Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Just Stand There And Dont Move
Chapter 138-Just stand there and dont move!

I dont know what youre plotting. Su Clans Ah Qi said. But it matters not. Whatever youre thinking of doing. As long as I chop you in half, there will be no problems!

Brother Ah Qi, youre as decisive as usual. Young Master Hai smiled slightly. No need to be polite. With the support of the sect giant guardian formation of the Moonsabre Sect, I can surpass the limits of my body and fight with you. Lets compete in our sabre and sword once again. Wouldnt that be enjoyable?!

Compete in our sabre and sword? Su Clans Ah Qi said coldly. You think this is still a competition? The me today has no interest in competing.

The thing he liked the most in life was to compete and challenge! That was why he was known as a battle maniac by those in the Nine Provinces Number One Group. But today, he only had the desire to chop someone up.

Su Clans Ah Qi said again, Rank 1 cultivators and Rank 2 cultivators have a large realm in between them. Rank 4 and Rank 5 cultivators too, have a large realm between them.

Yes, I know. Young Master Hai said said, nodding his head.

No, you understand nothing, just like a certain monopolistic web company destroying an online community. Su Clans Ah Qi laughed. His body then became translucent, and a Gold Core as dazzling as a rising sun was in his body.

Rank 5 Gold Core. When the Gold Core forms, the True Qi in a cultivators body will undergo a qualitative transformation, and become Spiritual Energy.

Spiritual Energy and True Qi shared the same origin, but Spiritual Energy had a rank suppressive effect on True Qi. The two could be said to be as different as wooden swords and a sharp steel sword.

Ever since Ah Qi had formed his Gold Core and ascended to become a Spirit Emperor, the opponents he could challenge became fewer and fewer. Even the fellow battle maniac in the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Madsabre Threewaves, had been beaten by him until he was scared. So when he usually competed with people, during the challenge he would rarely use his full strength to challenge people!

Ah Qi pointed his finger at Young Master Hai.

A drop of Spiritual Energy flowed out from his Gold Core, entering his forefinger.

When this drop of Spiritual Energy exited the body, it transformed into a golden pearl and fired towards Young Master Hai. The speed of the pearl was too fast, and the other cultivators could only see a golden light flash past!

And, in this small Spiritual Energy gold bead, there was a grand total of eighty sabre lights!

Formation activate! Young Master Hais face became dignified, and he lightly shouted. Change formation, the fifth formation!

The Moonsabre Sect disciples below all began to move, and under the direction of the various elders, they formed the New Sect Giant Guarding Formation Fifth Formation.

In the giant formation, every Moonsabre Sect disciple roared with high morale. They intergrated their True Qi, Qi and blood into the sect giant guardian formation, allowing the power of the sect giant guardian formation to add onto Young Master Hais body.

At the same time, the blood mist up above the Blue Origin Valley suddenly gathered, and formed layers of defense in front of Young Master Hai.

The golden pearl made of sabre lights reached in the flash of an eye.


The Spiritual Energy golden bead with eighty sabre lights crashed into the blood mist, and the defense made from the blood mist was as weak as tofu, and was easily pierced through.

In the moment after. The golden bead of sabre lights had already reached in front of Young Master Hai.

Young Master Hai hurriedly wielded a small jade shield.

This small jade shield wasnt a magical treasure, but a talisman weapon. And it was also a precious talisman weapon that could guard against a single attack by a Rank 5 Spirit Emperor.

The golden bead of sabre tips crashed against the small jade shield.

And in a flash, the small jade shield started to shatter as well.

It was indeed a talisman weapon that could block one attack of a Rank 5 Spirit Emperor. However, that was limited to the most ordinary Rank 5 Spirit Emperors, not the kind that was Su Clans Ah Qi.

Young Master Hais right sleeve opened. Devil Monarch Anzhi, your turn.

That clone of Devil Monarch Anzhi laughed weirdly, and before that small jade shield shattered, its body flashed in front of the Spiritual Energy golden bead, and swallowed this drop of Spiritual Energy.

Then, that clone fled away towards the front direction.

Before it had even reached fifty metres, the drop of Spirtual Energy had already exploded.


The sabre light exploded, and Devil Monarch Anzhis clone was blown to pieces. The generated giant shockwaves of Qi made the Young Master Hai who was flying in the sky through his sword totter unstably.

Young Mater Hai wielded another small jade shield talisman again. Only then did he block the explosion of sabre light.

Young Master Hai stabilised his figure with great difficulty, and sighed hiddenly. And so exactly how terrifying the Gold Core realm is, I knew it long ago.

It was exactly because he knew how terrifying Rank 5 Spirit Emperors were, that he had to become one himself!

Su Clans Ah Qis attack was blocked.

But the Moonsabre Sect disciples had deeply felt the might of Ah Qi, and they were suppressed by the invisible pressure such that they were gasping for breath.

Facing the terrifying Su Clans Ah Qi, they could only do their best to support the sect giant guardian formation, because this was the only hand they had to play.

The disciples wandered about non stop, revolving the True Qi in their bodies, pouring all their energy into the sect giant guardian formation!

They only had one thought in their minds. They just had to maintain the sect giant guardian formation.

Then they could block Su Clans Ah Qis attack.

Then, they would beat him back!

Without knowing when, both eyes of the Moonsabre Sect disciples were bright red, and they were short of breath.

Elder Young Master Hai! In the end, the Moonsabre Sect disciples entered a state of insanity, calling out Young Master Hais name.

Settled. In the crowd, a disciple whose features were covered by black smoke surreptitiously exited this New Sect Giant Guarding Formation, and disappeared in a moment.

