Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Just Call Me Great Pressure Of Mt.books
Chapter 139- Just call me Great Pressure of Mt.Books!

Song Shuhangs luck was not bad, and the Moonsabre Sect disciples not far from him had all gone mad. After jumping about a while, they all fainted on the ground. No one noticed him.

In the Blue Origin Valley, the blood mist got denser.

After approximately two breaths, Song Shuhang suddenly felt his Heart Acupoint warm up, with some kind of scorching hot sensation.

He was very familiar with this feeling. Every time he cultivated the [Vajra Founndational Fist Technique], then used [True Self Meditation Scripture] to send Qi and blood into his Heart Acupoint, it was exactly this feeling!

But whenever he cultivated himself, it would normally stop after a slight burning. But now, the Heart Acupoint was simply continously increasing in temperature.

That meant that as of now, the Qi and blood in his Heart Acupoint was shooting up! The higher it rose, the less the time he would use in the future on completing his Hundred Days Foundation Establishment.

And if it kept increasing, he may just open his Heart Acupoint today, and complete the Hundred Days Foundation Establishment!

This was one of the benefits that Talisman Master Sevenlives had mentioned.


Su Clans Ah Qis sabre chopped into the Blue Origin Valley, entering that dense blood mist.

Boom boom boom boom terrifying explosions of sabre light continuously resounded.

Exactly how powerful was the [Skysabre Buries the Starsea]?

As a sabre art even Su Clans Ah Qi couldnt control, when this sabre struck, and the sabre Qi spread, its destructive power would not weaken after spreading for several hundred metres!

Ding ding ding ~~

Strange sounds kept resounding from the blood mist, and the blood mist got denser.

After five breaths.

Su Clans Ah Qi returned his sabre to his sheath, but his frown deepened.

It seemed that Young Master Hai hadnt died yet?

In the Blue Origin Valley, that blood mist that covered the sky began to disappear.

The first to enter Ah Qis vision was a Young Master Hai with ragged clothes. His hair was dishevelled, and there were injuries and bloodstains all over his body. But he was still alive. And he had still had that detestable smile on his face.

In Young Master Hais hand there was a Bloodsabre so red that it was almost black. It was spurting hot Qi. The innate Bloodgod Sabre had already formed. With this sabre, Young Master Hai had the confidence to assail the Rank 5 realm, and form his Gold Core.

Behind him, Devil Monarch Anzhi opened his mouth, and sucked in a stream of Devil Qi from below the Blue Origin Valley.

The [Bloodgod Evilsabre Formation] was something he and Young Master Hai had revised together. They were also controlling it together

And using the entire Moonsabre Sect as sacrifices.

Young Master Hai gained an innate Bloodgod Sabre.

And he gained this Threevils Devil Qi. This was one of the benefits of their cooperation.

And next to them was a man with long messy hair and fierce features. The mans body was covered in fresh blood as well, with countless big and small wounds. He was currently grimacing in pain.

It was him who had blocked Su Clans Ah Qis [Skysabre Buries the Starsea]!

When Su Clans Ah Qi saw this man with fierce features, his gaze became fiery. His right hand gradually grabbed onto his sabre handle. Devil Monarch Madtyrant!

Infinity Devils Sect Devil Monarch Madtyrant.

A Rank 5 Gold Core realm cultivator with powerful strength.

The disciples of the Infinity Devils Sect all had extreme dispositions, and were all extremely unconventional in character. Devil Monarch Madtyrant was the only one more harmless among the members of the Infinity Devils Sect as long as no one angered him!

But it just so happened that Devil Monarch Madtyrant had a constitution that naturally agitated others. Just casually walking on the streets, there could be people who felt him unpleasing for no reason, and would want to slap or spit at him.

Thenwell there was no then after that.

It was because of this special constitution of his that when he had appeared a few days ago, the <> had specially done a report on him. It had been to let various cultivators who had gone out be more careful, and not annoy Devil Monarch Madtyrant for no reason, and bring upon themselves suffering.

