Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 141

Chapter 141 One Hundred Million In Call Value Are You Scared Or Not
Chapter 141- Text Redacted

Dont say it like that. Perhaps after being in secluded meditation for so many years, True Monarch White may have become more dexterous, and that avid curiosity of his may have lessened? And, planes arent something so easy to break! True Monarch Mt.Huang spoke out with a sense of justice.

At this time, True Monarch Oldriver View said indifferently: Haha, Senior Mt.Huang, touch your heart. Do you yourself believe what youre saying?

True Monarch Mt.Huang was speechless at that rebuttal. Sorry, I was speaking nonsense just now!

And a plane is weaker than the mechanisms of a magical treasure. I bet ten custom made talismans, if True Monarch White gets on the plane, IT WILL CRASH! Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives said resolutely. The custom-made talismans he was talking about meant that no matter what kind of talisman it was, as long as he could make it, hell do it!

Four free chances to refine pills! Medicine Master chimed in. He could speak so fast today. Was it miss Jiang Ziyan helping him message again?

Ten free times of divining! At this time, someone with the ID Immortal Diviner Iron Trigrams said complacently.

Wait, Immortal Diviner Iron Trigrams? Who was that?

Oh my god. Thats Immortal Masters Copper Trigramss sockpuppet. This sockpuppet had been inside the group for very long, and no one actually discovered it.

Now that Immortal Masters Copper Trigramss main account had been muted, this alternate account had appeared to speak.

Loose Cultivator Northriver:

Madsabre Threewaves:

I think I dont want you to do any divination, and ruin my mood. Loose Cultivator Northriver said.

Me too. Madsabre Threewaves maintained formation.

Agreed. Medicine Master said.

Immortal Diviner Iron Trigrams raged: Enough!

[System notification: (******) Immortal Diviner Iron Trigrams has been blocked by chat admin True Monarch Mt.Huang for 30 days]

Who exactly is the one who has truly had enough? Dont think this chat admin is only for show! True Monarch Mt.Huang laughed coldly.

But True Monarch Mt.Huang didnt kick out this account. This account wasnt actually Immortal Master Copper Trigramss alternate account. It actually belonged to his disciple. It was just that this disciple always lurked, and today Immortal Master Copper Trigrams borrowed his account to chat.

But, all of you should stop slandering senior True Monarch White. If you discuss any further youll scare little friend Shuhang. If little friend doesnt receive True Monarch White at that time, you all will draw the lots to decide who goes. Whoever draws it goes to receive True Monarch White! True Monarch Mt.Huang threatened them.

All the members of the group quietened down, not daring to say anything else.

After a moment, Loose Cultivator Northriver saw that Song Shuhang hadnt come online after so long. He asked: Little friend Shuhang hasnt replied yet? Is he not online? I saw him post pictures just now in the group space. He wouldnt have pretended to see nothing right?

Just now I was talking to him on the phone. I also told him to call me in a while. I wanted to know if he had obtained the Bloodgod Jewel. Wait, Ill give him a call. Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives chimed in with a smile.

Very quickly, he appeared. Haha, little friend Shuhang owes charges for his phone most likely he used up his value just now when talking to me. It cant be helped. Im not in China. International calls are a bit more expensive. Mm, in the future he needs to remember to store a bit more value, or else we wouldnt be able to contact him in emergencies. Thats right, who has the time to go and help Song Shuhang add up call value? So that he can be contactable.

You can at most add a value of one thousand online. So troublesome. We also dont know how much little friend Shuhang owes? Loose Cultivator Northriver said.

At this time, the Drunkmoon Resident who had a weak presence appeared. I happen to be resting at a resort now. Theres a mobile business hall next to it. While its still not closed, send little friend Shuhangs number to me. Ill add some value for him. He wont have to worry about call value again.

While speaking, there seemed to be a lofty heroic spirit appearing!

Ill send his number to you.

Then you all wait. Ill add some value for him. Drunkmoon Resident finished speaking, then went to lurk.

At this time, Loose Cultivator Northriver said again: Take this opportunity to flood the chat. Before little friend Shuhang returns, flood away the records discussing True Monarch White. Or else when little friend Shuhang opens the group, then sees what we just discussed, he may decide to not do the task. Then well be in trouble.

Fellow Daoist Northriver speaks sense. Quickly flood the chat. What do we chat about?

How about we chat about what Threewaves has discovered at the Mysterious Island?

The seniors in the group began to shamelessly flood the chat log. Within a short while, several thousand lines of chatting was formed, and the chat logs regarding True Monarch White had disappeared very far away into the flood.

On the other side.

Su Clans Ah Qi brought Song Shuhang, Ah Shiliu, as well as Justheart to the sky above the Immortal Farming Sect.

Looking down from above, he saw the scene of the Immortal Farming Sect disciples.

What happened after the Immortal Farming Sect returned to the sect grounds? Ah qi looked closely, and noticed the corpse of the Immortal Farming Sect sect leader which had had its head chopped off by one sword stroke!

Something had indeed happened.

Su Clans Ah Qi lightly patted Justheart, and let him wake up from his unconscious state.

Justheart opened his eyes. He groggily saw the Immortal Farming Sect covered in gloom. He quickly saw the sect leaders corpse, and froze.

Below, the Immortal Farming Sect cried nonstop, with some lamenting to each other in tears.

