Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives, Come, Ive drawn a circle on the picture. Ive sent it to you. First look for the position of the red circle Ive drawn!

Very quickly, Mansion Master sent a photo, and when Song Shuhang compared it, he noticed that that red circle was a position four hundred metres from him, next to a nameless tree.

Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives,

Venerable Seven Cultivations, Theres improvement. This position is indeed correct.

Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives, Little friend Shuhang, have you found the location yet? Give me a call after you find it. Well maintain contact. Let me explain the current situation, and instruct you on the next step!

Found it! Song Shuhang replied. He held up his phone with both hands, and searched for Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlivess number At this moment, it wasnt just him fighting alone. All the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were backing him up!