Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 142

Chapter 142 The Nameless Immortal Sage Of The Nameless Temple
Chapter 142- The nameless Immortal sage of the nameless temple

Should he make a call to customer service, and ask what was going on? It was a sum of money that was ten million after all!

While thinking, the chat software on his phone made a special notification. Someone in the Nine Provinces Number One Group had @ him.

Because he no longer owed charges, he now had internet connection.

Song Shuhang opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group to take a look.

Drunkmoon Resident: @Great Pressure of Mt.Books, little friend Shuhang, has your phone service recovered? I just helped you add a bit of money. You dont need to ever worry about your phone service stopping ever again!

It was the seniors in the group who had helped him add call value?

Wait senior. The a bit of money wouldnt happen to be ten million right? Song Shuhang quickly replied.

Mm. Its this sum. Did you receive it? As Drunkmoon Resident said this, there was blatantly the aura of a nouveau riche.

Senior, is there a need to be so extreme? Its too much! What Song Shuhang now felt was like the first half of his webname great pressure!

Just so that he didnt have to worry about phone service stopping ever again? Then he added a call value of ten million for him? The call value in this phone was already more than all the assets of ordinary families.

Too much? Thats not so, our group members regularly call each other from halfway across the world. Our call charges are a lot every year. With other expenditures phones have, ten million is about the call value for one or two hundred years. Itll be used up very fast! Drunkmoon Resident replied.

Itll be used up in one or two hundred years? And very quickly?

Song Shuhang used strength to hit the tree beside him. He tried to cool down. Did the seniors in the group uses centuries as a unit of time?

I cant keep up. A month before he was still an ordinary person, and he completely couldnt keep up with the thinking of the seniors in the group!

Some small money of the mortal realm. Theres no need to be flustered. Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives forcefully cut in, and asked a question. Also, little friend Shuhang. How much benefit did you gain from that [Bloodgod Evilsabre Formation]?

To me, this isnt a little bit of money!

Although it really was a small sum to the seniors in the group, but could you try to understand me, who was just an ordinary citizen not long ago?

Alright. To get the seniors to understand him wasnt realistic. He had to work hard himself, and catch up with their way of thinking!

Song Shuhang tried his best to calm his feelings, and reply the question of Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives. There were gains. In that formation, the Qi and blood in my Heart Acupoint increased by a large amount, up till now. I expect with about ten or so amounts of Qi and blood, the Hundred Days Foundation Establishment can be competed! My body also obtained strengthening. Finally, theres a Bloodgod Jewel.

After stopping for a while, Song Shuhang typed: However seniors, this Bloodgod Jewel. Can I change it to other items that suit me more. Its fine whether its medicinal pills, techniques, magical treasures or talismans.

This Bloodgod Jewel kept having an uncomfortable feeling in his hand.

Also, hadnt Young Master Hai had a very confident look on his face as he said: If I have the time, Ill pay a visit and trade back the Bloodgod Jewel.

At that time, let him go visit one of the seniors, and try to trade back the Bloodgod Jewel!

Haha. Ive been waiting for this sentence of yours! Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives had a [Toothy smile emoticon] as he continued. After some time, wait for me to teach these primitives on this island how to recognise Chinese, then Ill go look for you. At that time time Ill bring you to take a look at my treasury, and let you choose some items of the same value, to trade for this Bloodgod Jewel of yours.

The Bloodgod Jewel wasnt just a valuable material for refinement, but also a good material for the production of the ink for the creation of high grade talismans.

Every stroke for high grade talismans needed a special ink.

For example, the golden talismans Soft Feathers had used at that time, had its talisman creation ink made from the blood of a single horned Flood Dragon into Flood Dragon Ink.

Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives just happened to need this Bloodgod Jewel.

At this time, Loose Cultivator Northriver laughed. Looks like fellow Daoist Sevenlives am about to make some breakthroughs for your Dao of Talismans?

Hehe, recently I accidentally got some inspirations. I want to take this chance to create high grade talismans to break through this bottleneck for the Dao of Talismans. At the same time, I want to break through to the Rank 5 Spirit Emperor realm. If I drag on my ascension on longer, Ill be chased up to by my juniors. Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives laughed as he replied.

He actually could have long since formed his gold core, and ascend to Rank 5 Spirit Emperor.

But it was just that to form a more perfect core, he had suppressed his realm, and dragged things until now.

The Gold Core Realm was grouped into grades of three, six and nine as well. It was based on the number of Dragon Patterns on the Gold Core, and split into nine grades. The greater the number of Dragon Patterns, the higher the grade of the Gold Core. The higher the grade of the core, the further down the path a cultivator could walk in the future.

Frankly speaking, a Gold Core with one to three patterns would stay as Rank 5 Spirit Emperor if they had no miraculous encounters.

As for four to six patterns, as long as they didnt fall, they could basically rise to the Rank 6 True Monarch realm, with even hope of reaching the Rank 7 Venerable realm!

And if one wanted to go further, to make ones power felt before others and ascend to the Rank 8 Profound Saint realm, one needed a Gold Core with at least seven patterns.

Talisman Mansion Master Sevenlives was suppressing himself for a seven patterned Gold Core.

Also, no one in the Nine Provinces Number One Group had a gold core with fewer than seven patterns. They were all outstanding figures among Rank 5 Spirit Emperors.

Alright. Then Ill wait for seniors good news. Song Shuhang quickly replied. Then, the various seniors, Ill be going for a rest first.

Wait! Wait Little friend Shuhang! Loose Cultivator Northriver said quickly.

