Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 143

Chapter 143 The Dormitorys Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 143- The dormitorys unexpected visitor

The Heart Acupoint had been filled up with Qi and blood. When the conditions are right, success will follow naturally, and the acupoint will open by itself!

After the Heart Acupoint opened, cultivators could truly grasp the power of Qi and blood in their body. They could then unleash power that exceeded the human limit! When the power of Qi and blood was strong enough, bare handedly twisting metal and the like could be achieved!

In the sea of consciousness, the true self had become more solid and real, revealing the qualities of a cultivator.

Song Shuhang stood up, taking light breaths.

He began to recall the scene at that time in the illusionary world of the [Vajra Foundation Fist Technique] of the master with a naked upper half putting to good use the fist technique.

A simple fist technique, could in the hands of that master release fists in curves, with straights amongst the curves. It could have great strength and profound power, with the fists like cannons. It could be as gentle as the breeze, coupling strength and gentleness.

Before opening the Heart Acupoint, Song Shuhang couldnt have so easily freely did as he intended like that.

But now, perhaps he could give it a try after opening his Heart Acupoint!

He could feel the Qi and Blood energy that was constantly flowing out. With the beating of his heart, the Qi and Blood energy was sent to every part of the body. After circulating a round in the body, the Qi and Blood energy would get stronger and return to the Heart Acupoint. With this circulation, as long as Song Shuhang was still alive and kicking, the Qi and Blood energy in his body would slowly get stronger.

And as the Qi and Blood energy revolved around his body, Song Shuhang could feel the state of every muscle in his body as well their explosive power.

This was a realm about grasping the state of ones body.

Song Shuhang once again took up the starting position of the [Vajra Foundation Fist Technique], his muscles half taut and half relaxed. He could faintly feel himself in harmony with his surroundings, and his entire body had an easy and smooth feeling that couldnt be described.

Holding his breath, concentrating his attention, and a fist was launched!

The speed wasnt fast, but there was booming sounds of explosions. It was heavier compared to the booming sounds of Song Shuhangs full force blows in the past. A casual punch, and every movement or action, all had the effect of manipulating the power of the spiritual energy in heaven and earth, just like chanting the Fist Technique Chant in the past.

Only after he finished a set of [Vajra Foundation Fist Technique] from start to finish, did Song Shuhang exhale a long breath.

This was a true completion of one set within one breath.

With this heavy breath, every muscle in his body trembled slightly. His body had been adjusted to a perfectly healthy state.

Song Shuhang only then showed a satisfied smile.

Todays cultivation came to an end here.

Although he could rely on Blood and Qi Pills to train a few more rounds, Song Shuhang didnt plan to cultivate any further.

Haste brings no success. After just finishing his Foundation Establishment, he needed a period of time to adapt to his current body condition, to completely grasp his current body!

Sharpening the axe wont interfere with cutting wood.

After a shower, Song Shuhang took out the black suitcase he had obtained from Altar Master.

Then, he put the Bloodgod Jewel he had obtained yesterday inside. Then he put that treasure sabre he had obtained from the Moonsabre Sect sect leader together with the black suitcase.

The sabre had its name inscribed on it. Tyrantbreaker.

The sabre was 1.1 metres long. The body of the sabre was burnt by the Tribulation Flames, and had completely become black. The originally beautiful treasure sabre had become a black and swarthy black sabre.

However, after being burnt by the Tribulation Flames, the controls and spiritual imprints left behind by the Moonsabre Sect leader had been completely cleared away. Now, this sabre had become a completely ownerless item.

Itll be great if this sabre could have a concealing formation like senior Medicine Masters flying sword. That way I could have it on my body at any time. Song Shuhang hiddenly sighed.

He really liked this sabre, and really wished to have it on him at all times.

Unfortunately this sabre was a sharp object, and if it wasnt concealed, itll be confiscated by the policeman uncles. Perhaps he may also have to suffer the criminal charge of carrying restricted sharp tools.

He put these treasures into the apartments safe. Medicine Masters home had the protection of the formations he had erected. There was no need to worry about thieves making a visit. It couldnt be safer storing the items here.

Then Song Shuhang took Great Master Tongxuans flying sword, and returned in the direction of the Jiangnan University City.

This flying sword needed to be mailed back to Great Master Tongxuan.

He had already contacted Little Monk Threedays on the chat software to tell him the news that the flying sword had been found.

On the way, Song Shuhang gave a call to Sima Jiang. Hey, Little Jiang? Haha, I contacted you so late. Are your injuries better? Mm. Can you make a trip here? I want to send that delivery from that time again.

In the phone, Sima Jiang quickly answered. No problem. Do I still go to Jiangnan University City? Alright? I understand. Ill be there immediately!

Sima Jiang had originally worried that Song Shuhang would no longer patronise his business anymore. With this call, he finally relaxed.

Four of you come with me. Sima Jiang called out. If this time the delivery was robbed again, he would really not have the face to see anyone anymore.

Mister Sima, how do we deal with the thief? The bespectacled man in a western suit pushed up his spectacles as he asked.

Keep him locked up for now. Wait for me to ask Song Shuhang and see his thoughts. Sima Jiang brought four big fellows in western suits, talking as he walked.

On the way back to the University City, Song Shuhang unexpectedly met two acquaintances.

