Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 140

Chapter 140 True Monarch White Is Almost Out
Chapter 140- True Monarch White is almost out

Justheart was crying very gloomily. Su Clans Ah Qi sighed, and used his hand to chop the back of Justhearts neck, causing him to faint.

Well make a trip to the Immortal Farming Sect first. Su Clans Ah Qi said.

The entire matter was caused by him being led to the Immortal Farming Sect by Young Master Hai after all. Now that the Immortal Farming Sect had suffered heavy losses, he also had responsibility. At this time, he had to help as much as possible. He had to at least prevent the Daoist traditions of the Immortal Farming Sect from being cut off.

Finally, Ah Shiliu and Song Shuhang climbed onto Su Clans Ah Qis streak of light. They dragged Justheart behind them, and flew to the Immortal Farming Sect.

While flying, Song Shuhang took out his phone. He was preparing to call Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives to report his benefits.

The Bloodgod Jewel seemed to be a very valuable material for treasure refinement. Even the seniors in the group viewed it as a great gain. What kind of magical treasures could be refined from this?

Song Shuhang secretly looked at the Bloodgod Jewel in his hand. As soon as he thought of how this Bloodgod Jewel was formed by the live sacrifice of many people, his heart would feel slightly uncomfortable.

This was normal human behaviour. After all, even if you knew a gem was very valuable, but if you knew it was formed by the corpse fluids of a thousand to ten thousand people, your heart would feel uncomfortable even if it was priceless.

If possible, Song Shuhang would rather trade it for treasures of the same value that were more suitable for him.

However, when Song Shuhang dialled Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives.

Sorry! Your charge is overdue, please renew it, thank you!

It cant be, I remember I still have a lot of call value left. How do I owe charges? Song Shuhang had a face of suspicion.

Then, he suddenly thought of something.

Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives, seemed to be at somewhere in the sea teaching primitives to recognise Chinese words? For him to be able to call from there was quite amazing. As for whatever phone charges, those were trivial.

And as Song Shuhang hadnt enabled international calling, the phone charges would naturally be very expensive.

In the Immortal Farming Sect.

The surviving disciples all had their faces covered with gloom. All the elites the Immortal Farming Sect had sent out had died!

Even the sect leader had been saved by apprentice brother Justmight and ten or so disciples going all out.

Right now the Immortal Farming Sect was extremely weak. If there were any enemies nearby that wanted to take advantage of the situation, the outcome would be disastrous.

The sect leaders injuries were extremely bad, and he was already starting to make his post-mortem arrangements.

Justmight. This [Immortal Farming Scripture] chronicles all our sects secrets. Ill hand it over to you now. The sect leader trembled and fished out a scripture. He put all his effort into talking to Justmight. Also, please think of a way to bring Justheart back. Let him succeed the position of sect leader. The Immortal Farming Sect is too small, and Ive let you stay inside for too many years. I owe you too much. With your aptitude, its enough to enter a famous sect a hundred times better than the Immortal Farming Sect. Go and pursue a higher realm, and dont be tied down by the Immortal Farming Sect

The sect leader was filled with many emotions.

Justmight eyes were red and received the [Immortal Farming Scripture]. He carefully began to flip through and read it. With his memory as a Rank 4 cultivator, a [Immortal Farming Scripture] was memorised within moments.

Inside, there was the method regarding the usage of the Sevenshine Wonderfruit. The true use of the Sevenshine Wonderfruit was to treat Heavenly Tribulation injuries!

This use wasnt even known to the Immortal Farming Sect disciples.

It was said there was no smoke without fire. It was this kind of meaning. In the outside, it was abuzz with the various miraculous usages of the Sevenshine Wonderfruit. The Immortal Farming Sect even sneered at these foolish rumours in the outside world.

When Justwords, who treated people warmly, gave an introduction regarding the grudge between Su Clans Ah Qi and the Immortal Farming Sect, he had also made fun that the rumours in the outside world were too fake.

But the true use of the Sevenshine Wonderfruit really was to treat Heavenly Tribulation injuries!

Regarding this, only a few higher ups of the Immortal Farming Sect knew about it.

Justmight gently closed the [Immortal Farming Scripture] and looked at the sect leader. Rest assured sect leader. Justheart will definitely be fine.

Sect leader smiled as he nodded. He opened his mouth, wanting to say more.

But at this moment. The wooden sword beside Justmight abruptly chopped out. Sword light flashed, and the sect leaders head fell.

The sect leaders fresh blood gushed out. Before his death, he looked disbelievingly at his pleased eldest disciple.

I didnt think that even towards the end, you would still choose Justheart! Justmight flicked off the blood on his sword and said indifferently. Just right now, I told myself this. If at the end, Master let me succeed the Immortal Farming Sect, Ill let everything in the past go. I can even properly cultivate junior apprentice brother Justheart, and let him succeed the sect leader position when he could handle everything by himself. Then, I can go and pursue a higher realm without worries.

I dont care about the position of sect leader in the Immortal Farming Sect. But you said yourself youve owed me for so many years. When choosing the successor for sect leader, you actually didnt consider me?

Justmight said this mockingly. He was the most talented in all the history of the Immortal Farming Sect. In the eyes of the various apprentice brothers he was the number one in battle prowess in the Immortal Farming Sect, as well as the gentle eldest apprentice brother. All the disciples believed no one else could be the sect leader.