It was Devil Monarch Anzhi. His true body had been quietly hiding among the Moonsabre Sect disciples, putting to good use his devilish techniques to confuse their minds in secret, all so they would descend into a state of madness even faster.

Young Master Hai stabilised his body with great difficulty, and looked at Su Clans Ah Qi.

Although he seemed to slightly cut a sorry figure, he continued to maintain his elegant demeanor as usual.

Then? Are you going to rely on these talisman treasures and magical treasures to put up your final struggles? Su Clans Ah Qi said indifferently. Come my sabre!

The magical sabre landed in his hand.

Without using sword flight, Su Clans Ah Qi continued to stand in midair as if he was stepping on normal ground.

In that moment, the power of the sabre was like heavenly might. The Su Clans Ah Qi wielding a sabre and the one not, were as if two completely different people!

Young Master Hais body was affected by the power of the sabre, and slightly trembled. However, he quickly regained his cool. I never expected that even if I used all my talisman treasures and magical treasures, I couldnt even block your third sabre strike.

Su Clans Ah Qi frowned slightly.

Actually, when you, Su Clans Ah Qi, appeared in this Blue Origin Valley, my plan was already complete. Young Master Hai raised both his hands, smiling.

Everything, was in the palm of his hands. Now was the time to reel in the net!

See that? Brother Ah Qi, those charming calls of the Moonsabre Sect disciples below? Theyre fanatically pouring all the energy in their bodies into the sect giant guardian formation. They only have one thought in their minds, which is to beat back Su Clans Ah Qi!

This is the use of you, Brother Ah Qi, in my plan. You dont even need to do anything. You just need to stand there, and give a huge sense of pressure to the Moonsabre Sect disciples. To resist you, they would desperately squeeze out all their potential. They would pour all their True Qi, as well as Qi and blood into the operation of the sect giant guardian formation.

But its not enough. The sect giant guardian formation Ive modified is very greedy. Not only the True Qi in the Moonsabre Sect disciples body, but even their life force and their overstimulated souls are targets for the sect giant guardian formation to absorb.

Because of the strong faith in their hearts, they are just like those religious fanatics of ancient times. Compared to sacrifices that get killed while despairing, these Moonsabre Sect disciples who are religious fanatics can contribute much more life force and soul energy. Its really too great! Theyre the perfect sacrifices!

Revel joyously, sing loudly, and dance!


Below, the Moonsabre Sect disciples seemed to have gone mad, madly dancing about. They were loudly shouting out Elder Young Master Hai, their eyes bright red and their rationality gone.

Then, the disciples of the Moonsabre Sect all fell down onto the ground one after another!

Formation activate! [Bloodgod Evilsabre Formation]!

Both of Young Master Hais hands raised, and the blood mist in the Blue Origin Valley rose.

Devil Monarch Anzhis true body laughed jiejie weirdly, and suddenly appeared behind Young Master Hai. Devilish flames on his body surged to the sky. The reason that the Moonsabre Sect disciples below could descend into a state of madness so fast was because of his effort.

Devil Monarch Anzhi and Young Master Hai stood back to back, and both their hands raised to the air. They both controlled this [Bloodgod Evilsabre Formation] together!

Survivors of the Bloodsabre Sect? Su Clans Ah Qi got into a strange stance to attack with his sabre.

Sky! Sabre! Buries! The! Star! Sea!

After a gap of so many years, how much power would be unleashed when Su Clans Ah Qi once again used the [Skysabre Buries the Starsea]?

On the other side, Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives was taking the time to explain the strange points of the sect giant guardian formation in front of them.

This Blue Origin Valley and the formation together, is actually the [Bloodgod Evilsabre Formation] that the Bloodsabre Sect, that was exterminated that year, used to sacrifice life force and form their innate Bloodgod Sabre. But the Moonsabre Sects Formation has actually undergone some alterations from the original.

But, no matter how much the formation changes, ten thousand superficial changes wont change it fundamentally. It cant hide from my eyes!

Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives said smugly. Are there any changes in the Blue Origin Valley now?

A giant blood mist rose, and enveloped the entire Blue Origin Valley. Senior Ah Qi seems to be about to make his move! Song Shuhang said excitedly.

Its at this time! Go little friend Shuhang. Rush to the position I marked out! Wait until this formation ends, and youll strike it rich! Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives laughed.

Song Shuhang had long since tensed up his muscles. He rushed like a leopard to that nameless tree, and asked at the same time. Would senior Ah Qi not break this formation?

It cant be destroyed. Even if you kill the controller, this giant formation will continue to be active! And if you kill all the Moonsabre Sect disciples, the formation will just activate faster. When this formation started, all of these Moonsabre Sect disciples had already become living sacrifices, becoming materials for the innate Bloodgod Sabre! Whether they now earlier or later doesnt matter. It will at most affect the final benefits.

Talisman mansion Master said. Unless, he flattens the entire Blue Origin Valley in one hit! Ah Qi can do this, but he needs to store up energy for a long time. There isnt time now for Ah Qi to store up energy, and we can only hope he kills the controller.

At this time, Song Shuhang had already reached the designated point. Ive reached! What do I do next?

You dont need to do anything. Just stand there and dont move. Just quietly wait for a meat pie to fall from the sky. Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives said smugly. The only thing you need to take note of is to not to get eliminated by someone in the meantime. Ill hang up first. If youre still alive in a while, call me to tell me your gains.

Song Shuhang hung up the call. He carefully squatted at the position. He was making himself a smaller target so he wouldnt be so obvious.