The two metre tall Nan Haomeng and the thin and weak Lin Tao.

Lin Tao was the senior who had sold information about Song Shuhang in that Altar Master incident. After that, he had suffered a Face-breaking Punch of Friendship from Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang saw them at the turn. Because of the angle, the other two didnt see him.

It seemed the other two had only encountered each other by chance.

Nan Haomeng showed a brilliant smile. He went towards Lin Tao to meet him. Student Lin Tao, have you repaired your broken teeth?

Lin Taos face still had some slight swelling. His expression was gloomy, but he still fawningly replied. Repaired, its been repaired.

However because he had needed to repair relatively more teeth, that unexpected fortune from a while ago had almost been spent completely. This was tantamount to having no profit, and even having half his teeth broken by someone else for nothing. Lin Tao was really bitter in his heart

Its good if youve repaired it. Technology is really advanced now, you cant even tell its fake teeth. Thats right, you wouldnt have complained to the school authorities right? You and me arent little children anymore. We are all adults, and we are at fault we need to bear the responsibility, right? Nan Haomeng gave a kindhearted smile, patting Lin Taos shoulder.

No. Of course not. Lin Tao put strength into shaking his head.

If you didnt thats good. You and I can be considered to have become friends through an exchange of blows. After having a fight, we got to know each other through fate. Nan Haomeng being a chatterbox was something Song Shuhang had already known when meeting him the first time.

And this fellow didnt know himself. He was obviously a chatterbox but he still didnt want to admit it.

Lets be friends in the future. Of course, you dont want to become friends through an exchange of blows again right? So, let past matters scatter with the wind. The various things in the past, let it vanish like smoke in thin air. It was this saying right? Nan Haomeng used force to pat Lin Taos weak and skinny shoulder.

Yes, yes. Lin Tao really wanted to cry. Who was it that especially wanted to be friends with you?

Then well talk again in a few days. I also wish your academics go smoothly. Nan Haomeng laughed haha. Waving, he confidently and freely left. It seems like he was still worried about Lin Tao complaining to the school authorities, and after a few days had specially come to threaten Lin Tao.

It seems like this lunkhead was surprisingly careful?

Lin Tao grit his teeth. Rubbing his swelled up face, he mumbled. If I had the power, Ill definitely screw all of you over. Bastards!

As his voice just sounded, he suddenly heard someone behind him talk faintly as if he was a ghost. Mm. Not bad. You can still be considered to have some backbone.

Lin Tao jumped in fright. Who was it that didnt even make a sound as he went behind his back?

He turned, and saw Song Shuhangs white and clean face.

Suddenly, Lin Taos face cramped, and he faintly felt the part that was hit a few days ago start to hurt faintly.

But you need to properly train. Youre now as weak as a chicken. I can crush you with one finger. When youve properly trained, come find me anytime. Finished speaking, Song Shuhang turned his head to look at the surroundings. There happened to be an old building in the process of being demolished.

He came to the buildings wall, and held a fist up. Regulating his strength, he lightly punched at the wall.

Dong! It was a very loud sound.

The wall was full of cracks. It was simply like if it had been smashed by a giant hammer.

Song Shuhang nodded his head in satisfaction. He turned towards Lin Tao. Mm. Saw that? When you train to that level, then youre more or less able to come to me for revenge.

Lin Taos eyes were dazed, and stared at the cracks on the wall, silent for very long.

Until after Song Shuhang had left far off, Lin Tao then walked to the wall, and pushed again at it.

This wall that was about to be demolished wasnt a tofu dreg project1, a poorly constructed building. It was one properly built, and its quality was good!

Lin Taos legs felt like jelly.

Ten minutes later, Jiangnan university City, the male dormitory.

Sima Jiang received that delivery from Song Shuhang once again. This time he carefully put this delivery into a black suitcase that was obviously high tech at first glance.

Little Jiang, Ill be troubling you for this delivery. Song Shuhang said.

Sima Jiang candidly smiled. He was smart to not ask how this package had made its way back to Song Shuhang.

Before going, Sima Jiang asked, Thats right, student Shuhang. How do I deal with that thief I caught that time?

Oh, that fellow who got his legs broken? Do as you see fit. If you think its too troublesome throw him into jail. Song Shuhang replied after he thought about it.

Speaking of jail he still didnt know how that Western monk was? Where could he find out about news regarding the Western monk?

I understand. This time, I will definitely send your delivery for you. Rest assured! Sima Jiang said energetically.

I believe you. Song Shuhang waved his hand. He kept feeling very guilty inside. Sima Jiang had been embroiled into unexpected bad luck because of him. If there was a chance in the future, he had to think of a way to make it up to him.

After seeing off Sima Jiang, Song Shuhang returned to his dormitory.

His three roommates still hadnt returned. Ever since Yang De had rented somewhere outside, he kept feeling the dormitory wasnt so lively anymore.

Should he raise a pet?

No way no way, the student dormitory didnt allow pets to be raised.

While thinking, Song Shuhang pushed open the dormitory door.

Then he saw a giant tail with towering fur. It was huge, and it looked as big as a floor type electric fan!

Song Shuhang decisively closed the door, before he used strength to rub his eyes.His heart had an ominous feeling.

After a deep breath, he then opened the dormitory door again.

This time, he saw a giant Pekingese, wagging its tongue at him acting cute.