? Song Shuhang sent a question mark.

Theres something I need to tell you. True Monarch Mt.Huang was contacted by True Monarch White. True Monarch White will come out of secluded meditation in about twenty days! At that time, True Monarch Mt.Huang will send little friend the location of where True Monarch White will come out from. Little friend remember to receive True Monarch White at that time! Loose Cultivator Northriver said quickly.

The seniors in the group all quietened down. They were afraid Song Shuhang would reject. If True Monarch Mt.Huang was angered at that time and made everyone draw lots, it would be terrible.

Oh. Alright, no problem. At that time just notify me of where True Monarch White is and itll be fine. Song Shuhang replied. Then seniors, if theres nothing else Ill go back and rest first!

He just wanted to go and have a good shower now, then have a beautiful sleep. Today, his body and mind was completely exhausted.

Go then. Have a good rest. We all think highly of you. Loose Cultivator northriver said.

Song Shuhang nodded. He carefully kept his phone. Dont think this phone was just a thousand silver yuan. Inside it had a call value of ten million!

November 6. Tuesday.

In the day, Song Shuhang and Tubo went to hand up the fees to learn driving.

Next would be waiting for the coach to call them to learn to drive.

Tubo had already contacted all his connections. Today they would hand up the fees, and tomorrow the coach could call them to learn to drive. Within one week they could participate in their indoor test. If they passed, they could go for their public road driving test. If their luck was good, they could get their license within twenty days!

This was a peaceful day. Nothing messy happened. Mm, during class, little miss Lu Fei had openly been next to Song Shuhang freeloading air con.

After dinner, the three roommates of the dormitory all got busy with their own things.

Gao Momo was dragged away by Zhuge Zhongyang. Supposedly in these two days, they had started meeting up with Zhuge Zhongyangs first fiance candidate.

Yang De continued to be busy with creating a new computer programme.

Tubo had also been lost in a game these few days.

Thus, Song Shuhang just happened to be able to have the free time to cultivate.

He went to the apartment Medicine Master had bought, and started to cultivate.

First was a round of [Vajra Foundational Fist Technique], then was using [True Self Meditation] to guide the Qi and blood.

Todays cultivation was particularly relaxed. He didnt use any Qi and Blood Pills, but he still managed to practice nine times of [Vajra Foundational Fist Technique]!

In the period of Foundation Establishment, the more the amount of Qi and blood in the Heart Acupoint, there would be feedback to the body, allowing the cultivators body to strengthen.

And Song Shuhangs body had gotten an additional strengthening from the [Bloodgod Evilsabre Formation] at the Moonsabre Sect.

With the current strength of his body, training fourteen or fifteen rounds in one shot wouldnt require Qi and Blood Pills!

After nine times of [Vajra Foundational Fist Technique] ended, Song Shuhang suddenly felt his Heart Acupoint heat up.

The Qi and Blood is overflowing! Song Shuhangs mind moved, and he urgently used the [True Self Meditation] to guide the Qi and Blood into his Heart Acupoint.

This thread of Qi and blood was guided into the Heart Acupoint. It became the straw that broke the camels back!

The Qi and blood in the Heart Acupoint opened the Heart Acupoint, overflowing!

The Acupoint opened by itself!

The Hundred Days Foundation Establishment was officially completed!

At this moment, he could be considered to have truly stepped into the ranks of cultivators!

Song Shuhang opened his eyes, and his vitality, Qi and spirit all changed qualitatively!

About five hundred kilometres south from the Jiangnan area, there was a city called Nanhua Lake.

Linyao Village was located at Nanhua Lake City.

In the village, there was a famous nameless Daoist temple.

Because this Daoist temple was famous far and wide, every year many believers would come from various places to make a pilgrimage, but this Daoist temple didnt have a name. Over the course of time, people called it the nameless Daoist temple.

The nameless Daoist temple wasnt big, and the one it enshrined and worshipped wasnt the Three Pure Ones. It was instead a nameless Immortal sage.

This Immortal sage was an extremely handsome man who was sitting cross legged. He was peacefully sitting on the stone platform, and was extremely lifelike.

Supposedly this Immortal sage had been discovered several hundred years ago during a large drought.

According to legend, that had been a large drought that would not be seen for decades. It hadnt rained a drop for half a year. The river water had dried up. The villagers also had total crop failure, and were about to die due to hunger and thirst.

They were futilely creating wells at various places, and were hoping to find at least one wellspring. But the villagers had created at least forty wells, but had no gains.

As they were at their most desperate, they had dug up a lifelike statue as they were digging wells. This was the origin of the nameless Daoist temple.

It wasnt carved by human hands, and was of the highest quality!

Of course, there were villagers to believed this Immortal sage figure was buried very very long ago by ancient people.

Anyways, the desperate villagers had worshipped this Immortal sage figure.

It had been miraculous speaking of which.

On the second day after worship a heavy downpour had come down. There was a welcome rain after a long drought. It was a great rejoicing in ones life.

And thus, this temple for the nameless Immortal Sage became famous like this.

Even now, after a while, there would be rumours of villagers having their wishes realised. The fame of this nameless Immortal sage temple became greater and greater!

At this time, the Daoist temple had several worshippers secretly talking.

Do you feel like the nameless Immortal Sage has become even more lifelike recently?

You also have this feeling? I keep feeling as if this nameless Immortal sage will come to life anytime, and ascend to the heavens!

And I keep feeling this nameless Immortal sage keeps looks better and better.

Whether it was male or female, they would have this kind of feeling. The entire idol became better and better looking, releasing endless charm.

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