But, what was funny was that when the sect leader considered his successor he had never considered him from the start. And the reason was because he thought that the Immortal Farming Sect owed him, and he shouldnt be stuck in the Immortal Farming Sect. So there was no place for him as the sect leader.

What kind of reason was this?

The wooden sword returned to its sheath. The sect leaders spirit was completely extinguished.

The Immortal Farming Sect disciples who has survived looked stupidfied at all that had happened. They couldnt believe their eyes, and it was as if it was a dream.

How could this be possible. Just why would the strongest in the Immortal Farming Sect, apprentice brother Justmight, kill the sect leader! It was obviously apprentice brother Justmight who had worked so hard to save the sect leader from the Moonsabre Sect, so why?

Why!! The Justwords who treated people warmly shouted. He madly lunged at Justmight, chaotically flailing his arms about.

Why? If you must have a reason its very simple. Im just following Masters last wish, to escape the ties that the Immortal Farming Sect has with me. So that I can pursue a higher realm. Apprentice brother Justmight easily avoided Justwords attack. In the end, his sword stabbed out.

The sword tip lightly poked Justwordss forehead. Sword light was revealed.

A bloody injury appeared on his forehead, but Justmight didnt take the life of Justwords. A force erupted from the sword, and pushed Justwords back.

So, all I did was fufill Masters last wishes. Justmight said indifferently.

At this time, three figures descended from the sky.

The Devil Monarch Madtyrant with fierce features was flying on a shuttle type flying magical treasure. By his side was the Young Master Hai who was in ragged clothes but maintained his elegant demeanor as usual, as well as the Devil Monarch Anzhi who had his features covered by black smoke.

Looks like you succeeded over here as well. Young Master Hai laughed lightly, then extended his hand towards Justmight. Its time. We need to go, Brother Justmight.

Mm. Justmight nodded. He grasped Young Master Hais hand, and stepped on that shuttle type flying magical treasure.

Justmight!! The Justwords behind shouted in rage. You wont die a good death!

Wont die a good death? An interesting conclusion. However, from the moment I became a cultivator, I never thought I would die a peaceful death. Justmight turned around, and looked like a scholar as usual. However, his bearing was sharper than before. In this life, Ill either validate the Grand Dao, and achieve Immortality! Or Ill die a spectacular death! If one doesnt even have this understanding, one shouldnt become a cultivator.

Young Master Hai showed a look of appreciation.

Receive it. Justmights hand suddenly flung something, and threw that [Immortal Farming Scripture] to Justwords. His eyes showed ridicule. This records the traditons and inheritances and of the Immortal Farming Sect, and various secrets. Go and bring junior apprentice brother Justheart back! Masters second wish, wasnt it for him to become the sect leader?

Justwords clutched the [Immortal Farming Scripture], eyes filled with hate.

All of you, continue to guard the small Daoist traditions of the Immortal Farming Sect. Die in peace. If, any of you have the backbone, get stronger with your hate of me. Then come find me for revenge. Of course, your chances of seeing me again are very remote. From today, the distance between us will become bigger and bigger. If we meet again, you all will be nothing but insignificant ants to me.

Young Master Hai smiled lightly. We should get going, or else Su Clans Ah Qi will catch up.

Devil Monarch Madtyrant activated the flying magical treasure below his feet, and they rose into the sky.

On the ground, Justwords clutched the [Immortal Farming Scripture] as he howled towards the heavens. Tears covered his face.

Brother Justmight really is a gentle person. Young Master Hai smiled. He was referring to Justmight throwing the [Immortal Farming Scripture] to the Immortal Farming Sect.

Whatever the case this is still the place that raised me. Justmight laughed, and the power on his body dissipated. He now looked like a delicate scholar now.

Crocodile tears. Devil Monarch Anzhi coldly harrumphed.

You dont understand, Devil Monarch Anzhi. Young Master Hai smiled.

Yes. You dont understand Brother Anzhi. Justmight then asked. Has the Sevenshine Wonderfruit been obtained?

Of course. Young Master Hai flipped his hand, and showed that Sevenshine Wonderfruit. He then took out another three Bloodgod Jewels.

Hmm? There are only three Bloodgod Jewels? Werent there four? Justmight frowned.

Some problems happened halfway through. But it doesnt matter. Three is just nice for the three of us. As for the last one, there will surely be a chance to get it back. Young Master Hai smiled.

Thats fine as well. Justmight nodded his head.

Very quickly, the figures of four people disappeared into the horizontowards the mysterious Infinity Devils Sect.

What Song Shuhang didnt know was that as his phone couldnt go online anymore as he owed charges, the Nine Provinces Number One Group was very lively.

@All members, True Monarch White has just contacted me. He said hell come out of secluded meditation in about twenty days. Have we decided who is to receive him? True Monarch Mt.Huang asked in the group.

At that time when Loose Cultivator Northriver and the rest had screwed over Song Shuhang by getting him to receive True Monarch White, True Monarch Mt.Huang had happened to not be online at that time. That was why he would ask this.

Loose Cultivator Northriver said: Haha, True Monarch White is finally coming out? @Great Pressure of Mt.Books, are you ready? Quickly get your driving license. At the same time Ill arrange for you to go and learn to fly when youre free.

Madsabre Threewaves: Theres probably no time to learn to fly a plane anymore. At that time why not let Song Shuhang learn together with True Monarch White? If something happens, True Monarch White can still use sword flight to bring Song Shuhang to escape with his life. Mm to be accurate, it should WHEN something definitely happens?

The plane will definitely crash right?