The disciple had completely lost their pillar. Before, even if the sect leader died, they still had eldest apprentice brother Justmight. But now eldest apprentice brother had killed the sect leader, and left the Immortal Farming Sect. Now, what were they to do?

Justheart stood on Su Clans Ah Qis streak of light. He dully listened to the disciples explanation. He now understood the process of the Moonsabre Sect battle.

Eldest apprentice brother killed Master, then betrayed the sect and left with Young Master Hai?

How, how could this happen?!

After a long time

Justheart grit his teeth, and a resolute expression appeared on his face. Senior Ah Qi, please put me down.

Ah Qi unexpectedly looked at him. Have you made your decision, and know what to do?

I dont know. But I need to return to the Immortal Farming Sect. Someone needs to stand up now in the Immortal Farming Sect, or the Immortal Farming Sect is finished. Justheart smiled bitterly.

Ah Qi thought about it, before throwing a tally to Justheart. Put it on, and display it in the Immortal Farming Sect. It represents that I, Su Clans Ah Qi, am covering the Immortal Farming Sect. This way, it can at least block a few thieves and robbers who wish to take advantage of the situation. When the day comes, and you think the Immortal Farming Sect has passed its tribulation, return this tally to the Su Clan.

Thank you. Justheart received this tally. At this time, he didnt even have the leeway to reject. He needed this tally. The Immortal Farming Sect needed this tally.

Su Clans Ah Qi lightly waved, and supported his figure, allowing Justheart to land on the ground.

When the Immortal Farming Sect disciples saw Justheart land from the sky, many of their eyes shined. Although Justheart wasnt that powerful, he had high popularity in the Immortal Farming Sect.

Seeing the incoming junior apprentice brothers, Justheart grasped the tally tightly, and sighed. He took a large step forward to welcome the disciples of the Immortal Farming Sect!

Su Clans Ah Qi clasped his hands behind his back, and looked from high up for very long. He finally spoke softly. Lets go.

Ah Qi felt that what had happened with the Immortal Farming Sect as partly his responsibility. That was why he had bestowed this tally, so that the Immortal Farming Sect could pass this tribulation. However, in this Immortal Farming Sect incident, Justheart had once had ill intentions on Ah Shiliu, which was why he didnt give any help other than the tally.

The streak of light flew off, and he brought Song Shuhang and Ah Shiliu towards the Jiangnan University City.

Song Shuhang gave a last look at the Immortal Farming Sect. His heart had too many emotions, but he didnt know how to express them through words. Thus, he could only keep it in his heart.

In the future, this Immortal Farming Sect incident would become his life experience, and enrich his Dao heart.

On the road back, Su Clans Ah Qi had been silent for very long, before suddenly speaking. Shiliu, return with me to the Su Clan today. Your injuries, doesnt have no methods to heal.

Mm. Ah Shiliu said indifferently.

Dont overthink things. Leave it to me. Believe me, Ah Shiliu, youll be fine.

Mm. Ive always believed you. I just came out to clear my mind. Ah Shiliu showed a smile. She originally already had exquisite features. This smile was surely extremely sweet, and it was as if a hundred flowers were blooming.

Very quickly. Su Clans Ah Qi had already ridden the streak of light to the sky above Jiangnan University City.

Little friend Shuhang. I really have to thank you this time. Ah Qi used force to pat Song Shuhang.

If not for Song Shuhang, Su Clans Ah Shiliu would very likely have been killed by those bastards from the Moonsabre Sect. Just thinking about it made Ah Qi scared. Because he was too emotional, he used too much force to pat and almost patted out Song Shuhangs lungs.

Song Shuhang was patted until he started to cough, and couldnt help but smile bitterly.

Ah Shiliu sighed. She extended her hand to rub Song Shuhangs back, so he could cough more lightly and slowly.

Cough. I originally had a greeting gift for you. But now, I cant take out that greeting gift. Su Clans Ah Qi smiled.

Originally he had a Rank 1 fist technique. He wanted to casually give it to this new fellow Daoist Song Shuhang as a greeting gift. But now he had saved Su Clans Ah Shiliu multiple times. Wouldnt he be laughed to death by the others in the group if he took out this Rank 1 fist technique as a greeting gift?

So, Ill give it to you next time. After a while, Fairy Biexue will be having the Banquet of the Immortals. At that time, Ill bring you over, and let you taste this worlds true deliciousness and Immortal treasures. This greeting gift should sufficiently show my sincerity, right?

Fairy Biexue? Song Shuhang was confused upon hearing this. Were they going to go for a good meal?

At this time Ah Shiliu lightly poked Song Shuhang, and gave him a look.

Alright! Then Ill thank senior Ah Qi! Song Shuhang gave thanks. This Banquet of the Immortals had large benefits?

Then well bid farewell here. Ah Qi nodded his head satisfied. His right hand raised, and supporting Song Shuhang, sent him to an man made forest where no one was looking.

Today, I survived safely again.Song Shuhang sighed, and took out his phone.

Speaking of which, he owed charges. He needed to go and recharge some value, and see how much he owed?

At this time, his phone suddenly received a message.

It was an automatic message. Respected customer: Hello, on 10 June you successfully recharged 10000000.00 yuan in value. Your balance now is 9999784.31 yuan. Replying the message can 1, inquire immediately about call value information[China automated notification services]

Song Shuhang rubbed his eyes. One, two,three seven. SEVEN ZEROS?

Ten million in call value?

The automated system of China really collapsed in the end?

Chapter 141- One hundred million in call value are you scared or not!