To be able directly take on my [Skysabre Buries the Starsea]. Devil Monarch Madtyrant has a well deserved reputation as expected. Su Clans Ah Qi grasped the sabre handle tightly, his desire for battle burning. Since you want to stand out for Young Master Hai, then lets battle!

Then battle. Let me have a joyful battle!

Ah Qis began to get very excited.

I only owed junior apprentice brother Young Master Hai a favour. I just came to protect him this once. Devil Monarch Madtyrant grimaced. For the [Skysabre Buries the Starsea] just now, he had had to stake his life on blocking it.

Dont talk so much. Lets fight. Su Clans Ah Qi said.

Junior apprentice brother Young Master Hai? So Young Master Hai had long since been a disciple of the Infinity Devils Sect?

Today is not the day to fight. You and I both have things to worry about. You have to protect those two fellows behind you. I have to protect junior apprentice brother Young Master Hai and a junior of mine. Devil Monarch Madtyrant said. After a while, Ill fix a battle with you.

Su Clans Ah Qi frowned.

As thse two Gold Core experts were interacting, Young Master Hai slightly smiled and stretched out his hand.

The innate Bloodgod Sabre was just one of the benefits of his giant formation. The second big benefit was about to come!

Four blood red crystals suddenly appeared in thin air, gently falling towards Young Master Hai.

The blood mist that had covered the sky in the Blue Origin Valley hadnt dissipated but transformed into these blood red crystalline jewels.

Now it had finally formed.

If not for these four valuable Bloodgod Jewels, he would have long since let Devil Monarch Madtyrant bring him away. Why would he need engage in idle talk with Su Clans Ah Qi?

The four Bloodgod Jewels fell gradually, and Young Master Hai had been about to extend his hand to collect them.

But at this moment, one of the Bloodgod Jewels suddenly stopped in midair. Then, it changed directions, and like it was attracted by a magnet, flew in a direction in the Blue Origin Valley.

There, there was a young man wretchedly squatting there. Under Young Master Hais uncertain gaze, the Bloodgod Jewel just landed on the young mans palm just like that.

The smile on Young Master Hais face froze. He stared at this young man, and couldnt figure out why the Bloodgod Jewel would automatically fly to this young mans hand.

Then, Young Master Hai was suddenly enlightened.

Using the position where that man stood, he immediately calculated the position of a loophole of his [Bloodgod Evilsabre Formation]!

It was just like how if you knew the answer to a complicated question, it would be easier to do the calculation processes.

So that was how it was. The other side was standing in the position of a loophole of his [Bloodgod Evilsabre Formation], and easily took a large bite of the meat that was about to enter Young Master Hais mouth.

Skilled, it really was true skill!

Theres always a higher mountain out there. Young Master Hai is sincerely convinced! To be able to in the first time, see through the position of the loophole in the [Bloodgod Evilsabre Formation] he had modified. Then, he had squatted there long ago and waited for advantages to fall from the sky. Young Master Hai admitted he himself didnt have this ability.

That was why he was sincerely convinced.

Haha.Song Shuhang laughed with some embarrassment. The ones who was truly skilled wasnt him, but the seniors behind him of the Nine Provinces Number One Group!

In the sky, Su Clans Ah Qi was elated upon seeing this scene. Although he didnt know what had happened, he knew Song Shuhang had gotten some treasure from Young Master Hai.

Hahahaha. Ah Qi laughed. The pressure from his body strengthened, faintly protecting Song Shuhang.

Young Master Hai kept those three Bloodgod Jewels, and elegantly cupped his hands towards Song Shuhang in greeting. May I enquire as to this fellow Daoists Daoist title?

With Su Clans Ah Qi around, there was no point in hoping for that Bloodgod Jewel back.

Just call me Great Pressure of Mt.Books! Song Shuhang showed his white teeth.

Great Pressure of Mt.Books? Someone who walks the path of scholars? No wonder you have this level of foresight. Young Master Hai smiled slightly. If so, Ill entrust this Bloodgod Jewel to fellow Daoist Mt.Books. if I have the time, Ill pay a visit and trade back the Bloodgod Jewel.

At the same time, Devil Monarch Madtyrant extended his hands to grab Young Master Hai and Devil Monarch Anzhi, just like how an eagle would grab chicks. He wanted to flee faraway.

Youre thinking of leaving just like this? Su Clans Ah Qis magical sabre came out of the sheath slightly. He said coldly to Devil Monarch Madtyrant. Others may fear your Infinity Devil Sect. But I, Su Clans Ah Qi, am not scared of you. If you dont give me a satisfactory response today, and just leave with Young Master Hai, then in the coming days Ill go and destroy ten or so of your Infinity Devil Sect branches.

Devil Monarch Madtyrant shrugged his shoulders.

Young Master Hai said warmly. Of course. Its normal for Brother Ah Qi to be angry with me. Then those ten or so branches, Ill give it to Brother Ah Qi to appease your anger. Well meet again one day.

Well meet again one day. Devil Monarch Madtyrant grabbed them, then fled at lightning speed.

Ah Qi even kept his sabre into his sheath, and didnt give chase.

From Devil Monarch Madtyrants attitude towards Young Master Hai, it was definitely not a simple matter of owing a favour. What exactly was Young Master Hais identity in the Infinity Devils Sect?

Whatever the case. This debt, wasnt so easily settled!

After a long time, Su Clans Ah Qi stepped on the empty air, and came to Song Shuhangs side as if he was walking on stairs.

Song Shuhang had a blackened long sabre inserted at his waist, and his right hand grasped a Bloodgod Jewel. But now his focus wasnt on these two treasures, but on his Heart Acupoint.

His Heart Acupoint had a bloated feeling. With about ten or more strands of Qi and blood, he could Open the Heart Acupoint!

The Hundred Days Foundation Establishment was almost finished!

Ah Qi patted Song Shuhangs shoulder. Good job little friend Shuhang. As a cultivator, you can lack anything else. But you cant lack courage.

Song Shuhang looked over and grimaced. He was aching after Ah Qi had used his hand to pat him.

Ah Shiliu, this matter has been brought to a temporary close. Now youll immediately return with me to the Su Clan! Ah Qi told Ah Shiliu.

Ah Shiliu shook her head, and rose to her feet to go inside the Blue Origin Valley.

Inside the Blue Origin Valley were ruins.

The Moonsabre Sect disciples had been sucked dry of their life force as well as soul energy, and even their bodies had become dry corpses on the ground.

The weapons, medicinal pills, as well as all the other items used by cultivators inside the valley, had all had their spiritual energy sucked by that strange giant formation, and it was as if it had experienced the long passage of years. A light touch would reduce it to scrap metal and trash.

Ah Shiliu came to a residence in the Blue Origin Valley, and lifted her leg to step forward.

The residence door had long since been ruined from the corrosion of the [Bloodgod Evilsabre Formation], and was sent flying from her kick.

In the residence, the uncle Justheart from the Immortal Farming Sect had an apathetic look on his face. He seemed to have aged a lot, and his hair had become white under the influence of the [Bloodgod Evilsabre Formation].

It was good that that evil giant formation hadnt been maintained for long or he would have ended up like those Moonsabre Sect disciples, and become a dry corpse.

When he saw Ah Shiliu, he showed a bitter smile.

Now do you know how you were wrong? Ah Shiliu looked down at him.

Uncle Justheart began to wail.

He had been inside the valley. However, the sounds from outside the valley had been so loud, and he could hear it clearly.

He knew everything had been Young Master Hais plot.

He knew the Moonsabre Sect was history.

He knew the Immortal Farming Sect had sustained heavy losses. The dying cries of his junior apprentice brothers still resounded in his ears.

Su Clans Ah Qi followed behind Ah Shiliu.

He sighed heavily. Bring him and leave first.

The matter regarding the Immortal Farming Sect, he also had some responsibility now that the matter had come to an end, he couldnt remain indifferent to the Immortal Farming Sect.